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  Repent now, so that you can live a pure and holy life. Repent and come back to Church, and take heed to the Gospel.
Repent and take heed to the Gospel so that you can truly live a life that is pleasing to God - December 4, 2001

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."
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How It Began by Little Mary - 2000-2003

Many of us have had the great privilege of hearing the story of how our Blessed Mother began speaking to Little Mary. On each evening, after the messages are read, Little Mary has me go over how it all began. For those of you who are unable to hear her story first hand, I, on behalf of Little Mary, Father Reiser, Father Robert J. Fox and the Monday Night Rosary Group would like to share it with the rest of our spiritual family.

How it all began

Little Mary is a devoted wife and mother. She loves to stay close to home caring for her husband and two boys and tending to the needs of the home. In the late spring of 1994, our school had a sign-up sheet for those families who wanted to keep a statue of the Blessed Mother in their home for up to one month. She signed it thinking nobody would call. She also thought a statue of Our Lady of Fatima would make a nice decoration in her living room. Later that summer, she received a call telling her that the statue was on the way. The family who brought it told her that she must daily pray the rosary, pray for the priests and all vocations, and pray for the sins of this world. Little Mary faithfully prayed each day these intentions, but didn't pray the rosary because she had forgotten how. One evening, while she was praying before the statue, she was overcome with doubt. She had forgotten why we pray to the Blessed Mother and thought that maybe by praying to her she would be taking away the glory from Jesus. Confused, Little Mary prayed to Jesus, asking Him to help her see His Mother in His light. That August night after going to bed, she had a dream. This is her dream...

I was standing in the woods and saw a light above the trees. A voice softly said to me: 'Pray the rosary and I will protect you.' I knelt down and began saying the Hail Mary and Our Father and the light started coming closer. I said, 'I don't know how to say the rosary.' So I kept on praying and a beautiful lady appeared with a pure face, she had no blemishes. I was in awe thinking, 'Oh, what a beautiful young face! If only I could have her face!' She stood beside me and wrapped her long blue veil around me and said, 'I will protect you.' For the next three hours, on the hour, I woke up thinking about the dream. I have never felt so peaceful or protected. The next day, I felt so light on my feet. From now on I will never doubt the Blessed Virgin Mary again, as she was so beautiful and loving."

Little Mary shared this dream with her husband and another friend. The next day her 7-year-old son brought an angel costume up from the basement because he liked to pretend he was an angel and fly around the house in it. On this particular day, Little Mary remembers being tired with her mind wandering often to the extraordinary dream the night before. She tells her son to put the costume away because she didn't want the commotion. Her son answers by saying, "Mom, today I want to be Mary and if you kneel down and pray, I will protect you." Little Mary was so overwhelmed at her son's words as these were the same words in her dream.

After this dream, Little Mary began getting words from Blessed Mother every evening when she would put her 3-year-old son to bed. Often Little Mary would have to lay down with him so that he would stay in bed and fall asleep. It was at this time Little Mary would hear that same beautiful voice that was in her dream. How wonderful these evenings were to Mary. She would wait anxiously for her son's bedtime so she could hear the wonderful words Blessed Mother would relay to her. Little Mary described Blessed Mother's words as poetic. Blessed Mother would tell her how much God loves her and how special she was to Him. She would speak about Heaven and its beauty and how Little Mary was chosen by God for a very special mission. Although Mary had no idea the extent to which God would use her, she felt wrapped in a cocoon of pure love. Little Mary shared this with no one; not even her husband. She was afraid he wouldn't believe her because it's hard to explain how she hears Blessed Mother. Little Mary says the voice comes from within, she hears her interiorly and also with her ears. She hears Blessed Mother as clear as you and I would hear one another in conversation.

In the meantime, Little Mary's husband was being prepared by God to understand why our Blessed Mother has been appearing and making her words known all over the world. He was invited by a man from Epiphany who was gathering weekly in his home hosting a cenacle. Little Mary's husband would often ask her to go with him, but her timidity kept her very close to home. She also felt uncomfortable because she didn't yet know the rosary. One day Little Mary's husband decided to share her dream with the group and a woman told him to tell his wife to write the dream down so she would never forget it. Little Mary knew in her heart that she would never forget the dream, but she also knew that this voice that she was hearing was telling her to write down her words. Little Mary was afraid to write them and kept telling Blessed Mother that she had the wrong person. Blessed Mother kept asking her to write, so on the very next evening of January 11, 1995, Mary wrote her first message. In that message Blessed Mother told Little Mary that she has always been protected and for her to look to the highest and crown Him with many crowns.

