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If my children would take time to gather and pray the Rosary, more would be accomplished and lives would change.
If my children would be faithful to daily Mass, Confession, prayer and fasting, division would not happen in your homes or in Church.

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."

My daughter, it is time now for these messages to be spread across this land,
so please tell my children to share them with all their brothers and sisters.
Each child will have to one day answer to God, so it is pertinent that each child lives these messages ~ 2525

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Sample chapters ~~~   "Messages from the Heart of Our Mother"
By Author Fr. Robert J. Fox -  Published by Fatima Family Apostolate
4 Page Color Brochure

Table of Contents

Pg 7 - A Necessary Preface
Pg 17 - Chapter 1 - Placing private revelations in proper perspective
Pg 27 - Chapter 2 - The Purpose of the messages
Pg 50 - Chapter 3 - Interior locutions and Visions
Pg 61 - Chapter 4 - For Priest, Religious, Laity
Pg 81 - Chapter 5 - Messages from the Blessed Mother
Pg 119 - Chapter 6 - Messages from Jesus
Pg 149 - Chapter 7 - Sharing the Passion of Jesus
Pg 179 - Chapter 8 - The First message and early development
Pg 211 - Chapter 9 - Our Blessed Mother ask for prayer groups
Pg 232 - Chapter 10 - A Time of Crisis - A time of purification and crisis
Pg 284 - Chapter 11 - A new beginning
Pg 297 - Chapter 12 - Greater suffering for conversions of souls
Pg 321 - Chapter 13 - Importance of Sacramental Adoration

Chapter 1 Placing Private Revelations in Proper Perspective

Fr. Robert J. FoxYou are encouraged to read the messages meditatively. If one reads rapidly, seeking something sensational or just reading out of curiosity, the spirit of heaven's call to have the Word of God embedded in our hearts—for a deeper conversion of heart to closer union with Jesus Christ—will be missed.
A good program may well be 20 minutes a day—a maximum of 30 minutes— meditating on points that especially touch the heart.

It is most important that what is written in this book be understood according to these teachings of the Church:
Order Messages from the Heart of our Mother Paperback book
66 "'The Christian economy, therefore, since it is the new and definitive Covenant, will never pass away; and no new public revelation is to be expected before the glorious manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ' (DV 4: cf. 1 Tim 6:14; Titus 2:13). Yet even if Revelation is already complete, it has not been made completely explicit; it remains for Christian faith gradually to grasp its full significance over the course of the centuries.

67 "Throughout the ages, there have been so-called private' revelations, some of which have been recognized by the authority of the Church. They do not belong, however, to the deposit of faith. It is not their role to improve or complete Christ's definitive Revelation, but to help live more fully by it in a certain period of history. Guided by the Magisterium of the Church, the sensus fidelium knows how to discern and welcome in these revelations whatever constitutes an authentic call of Christ or his saints to the Church.

"Christian faith cannot accept 'revelations' that claim to surpass or correct the Revelation of which Christ is the fulfillment, as is the case in certain non-Christian religions and also in certain recent sects which base themselves on such revelations."'

Catechism of the Catholic Church—Second Edition

"Messages from the Heart of Our Mother" Paperback Book by Father Robert J FoxPublic divine revelation ended with the death of the last Apostle, St. John. The Church is still studying and meditating what public and divine Revelations have been given her from God through the Sacred Scripture and Tradition. Deeper insights into God's Word thus are progressing. While private revelations can help us see what is already in Scripture and the traditional teachings of the Church, any private revelation is never the source of our divine faith.

With the multiplicity of reported private revelations and locutions so widespread in the world at 'he present time, it is difficult for people to know which, if any, can be trusted. It must, of course, be said that all we need to know and believe and practice is already contained in the Scriptures and Magisterial teachings of the Church. No one is obliged to believe private revelations, even those major ones approved by the Church as worthy of human faith. Private revelation does not...................  

Page 17

The new bishop met with Little Mary during the first months of 1996, together with her husband and spiritual director.  His first concern was that the marriage of Little Mary and her husband was solid because this was her primary vocation.  The bishop did not want her life as a messenger to interfere with her duties as a mother and a wife.  After several meetings, the new bishop gave his consent to her pastor, in April 1996, allowing this.

Page 25

He urged Little Mary to read the messages after Mass and recite the Rosary on Monday evenings.

About the same time Little Mary began receiving interior locutions from Jesus on occasion.  She was afraid to tell anyone this. Some people were finding it hard to believe that the Blessed Mother was truly giving messages—how could they believe that she was also hearing Jesus?

Jesus asked Little Mary to begin praying with those who were coming to the group. Jesus told her that all power comes from Him, her God. He told her that He was going to bless her hands so that she could touch His people through her hands and they would feel His love and warmth. She was told to hold their hands while she prayed with them and to tell them, when she was through praying, that they would need to go to Adoration and tell Jesus what had been done. If it was in God's Will, miracles would happen.

In 2001 Little Mary's spiritual director was required to retire as pastor of the large parish because of age. It took some months before a new pastor arrived. At the time of the publication of this book in 2004 this same priest was still acting as spiritual director to Little Mary.

Page 26

Chapter 2 Purpose of the Messages

Sample pages from the Book -Messages from the Heart of Our Mother

I want to begin this book by telling you how I got acquainted with the person known as "Little Mary" who receives messages from Jesus and especially Our Blessed Mother. The messages are for everyone, for the whole world. The circumstances which I am about to relate initiated a spiritual relationship immediately thereafter.

These have consisted of frequent communications each week, as well as meeting her and her husband personally from time to time. Hundreds of hours were spent in this fashion. This aided me tremendously in my personal judgment and in the preparation of this book over a period of three years.
In May 2001, just before the 84th anniversary of the first appearance of the Mother of God at Fatima, I was invited to be the speaker at celebrations honoring a new shrine to Our Lady of Fatima in one of the largest parishes in the Upper Midwest.

The pastor, ordained 50 years, had wanted to build a shrine to honor our Lady as he celebrated his 50th anniversary as a priest of Jesus Christ.

He was planning on it being a shrine to honor Our Lady of Lourdes. Then Little Mary received a message from Our Blessed Mother that the shrine the pastor envisioned should rather be of Our Lady of Fatima. The pastor agreed and thus a beautiful shrine was constructed on the parish property in honor of Our Lady of Fatima.

There would be several days of special prayer and talks and I was asked to be the main celebrant and speaker as celebrations were held initiating the prayerful use of the new shrine.

On the way from the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport to the parish, the pastor told me of a middle-age woman, 43 years old, who was receiving messages from Our Lady and Our Lord almost every day, usually in the morning. Each Monday evening up to 500 to 600 people on the average would come to the church for an evening of prayer, lasting several hours. And the people would stay. First there would be a Mass with homily. Then a meditated Rosary, prayed slowly with meditations and reverence.

Finally Little Mary would read from messages received during the past week. Then the pastor would give an interpretation of the messages. Finally, those who desired could come forth to have Little Mary pray with them individually. This was done in a side room close to where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was offered. Hundreds of letters had been sent to the bishop describing personal healings, some healings from very serious afflictions.

I use the term here "Little Mary" to distinguish her from our Blessed Mother

Page 27

Chapter 3 Interior locutions and Visions

In a book such as this it is important that readers have a good understanding of the nature of
Book Excerptsupernatural communications, whether in the form of locutions or of visions. It is not wise simply to rush through a book of this nature looking for the sensational without taking time to reflect upon our relationship with God and how He communicates with His children upon earth. Thus early in this book we present this chapter, always keeping in mind that it is through the Church Jesus Christ founded, the Sacred Scriptures and Tradition of the Church, that we primarily will know the Word of God and what are true faith and morals.

Fr. John A. Harden, S.J., who, until his death in January 2000, was theological advisor to the Fatima Family Apostolate, explained locutions in the following manner: "A supernatural communication to the ear, imagination, or directly to the intellect. The locution is supernatural in the manner of communication, that is, beyond the ordinary laws of nature. Spurious locutions may come from the evil spirit and can be recognized by their lack of coherence or clarity, the disquiet they cause in the one who receives them, and the evil effects they produce in them who listen to them" (Modern Catholic Dictionary).

"Locution" is a word coming from the Latin locutio, "a speaking, an utterance." Locutions of different kinds are received in different manners as shall be explained later. We shall see that Fr. Hardon's concise definition covers much territory and will become more meaningful as we explore the various aspects of what he says.

St. John of the Cross's definition of locutions was simple: words produced in the recipient by divine actions.

Fr. Thomas Dubay, S.M., in his book Fire Within—concerning St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, and the Gospel—on prayer, in a chapter on Locutions and Visions, tells us:

"Perhaps the most opportune way to open our discussion on divine communications is to consider the question of whether or not it deserves space in this volume at all. Surely, some people would take the view that in the scientific milieu and widespread literacy of contemporary technological societies, the idea of special divine enlightenments and messages merits at best a patronizing smile, at worst outright ridicule. Even some religiously inclined persons, including a fair percentage of clergy, give little credence to the proposition that God does communicate, ordinary individuals.  Many people tend to take seriously only what they can see with their own eyes or touch with their own hands.

Page 50

The world of the supernatural—angelic, demonic and divine—does not have much sway in-their day-to-day world of business and pleasure and practicality. They feel that if there is something authentic in the alleged phenomena reported by men and women of advanced prayer, nonetheless they themselves cannot identify with it, for they hear none of these messages and see no visions. Some, of course, flatly deny the very existence of such communications and consequently have no interest in a discussion of what they regard as illusory imaginings of more or less unbalanced enthusiasts.
"Messages from the Heart of Our Mother"
"But there is another group, by no means small in number, who gladly embrace the notion of direct divine communications. Equally citizens of our technological societies and sometimes well educated in their respective secular pursuits, these men and women not only hold to the theoretical possibility that God communicates with human beings but also are often enough convinced that He has spoken to them personally or at least that on occasion He sends them an inner light. They readily speak of 'listening to the Spirit.' Some in this group build their spiritual lives more on alleged apparitions and their own presumed inner illuminations than on the word of the Gospel and the proclamation of the teaching Church.

"Within both of these categories, the deniers and the affirmers, there is of course a spectrum of reaction patterns. Among the former we find the small number of atheists who profess no acceptance of anything intangible and also theists who do accept the supernatural but consider it antecedently unlikely (or at least rare) that God would communicate with ordinary men and women. Among the affirmers there are the absurdly credulous who are convinced that they are constantly privy to divine messages and visions. Others steer clear of these extremes but all the same are not as cautious as they must be in order to avoid different pitfalls. They are insufficiently sensitive to the dangers of illuminism, for instance.

"While pastoral experience shows that there are not a few men and women in these two categories, it also indicates that there is a third large group who are neither skeptical nor credulous. Study and spiritual direction experiences with people of advanced, authentic prayer make it clear that the subject of this chapter is much needed by all three classes of people. Skeptical and overly credulous individuals assume that they need no instruction. Each is convinced that its position is quite correct and the other is obviously deluded. They scarcely entertain the idea that there may be a middle position that is sound and real.