She told her that Jesus reigns and is above all the earth, and in order for her to hear Blessed Mother's words, she must be silent. The message ended telling Little Mary to look at Her heart. Little Mary didn't share this message with her husband because she didn't want him to think she was crazy. Instead, she called the man who was running the cenacle. She told him that she hears this lady's voice and proceeded to share with him the message she had received. For three days in a row she would call and read the message to him. He told her to ask this lady who she is. On the eleventh day, she told Little Mary that she is Mary, Mother of Jesus. She said she was blessed and pure and white as a dove to show brightness to the world. She described herself as golden like the sun, as is her Son, Jesus. She told Little Mary that the blueness she sees is the color of a fresh spring waiting for those who might thirst in her. She said she was pure and clean in spirit. She talked of her heart being red and feeling torn at times due to the world and how her heart bleeds due to the world's sinful acts. Blessed Mother said many guests shall arrive, for they will become hungry for the Lord. Little Mary shared this with the man who was ran the cenacle, and he immediately announced his belief. He brought over to Little Mary a rosary prayer pamphlet and encouraged her to learn that rosary. He also mentioned her need to seek guidance from a priest.

For a while Little Mary received her message in the evening, but because of the need for Little Mary to keep her mind clear of all distractions, Blessed Mother began giving her the message in the morning.

As the messages continued, Little Mary was convinced that she was dying of cancer. She asked Blessed Mother where the cancer was and Blessed Mother assured her that she did not have cancer. She told Little Mary that she was chosen the day she was conceived in her mother's womb. Little Mary became more aware of her need to get a spiritual advisor. She racked her brain trying to think of a young charismatic priest who would believe her. She did think of one and was looking up his number when Blessed Mother told her God had already chosen a spiritual director for her. Little Mary asked who and Blessed Mother told her "Your pastor, Father Reiser." Little Mary was shocked and exclaimed, "OH NO! I can't go to Fr. Reiser. He's too old and he'll never believe me!" Little Mary decided that she should try the young priest anyway, but he was away on a mission and wouldn't be back for three weeks. Little Mary remembers crying because she felt so overwhelmed with the messages. Making the call to Father Reiser was very difficult for her because she had never talked to him or shook his hand in the three years they belonged to Epiphany.

Her call to Father Reiser resulted in tears. Hearing the Blessed Mother and writing these messages everyday now for a month was incredibly overwhelming to her. She began reading some of the Mother's messages. Father Reiser asked her if she knew what an "interior locution" was. Little Mary did not. She tried to explain to him that she could hear a voice and it was as if it came through her whole body. Father told her to see him in two days.
Little Mary met with her spiritual advisor for the first time on February 11, 1995, the feast of our Lady of Lourdes, exactly one month after she wrote her first message. She made her husband come with her for support. She read messages to her spiritual advisor for one hour and Father never said a word. She became frantic and found herself saying over and over, "listen to this one!"

Finally, her spiritual advisor looked up and told her she had read enough and that he believed her after the first message. Little Mary could have died. She was panic stricken at having had no reaction from her spiritual advisor and now he tells her he believed her after the first one. The Blessed Mother told Little Mary she would need to see Bishop Welsh, so her spiritual advisor arranged it for one month later on March 11th. Bishop Welsh told Little Mary that she would have to go before a commission and that one of the people on the commission was a psychiatrist who would evaluate her. Little Mary and her spiritual advisor did meet the people on this commission. Little Mary was not afraid because the Blessed Mother helped her answer the questions very simply. The commission could find nothing wrong with the messages. They were scripturally sound and did not go against the teachings of the church. Father Fox and Little Mary's spiritual advisor have read many of the messages and can attest to their scriptural soundness.

In the meantime, the Blessed Mother told Little Mary that she would bring into her life twelve people who would help her. They truly knew who the Mother was. Blessed Mother gave Little Mary their names and Little Mary gave the list to her spiritual advisor. Blessed Mother told her that they were to be her helpers and that she would have to ask them to help her and share with them what was happening. Since then, Blessed Mother has brought many wonderful people to her. They have helped her very much.

One of the first things Blessed Mother told her she would have to do was deliver 5 messages to the priests whom the Blessed Mother chose, for it will help their church. The five messages are:

1) They need to pray the rosary, either before or after Mass. This will be their protection.
2) They need a crucifix in their church to remind people what Jesus did for us and the pain Jesus endured for each one of us.
3) They must say the St. Michael prayer for protection.
4) They need Adoration so more could come to know our Lord.
5) They need a statue of Mary somewhere near the altar to remind people that she is our mother.