Book Excerpt"While our purpose is not polemical, it may be worthwhile to call attention to the antecedent probability that a loving and provident God would communicate with the human race He bothered to create and redeem. Even aside from the data of revelation we would expect that a love relationship between the divine and the human would be characterized by a two-way communication. This is not to say that on the creature's part recognizing the divine is invariably obvious or easy or free from illusion. But it is possible.

"We have no more sound teaching on the question of divine enlightenments and visions than what we find in our two Carmelite saints [St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross]. Any unbiased, sober, informed study of their experiences and their remarkably humble yet brilliant explanations of them shows that God does indeed communicate with His chosen ones—but not always as we commonly suppose or expect.  His ways are not our ways.

We do not aim here either at arousing or at satisfying mere curiosity about extraordinary phenomena.  We discuss them because, first of all, Scripture takes it for granted that God intervenes in the affairs of men...

Page 51

Advancement in spirituality then is to be judged not by visions or extraordinary phenomena but by the perfection with which one lives the Gospel. This requires the virtues of humility, obedience, love, patience, chastity, honesty, kindliness and all the virtues.

Both St. Teresa and St. John of the Cross were strong in holding that a recipient of any unusual communications must share the experiences with one's confessor or spiritual director. One should not act upon a communication before getting permission from the confessor and/or spiritual advisor.

St. Teresa felt strongly that we should not desire visions. "I will only warn you that, when you learn or hear that God is granting souls these graces, you must never beseech or desire Him to lead you along this road." Desiring extraordinary gifts indicates lack of humility. Those desirous of being involved in the unusual spiritual experiences can easily be deceived and misled. This is dangerous for their souls and others "because the devil has only to see a door left slightly ajar to enter and play a thousand tricks on us."

The above principles should be kept in mind in studying and meditating upon the contents of this entire book.

Page 60

Chapter 4 For Priests, Religious and Laity

Like most priests, the position of the Fatima Family Apostolate and of the author-compiler personally, has been one of caution at reports of private heavenly messages. We hear from and about many supposed mystics receiving heavenly messages. Most reported messages are put aside after some studyFatima Family Apostolate Book Store of them. Sometimes they are in contradiction to Sacred Scripture and the teachings of the Church, even though they are worded very piously.

Even when seemingly good messages are presented, but there has been a lack of obedience—a following of the guidance of a good spiritual director—in no way can we consider any of the material seriously.

The third chapter of this book on "Locutions" and spiritual communications was judged by the author-compiler to be essential. Much of what St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross describe about locutions and visions I have noted in the life of Little Mary over intensive and frequent communications, occupying hundreds of hours in a several year period.

None of what is seen in the third chapter on divine communications was shared with Little Mary until I was near the end of composing and assembling the pages of this book. By nature she reads little. She had not read the lives of the saints. In fact, when the locutions began she did not know how to pray the Rosary and had no idea of meditation on the mysteries of the Rosary. Her knowledge of the Catholic faith left much to be desired, although she went to Masses of obligation, having the example of her parents on this as she grew up.

I asked Little Mary, "What inspired you to get a spiritual director so soon after you began to receive messages?" I then learned that Our Blessed Mother herself had explained some of these things to Little Mary, such as seeing with the Intellect and "eyes of the soul." Early on after the messages began, the Blessed Mother told Little Mary she should get a spiritual director and that it should be her pastor.

Our Blessed Mother also had to teach Little Mary how to pray the Rosary properly. Meditation on the Mysteries is essential. The prayers were not to be rushed.

On February 11, 1995, the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, exactly one month after the messages began, Little Mary with her husband Terry went to see the pastor. She informed him of what had come into her life and asked him to direct her. 

Without knowing it, over several years, Little Mary shared with me her experiences that coincided with what is written in chapter three of this book.  Often she explained to me that the suppernatual experiences at times involved

Page 61

seeing with the " eyes of the soul" and seeing with the intellect.  She spoke of rapid, quick, beautiful and bright images of Jesus, Mary, angels and saints. She spoke of her inability to resist such visions. She would tell me that she would see with her mind. (intellect)

Page 62

Chapter 5 Messages from the Blessed Mother
September 5,2001, Wednesday

My daughter, Prayers are needed, so continue to pray and offer your suffering to Our Lord. Continue to fast and give thanks to God for then the enemy will flee. Prayer and fasting are necessary for so much evil lingers, lingers in this world.

So many children have allowed their hearts to become cold. So many today do not pray or turn to God for assistance. How I weep for those children who do not begin their day with prayer. I weep because prayer is their protection.

Dear children, do you want to see much more violence and bloodshed? Do you want more evil to enter, enter this world? You will see much more if you do not increase your prayers. If parents don't take hold of their children the enemy will grasp them. Please listen to my motherly advice and teach your children right from wrong. Pray with them and teach them how to truly live the Gospel.

Be responsible parents and make time to pray with your children. Be responsible, instead of allowing the world to raise your children. Be loving parents and be more grateful for this time in which God has allowed to nurture and teach your children. Do not abuse this time, for your children truly need to be prepared for times to come. They too will need to have a strong faith so they do not give in to the one who will claim he is Christ.
Order : Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Book
Yes, Satan has many plans and those who are weak in their faith will be fooled. Get strong now, dear children, and truly, truly come to know God. Come to Mass together as a family so you grow together. Cleanse your soul after truly examining your conscience so you do not hide your sins from God.

Teach your children the importance of doing penance for their sins. Please, dear parents, live these messages and guide your children. Assist those children who are furthest away from God. Assist them by our example so they come to know God's love and mercy. Don't ignore your children for each child is special and they need to feel loved. Get down on your knees and pray and ask God to guide you each new day.

I am here today to remind you to pray and gather, gather your children. I am here to remind you to truly live these messages. Make time for God so you can truly live your vocation. Make time for God so you have the strength needed to live a holy life.

Prayer, true prayer from your hearts, is what will help you persevere. Prayer and a personal relationship with Jesus is how you will stay strong for your children. Through prayer and true devotion to Jesus you will be protected from the evil one. So please be wise and converse with God. Spend time throughout the day to be with Almighty God. Trust in God's love so you go to him with all your needs. Trust and believe that God listens as you pray and speak to Him.

Page 81

Take up your cross and believe that you will never have to carry it alone. Believe that God will assist those who come to him with an open heart. Believe this so that fear does not enter your hearts. Now I ask that you draw closer, closer to Jesus so you are truly guided on this earth. Through prayer and a true relationship with Jesus you will come to know the divine truth.

So please respond now so you become the parents God intended you to be. Each time you pray, I will join you, so please gather your children and pray for family unity. Gather your children and accept my son's peace by accepting His will for you. Amen....

The world is well aware of the terrible acts of terrorism in the United States, which happened on September 11, 2001. I was on the way from Australia to Damascus, Syria, when the acts occurred. I had been speaking at various places in Australia for the Fatima Family Apostolate and did not discover the destruction of the World Trade Center towers, etc., until I arrived in Damascus. The month before, August 2001, Little Mary had told me that Our Lady had said that the ground would shake and life in the United States would change.

When I heard the sad news, upon arrival in Damascus, I immediately remembered what Little Mary had said about "the ground will shake" and "life in the United States will change." In the following year, countless times commentators of the news would mention that "life in the United States had changed...." It was reported in New York that the ground shook as the planes hit and the twin Trade Centers came down. The Blessed Mother said to Little Mary that some who died in the September 11, 2001, terrorists' attacks were not prepared.

September 13,2001, Thursday
Pray for the Souls in Purgatory.
Keep yourself prepared for eternity.

MESSAGE #2211 from the Blessed Mother September 13, 2001
My daughter, Let the world know that there is a Heaven and a hell, but also a Purgatory. Those who are in Purgatory must be purified before they can see Heaven. My daughter, many prayers are needed for those in Purgatory. Many suffer, especially those who have no one to pray for them. The lower end of Purgatory is far worse than a burning building, for how they long to meet Almighty God.
Book Excerpt
Today, I ask that all my children pray for those souls that are suffering in Purgatory. I ask that you pray throughout the day, for many souls are not prepared when it is their time to leave this earth.

Prayers are needed, my daughter, so that is why I have shown you the lower end of Purgatory. All must come to know the truth so they do not waste their time on this earth. All must believe in God and do penance for their sins. All must strive hard to live a pure and holy, holy life.

I am here today to wake my children, for yet so many are sleeping on this earth. Many souls are not prepared, so today I must wake my children. I must remind all my children that you must obey all of God’s commandments and live, live the Beatitudes. One must do penance for their sins every day and be truly, truly sorry for them. One must repent and then believe that God is merciful. One must truly examine their conscience and not try to hide their sins from God. America must wake soon, for so many have fallen away from the Sacraments. Many have allowed their lives to become so busy they have no time for God. Yes, many do not pray or fast because of their excuses. So many today have no relationship with God.
 Page 82

I say to those who are sleeping, wake up, wake up now. Turn your life around so you are prepared to meet Almighty God. Come to Mass more often and receive the Sacraments in the proper way. Relearn your Faith and ask, ask for God’s guidance. Don’t wait for tragedy to strike, prepare your soul now. Give up your selfish desires so you have more time to pray and converse with God. God will show you the way if you truly seek Him. God will guide you on this earth if you come to Him with an open heart. Yes, God will truly be there for those who believe and trust, trust in Him.

Book Excerpt

Please prepare now, for I am warning you, much evil exists all around this world. All must be ready to meet God. All must be willing to give up their earthly possessions. All must be willing to be purified on this earth and that will not happen if you are unwilling to pick up your cross. Your prayers and penance offered is soothing to God. Every act of kindness that you do will truly lead you closer to God. By receiving the Sacraments you will be healed in those areas where you are weak. Each time you spend time with our Lord in adoration, you are showered with His love and grace.

Please take heed to this message and reform your ways now. Be good and loving children and do not carry hate in your hearts. Forgive those who do not know Jesus and pray, pray for their soul. Forgive and love all your brothers and sisters. There will be another war, without your response. Without love and peace in your hearts, many more lives will be destroyed. There is no time to have hate in your hearts, only time to pray and love, love one another.

So, please join hands and pray for peace. Please join hands and pray, pray from your hearts. Each prayer will save souls and will lead you and those in Purgatory closer, closer to Almighty God. Amen.

Little Mary was shown the lower regions of purgatory and at first she thought she was seeing hell. She was told "no" it was not hell but purgatory, as the poor souls could not have been crying out to God for mercy if they were in hell.

Little Mary explained to the author how terrible the lower regions were— dark— "the souls, you could hardly see them." They were like in dense dark clouds in rags, very sad. The Blessed Mother had hold of Mary's hand and as they progressed to higher regions it became brighter. The souls seemed happier. The higher one went the happier they were and more light surrounded these souls.

Little Mary stressed how important it is to pray for the suffering souls in purgatory. Many people forget the obligation to pray for the poor souls.

"Wars are caused by sin." Our Lady of Fatima said that. It was also said by early Church Fathers. Many people are living sinful lives today—the couples living together without benefit of marriage, married people disregarding the laws of God and His Church with respect to human sexuality, and then, many of them going to Holy Communion in mortal sin. Repeatedly we are told that ours is a time of mercy. A time of justice is fast approaching.