Little Mary was obedient to this.

Through prayer and inspiration, Little Mary began recording these messages on cassette tapes. Because the earlier messages were short, Little Mary would fit many messages on each cassette. These tapes would then be dubbed onto blank cassettes and given to the helpers. These helpers would then form small prayer groups in their homes or churches and pray the rosary and listen to the messages. This went on for several months. In August of 1995, Little Mary along with her spiritual advisor met with Archbishop Roach. It was decided by the commission that these tapes not be allowed for public distribution. The commission found nothing wrong with the content of the messages but they could find no evidence of "Divine Intervention" or miracle attached to these messages so they felt the need to be cautious. Little Mary's spiritual advisor instructed Little Mary on the need to be obedient and that the greatest blessings come from God through obedience. All the tapes were returned. Little Mary remained obedient and fought constantly the desire to publicly read these messages that continued coming from Blessed Mother. It was also very difficult for Little Mary to keep writing the messages from Blessed Mother when she could not share them. This was a tremendous suffering for Little Mary. When she receives a message, the message stays with her throughout the day. To receive a message is a touch of Heaven. She sees them with the "eyes" of her soul and feels the joy of Heaven. Often Little Mary would say she felt as though she was walking three feet above the ground for a couple of hours, so immersed was she in the words given her by our Lady. Reality would soon hit and it would jolt her like a big thud. She was still a mother and wife and with that came responsibilities. For eight months, Little Mary endured the restrictions placed upon her. To hold in these heavenly words was difficult because each message would come with its own spiritual weight and urgency. It was at this time, through prayer, that Little Mary started a prayer group. We would gather every Monday night and have a cenacle. This is the birth of the Monday Night Rosary Group.

 In September of 1995, Archbishop Roach retired. Shortly after his retirement, Archbishop Roach asked Archbishop Flynn to meet with Little Mary. It was in the first months of 1996 that Archbishop Flynn was able to meet with Little Mary, her husband and her spiritual advisor. His first concern was that the marriage of Little Mary and her husband was solid because this was her primary vocation. Archbishop Flynn did not want the life of a messenger to interfere with her duties as a mother and wife. After several meetings, the Archbishop gave his consent to her spiritual advisor, in April of 1996, allowing Little Mary to read the messages after Mass and rosary on Monday nights at Epiphany. It was about this same time that Little Mary also started receiving interior locutions from Jesus. She was afraid to tell anyone. She thought that because some people were finding it so hard to believe that Blessed Mother was truly here, how were they going to believe that she was now hearing Jesus. Jesus asked Little Mary to start praying with those who were coming to the group. Jesus told her that all power comes from Him, her God. He told her that He was going to bless her hands so that she can touch His people through her hands and they will feel His love and warmth. She was told to hold their hands while she prayed with them and tell them that when she was through praying, they would need to go to Adoration and tell Jesus what has been done and if in God's Will, miracles would happen. Father Fox and Little Mary's spiritual advisor have received many letters to date from people who claim both spiritual and physical healings after being prayed over. In 2001 her spiritual advisor retired as pastor of Epiphany and by Jan 2003 with a new pastor running the parish, Archbishop Flynn asked Little Mary not to read the messages on Church property. At that point Little Mary was still allowed to read the messages but had to move to a new location. Little Mary is also able to distribute the messages and has setup a website. There are regular meetings where Little Mary reads the messages, usually on the first Sunday evening of the month.  The Blessed Mother also asks that we continue to come for Mass and Rosary on Monday nights at Epiphany.

Fr. Robert J. Fox Biography of Little Mary and MessagesIn 2004, author Fr. Robert J. Fox has compiled many messages and wrote the book "Messages from the Heart of Our Mother". (Table of Contents).   He offers in  Chapters 1-3, discernment and placing private revelation in it's proper perspective. While there are many reports of Marian messages, and messengers, we must be cautious to discern their authenticity.  It is the opinion of Fr. Fox who believes these messages recorded by Little Mary fulfill the requirements of being in harmony with Sacred Scripture and the magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church.  They lead one to the Blessed Trinity, to Jesus and to the Church. 

Fr. Fox said of these messages: "After more than 45 years of professional writing and teaching experiences, I could never express such calls for living the gospel, our Catholic faith, so simply, so pointedly, so meaningful as do these messages."