While the souls in purgatory suffer greatly, especially those at the lower regions, yet, they know one day they will enter heaven and partake of the beatific vision of God for all eternity.

Page 83

Chapter 6 Messages from Jesus

While most of Little Mary's messages through the years since 1995 have been from our Blessed Mother, occasionally they have come from Jesus. The voice of Jesus is a mans voice, gentle, strong. The messages from Jesus became less as time went on. It seems as though they were to give courage to Little Mary and confidence in following His Mother's word and in writing the messages.

MESSAGE #1299 from Jesus December 18, 1997
It is I who will judge you, not man.

My child, In the end, I will be the judge, so be not bothered by how man sees you, for many judge according to their likes and dislikes.

Many criticize yet they know not the truth. This is a weakness that many need to work on in order to better themselves, for pride and a heart filled with hate will destroy one’s soul. Those who refuse to love their neighbor, allow evil to enter. Those who refuse to be humble are prideful. Satan loves a prideful man, because he knows he has but little time to pray because he’s too busy criticizing those whom he finds fault in.Messages from Jesus

Those who do not take time to pray will be tempted, for their focus will not be on Me. They instead will become distracted by what other people are doing. This happens because of curiosity, but in the end, gossip will be the result. Prayer is what will help one grow; not your pleasures, but how much you desire Me. Without prayer, one will not bear fruit, for one cannot be guided if they never take time for Me. One cannot be taught if they refuse to hear the truth.

I must warn you because Satan has many snares and if you are not strong, this is how you will fall into his web. The more trapped you become, the harder it will be to get free, for you then allow yourself to become distant from Me. So be not foolish, remain close to Me, for then I, your Lord, will protect you from the enemy. I will help you so you do not fall into sin. I will show you a better way so you learn how to cope in this world. I will give you the strength that you need to endure all trials. I will not leave you, for I will be ever so near.

I am merciful for those who try hard. I do not condemn, I forgive. I am able to do this because I am your merciful Lord. So come to Me, and allow Me to help you, for then you will never have to walk alone. Open your heart wider so that I can enter more fully. Surrender your ways, give them all to Me, for it is only I, your Lord, who knows you better than anyone else. I love you more than you can imagine. I yearn for you at all times. If you love Me, then give yourself totally to Me so that I can hold you in the palm of My hand.

Come now, don’t try to do it on your own, for you will not be able to survive on your own. I am waiting for each of you, so abandon yourself to Me. Peace will then be given to you, for it is I who will judge you, not man. For I am your Sovereign Lord, who cares deeply for you.

Page 119

Little Mary, shy by nature, had much to overcome naturally with the mission given her from above. Anyone who receives spiritual messages from a supernatural source, such as locutions and visions, is going to be under close scrutiny, criticism, and persecution.

One not accustomed to dealing with the public, and then asked to share messages with the world, is in for some inevitable harsh criticisms and questioning. With this general background we can understand why our Lord spoke to her as He did December 18,1997.

"In the end, I will be the judge, so be not bothered by how man sees you, for many judge according to their likes and dislikes."Many criticize, yet they know not the truth...."

MESSAGE #1341 from Jesus - January 29, 1998
My child, In order to be a true follower of Mine, you may have to do what you do not want to do and you will have to give up all that you desire. It is all part of carrying your cross and learning to trust in Me. I am preparing you, My child, and in time you will understand.
Book Excerpt
The problem today is many desire Heaven, but few desire to carry My cross. Many want consolation, but yet refuse to accept the trials that come their way. Many want instant answers, but refuse to wait patiently. This is so, because many do not want to suffer or give themselves totally to Me. This is because of one’s degree of love for me which, for many, is so little. Many only praise Me when all is going well, but when unexpected trials come their way, they lose trust in Me. Some then deny that I, your Lord, exist.

Those who pray and spend time with me will remain faithful to the end, for through prayer, they will desire a deeper relationship with Me. For they will come to know Me just as a friend and they will be given much peace and security. They will feel joy no matter how hard it becomes. They will feel joy because peace will always reign in their heart.

I come to you this night because many of you truly do not know Me. If you knew Me, you would then spend more time with Me. You would desire Me more than your selfish ways. You would not hide from Me when you know that you have done wrong. You would instead come to Me and ask for forgiveness. You would make better use of the Sacraments. You would cleanse your soul more regularly. You would receive Me in the Eucharist more reverently and in the proper way. But, due to such little faith, many turn to the world instead of Me.

I am truly present in the Eucharist because I am your merciful Lord, who shed My blood for you. I am totally yours when you come to Me, for I am able to be with each of you. I am able to love you even when you offend Me, so immerse yourselves in this love that I have for you. Come back to Me, for My arms are always open. But come back before your time is up so that you are ready and in a state of grace. I will help each child who believes and who takes refuge in My heart. I will help you so you feel worthy to one day be with Me. I will remove the bondage that prevents you from coming closer to Me.

Page 120

My love for each child is deep and I desire you more than anyone else. So come, thirst in Me and you shall be given drink. I am waiting for you because I am your Sovereign Lord. My peace I now give to you, allow this peace to now fill your soul....

Anyone who may imagine that one who receives heavenly messages thus lives on a white fluffy cloud of glory is far from realizing the actual situation. It changes the lifestyle of the person; in a family person it generally changes things for the family as well. Much sacrifice is involved, which means carrying a cross.
There is no authentic Christian life without the Cross. This is true for an ordinary authentic Christian. Thus Jesus says:

"The problem today is many desire heaven, but few desire to carry my Cross. Many want consolation, but yet refuse to accept the trials that come their way. Many want instant answers, but refuse to wait patiently. This is so, because many do not want to suffer or give themselves totally to me."

The bearer of heavenly messages often must suffer many times more than the ordinary Christian. Our Lord lives in His Church which is His Mystical Body. He is present to souls and acts in souls through the Sacraments. Jesus Christ Himself instituted the seven Sacraments. Thus, Jesus will draw souls to the Sacraments, especially the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) and the Holy Eucharist where He acts and is truly present.

Book Excerpt

MESSAGE #1352 from Jesus  February 8, 1998
The greatest healing is when one comes back to me.

 My child, Continue to pray with those who come and ask for prayer, for it is through prayer that they will be touched in a spiritual way. I will guide them so the healing process can begin. Tell them, My child, to believe that they will be healed in the way that is best for their soul. Tell them not to doubt, for I hear your prayers and their concerns.

This is the year where many healings will take place because for many it will increase their faith, but what one must remember is that the greatest healing is when one comes back to Me. Your soul is far greater than your physical body. It is your soul that needs to be nurtured most in order for one to grow. Those who desire healing must return to the Sacraments, for then they will have the grace needed to avoid sin. Through the Sacraments they will become stronger in all areas of their life, for I, your Lord, will dwell in them. Those who are weak will regain strength because I, your Lord, will nourish them and nurture them in body, mind and soul. They will be refreshed, for spiritually they will become alive again.

But, in order for healing to occur, they must do as I say or their heart will remain closed to Me. I cannot enter a heart that has become cold or closed to My words. I cannot work interiorly if they refuse to cleanse their soul, for you see, one must be truly sorry for their sins in order to become strong warriors for Me. In order to love others, they must forgive those who have hurt them. It is through forgiveness that one is able to love themselves and those around them. Through forgiveness, I am then able to heal your wounds. My people, it is time for you to allow me to enter more fully so that I can heal those wounds that are preventing you from coming closer to Me. Your wounds will become deeper the further you fall from Me

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Chapter 8 The First  Messages and Early Development

Before the messages began and she would read the messages to the hundreds who would gather in the parish church on Monday evenings, Little Mary was a quiet, rather shy, devoted housewife and mother. She stayed close to home caring for her husband and two children. In late spring of 1994 the parish school had a sign-up sheet for families who wanted to have the statue of Our Blessed Mother, Lady of Fatima, in their home for one month.

Little Mary signed up for the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, thinking it would make a nice decoration for her living room. She was not yet into prayer beyond obligatory ones and did not know how to pray the Rosary.

When later that summer she received a call informing her that the Fatima statue was on the way, the family who brought it informed her that she must pray the Rosary daily, pray for the priests and all vocations, and pray in reparation for sins in the world.

Little Mary prayed for these intentions each day. She did not, however, pray the Rosary. She had forgotten how.

 Little Mary repeatedly told the author who compiled this book that when the messages began she did not know how to say the Rosary. This made it incomprehensible when later it was suggested by authorities that the messages were simply the fruit of her meditations.

Little Mary had forgotten why we pray to the Blessed Mother. She feared that in praying to the Blessed Mother she would be taking away from the glory she and her family must give Jesus Christ. Thus she prayed to Jesus and asked Him to help her see the role of His Mother in His light.

I hesitated to place into this book a most vivid and real-like dream Little Mary had which seemed to prepare her for what was to follow. I did not want readers to think the messages were the fruit of dreams. However, the late Fr. John A. Harden, S.J., one of the most prestigious theologians in the United States, and for many years theological advisor to the Fatima Family Apostolate which I direct,
defined "dreams" in his Modern Catholic Dictionary as follows:

"The effect of psychic activity protracted in sleep. Their religious significance derives from many sources, not the least of which is the frequency with which the Scriptures speak of dreams, in the Old and New Testaments, and indicate that sometimes God used this means of communicating with human beings." Below is how Little Mary described her dream which prepared her for what was to come.

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"I was standing in the woods and saw a light above the trees. A voice softly said to me: 'Pray the Rosary and I will protect you.' I knelt down and began saying the Hail Mary and Our Father and the light started coming closer. I said, 'I don't know how to say the Rosary.' So I kept on praying and a beautiful lady appeared with a pure face; she had no blemishes. I was in awe, thinking, 'Oh! what a beautiful young face. If only I could have her face!' She stood beside me and wrapped her long blue veil around me and said, 'I will protect you. 'For the next three hours, on the hour, I woke up thinking about the dream. I have never felt so peaceful or protected. The next day, I felt so light on my feet. From now on I will never doubt the Blessed Virgin Mary again, as she was so beautiful and loving."

Little Mary shared this dream with her husband and a dear friend. The next day her seven-year-old son brought an angel costume up from the basement because he liked to pretend he was an angel and fly around the house in it. On this particular day, Little Mary remembers being tired, with her mind wandering often to the extraordinary dream the night before. She told her son to put the costume away because she did not want the commotion. Her son answered by saying, "Mom, today I want to be Mary and if you kneel down and pray, I will protect you." Little Mary was so overwhelmed at her son's words as these were the very same words in her dream.

It was after this dream that Little Mary began to get words in the form of interior locutions from Our Blessed Mother every evening when she would put her three-year-old son to bed. Little Mary would often have to lay down with him so that he would stay in bed and fall asleep. It was at this time that Little Mary would hear the same beautiful voice that was in her dream. These evenings were wonderful and peaceful to her. She would wait anxiously for her son's bedtime so she could hear the wonderful words which our Blessed Mother would relay to her.

Book Excerpt

What is a "locution"? Fr. John A. Harden in his Dictionary quoted above defines "locution" as follows:

"A supernatural communication in the ear, imagination, or directly to the intellect. The locution is supernatural in the manner of communication, that is, beyond the ordinary laws of nature. Spurious locutions may come from the evil spirit and can be recognized by their lack of coherence or clarity, the disquiet they cause in the one who receives them, and the evil effects they produce in those who listen to them."

Little Mary hears the distinct voice of the Blessed Mother Mary, and occasionally of Jesus. I asked her if she hears as clearly the voices as when I talk to her on the phone. The answer was "Yes."

From the beginning of the messages our Blessed Mother would speak in words that Little Mary described as poetic. There would be a beautiful flow to the words. Blessed Mother would tell her how much God loves her and how special she was to Him. But in the messages this is said about all of God's people and His desire that all be saved. She would speak about heaven and its beauty and how Little Mary was chosen by God from conception for a very special mission. Although Little Mary had no idea of the extent to which God would use her, she felt wrapped in a cocoon of pure love. Little Mary shared this with no one; not even her husband. She was afraid he would not believe her because it was so hard to explain how she hears Our Blessed Mother.

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Meanwhile the Blessed Mother kept asking Little Mary to write. She kept telling Our Blessed Mother that she had the wrong person. Yet, Blessed Mother kept asking her to write. The first messages she wrote she tore up afterwards, hoping that then Our Blessed Mother would choose someone else. She did this during the first six months when she would hear Our Blessed Mother talking.

Book Excerpt

Finally, on January 11, 1995, Little Mary wrote her first message which she kept. The original messages, torn up, would be dictated to her again. The Blessed Mother thus had to convince Little Mary that she was chosen to be a messenger and heaven would not change on this. During the first days she would sometimes receive a message both in the morning and in the evening. You will notice that in several incidences there are two messages for the same day.

The first messages were relatively simple. At this early stage Little Mary was not well developed in spirituality to any depth. The messages in some way are different in approach than they will be after Little Mary begins to mature more spiritually, especially through the suffering and experiences with people who are more spiritually advanced.  Little Mary is also not yet adept at taking the messages so smoothly, willingly, and quickly as she does in time to come. After Little Mary has been taking the messages for some time, anyone who has seen her writing down the daily messages is astounded at the speed with which she writes. Yet, the writings are clear, easily readable. In this manuscript the compiler took almost every message from Little Mary's own handwriting.
Below are the first messages:

January 11,1995, Wednesday
Be Silent and Hear My Words.

My daughter,
I have protected you. You were a virgin but then chose to become a mother. Look to the highest and crown Him with many crowns. Jesus reigns and is above all the earth. Cast away all your doubts and remain with us. This earth is so full of sorrow and doubt. Look to the skies because God can fulfill your every need. He had promised to keep you, hold you and protect you for He is your true Father and I your true Mother. Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say, rejoice. Be silent and hear my words for I am with you. Look at my heart as I am in yours.

January 12,1995, Thursday
From the Lord Jesus: Look Inside the Flower.

Look inside the flower. There was once this tiny seed. Now your petals will open and you will blossom and grow in me. Keep your yes open and beware of dark times. Blessed is the fruit of the womb, Jesus. Stay close to me and you will see the glory and power of eternity.

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Chapter 9 Our Blessed Mother ask for prayer groups

February 24,2003, Monday
Keep your hearts open to the graces 'which are

pouring forth from my Immaculate Heart.

My daughter, Those who speak the truth must also live it. They must be an example to all their brothers and sisters. They must be patient, kind, and loving and treat others with respect. It is time now to truly live the Gospel.  It is time now to go forth and be a witness for Christ. It is truly time now to go forth and be a witness for Christ. All that I am teaching you, must flow, flow from your hearts. In order for these messages to be spread, love and joy must shine through you. So today I ask that you begin to live, live, live these messages. This is a time of mercy and peace so please be merciful and allow God's love and peace to be a reflection from the way you are living your lives.
Messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary
Lead holy lives and keep your souls focused on my Son Jesus. Keep praying, fasting and turning your hearts to my Son. Pray the Rosary often and meditate on each mystery. Pray, pray from your hearts and allow my grace to transform your lives.

Please keep your hearts open to the graces which are pouring forth from my Immaculate Heart. Please keep your hearts open so you can begin today to live all that I am teaching you. Each message is so important and through prayer and receiving the sacraments they will become embedded in your hearts.
It is out of pure love and concern that I turn my Heart to each of you. Feel my love and concern today and do all that lam asking of you. I truly am with you and if you do what I ask many more souls will be saved here. Many more will turn to God and they will come to know our love, our peace, and our joy. Amen.

The Second Vatican Council in the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, chapter 8, described Mary as Mediatrix of Grace. We know that Jesus Christ, her Son Incarnate, is the one essential Mediator and Source of all grace. Yet, in the economy of salvation, Mary as Mother of Jesus Christ and Mother of the Church, has a most important intercessory role with her Son, Jesus Christ. She has graces from Jesus Christ to bestow, but we must ask for them.

The mind and intellect desire to know the truth. The Catholic Church alone is the fullness of true faith, with its deposit of faith received from Jesus Christ. We must seek this truth, not simply to know, but to respond in love, to live the truth.

To be effective instruments to evangelize, to draw other souls to Christ, to His Church, we must be worthy vessels and reflect the joy of possessing the truth by the way we live.
"In order for these messages to be spread, love and joy must shine through you."

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Chapter 10 A Time of Crisis — Time of Growth  and Purification

Testimonials to the Powerful Intercession of Our Blessed Mother Mary

June 11,2003, Wednesday, 7:30 A.M.

My daughter, Say many prayers so that peace and unity can be restored all around this world. Pray, pray each new day for there is much division taking place on this earth. Many are not listening to God and many sins are committed each new day. The forces of evil are strong due to lack of prayer and true devotion to Our Lord.

Today I am also asking priests to pray, pray for their flock. I am asking priests to join hands and pray, pray with one another. I am asking for more prayer, so please tell my beloved sons that they too must join hands and pray, pray with one another.

Virgin Mary Messages Book - Author Fr. Robert J. Fox
The time is drawing near and you will each need to be strong, strong for Christ. Many signs will occur as a warning to wake those who are sleeping. Those who deny God and who refuse to take heed to His warning, will suffer, suffer tremendously.

Earthquakes will shake this earth and they will cause much destruction, especially in those areas where much sin is taking place. Man will no longer be able to hide and much will be taken away. God's justice will be felt all around this world for sin has become widespread. This world will suffer if man does not listen and amend their ways. Darker days will come if man does not change and repent of his wicked ways.

Yes, many, many will suffer if they don't wake up soon. Everyone must pray and do penance. All must repent and turn to God before it's too late. God's mercy will be great to those who repent.

My chosen sons must not delay. They must gather their flock and pray, pray more. They must rescue those who have been led astray. I say to each of you, listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and then do your part to save souls. Do all that you can now, for many souls are in danger.

A great punishment will truly happen if you do not pray more and live, live the Gospel. There is no longer time to be silent. You must witness in love, you must teach others to pray, for it is through prayer that they will come to know Jesus.

Please take heed now to my motherly request for I do not want to see souls perish for all eternity. Pick up your cross, pick up your sword and go forth now and live the eternal Word. Go forth in love, pray and atone and be true servants for Our Lord. Amen.

The warning from Our Blessed Mother of earthly punishments to come if mankind does not repent, if so many living lives of mortal sin do not change, is

Book Excerpt

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nothing new in the history of apparitions. These warnings have been given more and more frequently. Already back to June 12,1973, through Our Lady of Akita, Japan, the messenger being Sr. Agnes, such warnings were given. They received recognition by the bishop of her diocese and even Cardinal Ratzinger of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The message of Our Lady of Fatima contained the warning of World War II while World War I was still in progress. Can we say the world is less sinful today and the warnings of Our Blessed Mother are not so needed?
Consider these words of Mother Mary seriously:

"Yes, many, many will suffer if they don't wake up soon. Everyone must pray and do penance. All must repent and turn to God before it's too late. God's mercy will be great to those who repent.
"My chosen sons [priests] must not delay. They must gather their flock and pray, pray more. They must rescue those who have been led astray. I say to each of you, listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit and then do your part to save souls. Do all that you can now for many souls are in danger."

June 17,2003, Tuesday, 7:30 A.M.

My daughter, lam here, so please write and relay my messages so more come to know our dear Lord Jesus. Many today need to hear the truth, so please do not delay. Set time aside to pray more so your focus is on Jesus and not the world. The world will pull you away from Jesus if you don't pray, pray more. All my children must do the same if they truly want to build their relationship with our Lord.
Each child must make time to pray and honor God. Without prayer and sacrifice you cannot stay strong, strong for Jesus. Today I must remind my children to pray, pray more.
Triumph of the immaculate Heart
Respond so that more can be accomplished on this earth. Respond and be confident that God knows what is best for you. Respond by truly using those gifts God has given you. Trust in God and be dependent on His love, mercy, and direction. A response is truly needed in order to take part in saving-souls. So please take quiet time and listen, listen to God. Take quiet time and I promise you God will fulfill His divine plan in your lives. God will touch you in a special way if you make time, quality time to be with Him.

Now please obey and do your part so more souls can be saved. Through prayer and mercy conversions will happen. Through prayer and true devotion to Our Lord you will be led in the right direction. Now please keep your focus on Our Lord so you grow and blossom. Keep your focus on Jesus and devote more time for prayer so you are true servants for Our Lord. Amen.

It is to be noted in the messages that never are they designed to lead souls to Mary, or replace Jesus with Mary, but it is always our loving Mother Mary leading souls to Jesus, to the Church, to the Sacraments through sincere prayer.

Those who hear only superficially or indirectly of such messages, and are preoccupied with many busy things, can too easily conclude that they are not balanced and is a case of trying to replace Mary for Jesus. But listen to the words: "If you allow yourselves to become too busy, then your focus will not be on Our Lord. Please take time to be with Jesus each new day. Please pray and then surrender

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Category:  Prayer - Religion
Published: Fatima Family Apostolate ( Non-Profit)
Publish Date: 2004
Pages: 399
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 10 L x 7 W x 1 H
Weight: 1.875 lbs
Price: $17.00
Publisher Official Website:

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Fatima Family Apostolate is dedicated to the sanctification of the family and the individual through spreading the Fatima message.  A non-profit Catholic missionary apostolate specializing in the publishing and distribution of Catholic books designed to aid Catholics on their journey towards heaven. The Fatima Family Apostolate was started at the encouragement of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, and is endorsed by the Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Family. It is now an international Apostolate, having members all over the world and publishes a 52-page quarterly magazine called the Immaculate Heart Messenger.

You don't have to believe that Little Mary is really speaking to Jesus and Mary to find in this book a huge amount of insight and a perspective on reality worthy of serious consideration. 

These messages with the Mother of God has turned out to be a splendid work of spiritual discussion and  challenges us in our secular society to rethink and reflect on and to live a life of virtue.  This is a great book for building up a new personal relationship with Jesus and his Blessed Mother one day at a time.

Fr. Fox does a very nice explanation of these messages and how they flow with the Gospels and the Fatima messages.

Little Mary receives no royalties or
 income for the sales of these books.

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