Chapter 2 Purpose of the Messages

I want to begin this book by telling you how I got acquainted with the person known as "Little Mary" who receives messages from Jesus and especially Our Blessed Mother. The messages are for everyone, for the whole world. The circumstances which I am about to relate initiated a spiritual relationship immediately thereafter. These have consisted of frequent communications each week, as well as meeting her and her husband personally from time to time. Hundreds of hours were spent in this fashion. This aided me tremendously in my personal judgment and in the preparation of this book over a period of three years.

Chapter 3 Interior locutions and Visions

In a book such as this it is important that readers have a good understanding of the nature of supernatural communications, whether in the form of locutions or of visions. It is not wise simply to rush through a book of this nature looking for the sensational without taking time to reflect upon our relationship with God and how He communicates with His children upon earth. Thus early in this book we present this chapter, always keeping in mind that it is through the Church Jesus Christ founded, the Sacred Scriptures and Tradition of the Church, that we primarily will know the Word of God and what are true faith and morals.

Frequently Asked Questions
 1) How often does the Blessed Mother come?
Blessed Mother comes almost every morning, except on Sundays. In the beginning she came on Sundays, but now she doesn't because the messages are longer and harder and she wants me to be able to prepare my heart for Mass.

2) How do I write the message?
The Blessed Mother repeats the first sentence until I write it, then she dictates the rest of the message to me, 3 to 4 words at a time and I write them very fast. When I am done writing, I reread the message so that she can further teach me.

3) Do I see the Blessed Mother?
I usually see her with my soul; when I close my eyes I do not see darkness, I see heavenly things. I have seen her at different times, with my eyes open. Often, she stands by the Tabernacle at Church. Instead of seeing a blessed statue of her, she comes alive, just as Jesus does on a cross. I have seen much of Heaven and I cannot describe all the beauty. The Mother comes differently at times; sometimes like our Lady of Fatima or like our Mother of Grace. She looks very young, has blue eyes and dark brownish hair. Jesus, Mary and Joseph all have a long face, but their eyes are what you notice most.

4) Have I ever felt like giving up?
Yes, several times, just ask my advisor. Even though I feel like giving up, the messages still continue. Jesus and Blessed Mother encourage me and help me along. They tell me often "these messages are not just for you, they are for the world." Sometimes I feel as though I'm going to burst because so much is inside me. The Blessed Mother says each message is embedded in my heart and that is how I am able to teach others. When the Blessed Mother is sad, I feel her pain and my heart becomes heavy at times. I release this by sharing with my advisor, who helps me get out all I see and hear. The Blessed Mother tells me each messenger is given an advisor.

5) Why doesn't Jesus give messages anymore?
Jesus does not come as often as His mother. Jesus tells me this is His mother's time and we need to listen to her messages. Jesus says she is a mother to each of us and she has been chosen by God to light and prepare the way. Jesus still guides me and gives me personal messages so that I continue to do what Jesus and Blessed Mother are asking of me.

6) How often do I hear them?
Not only do they give me messages, but Jesus and Blessed Mother talk to me throughout the day. They answer some of my questions, mainly when I least likely expect. When I pray with people, Jesus and Blessed Mother sometimes tell me things about those I am praying with. I have told people the things Jesus and Blessed Mother have told me which no-one else could have known.

I would like to share a list of our Heavenly Mother's requests with you. Through my prayers, I asked Blessed Mother "Are we doing enough for you?" and immediately these requests came to me. So I ask that if you aren't sure if you are on the right road, read her requests and see for yourself.


Our Heavenly Mother's Requests

Are we listening to the Mother?
Are we doing God's Will?

Here is a list of Requests our Heavenly Mother is making through Her messages to Her children.
These requests came through little Mary's prayers.

1. Are we praying the rosary daily?
2. Are we going to Mass as often as we can to receive Jesus?
3. Are we spending time in Adoration talking to our Lord?
4. Are we stepping over our brother and sister, or are we reaching out and helping those in need?
5. Are we witnessing in love?
6. Are we holding, nurturing, and loving our children? Are we being responsible parents?
7. Are we praying daily for our Pope and our priests? Do we thank them?
8. Are we rebuking Satan, or are we letting Satan get the best of us especially in our weak areas?
9. Are we listening when God speaks?
10. Do we move when the Spirit leads us?
11. Do we put things off for tomorrow when God is calling us today?
12. Are we praying with our heart and seeking God everyday; or, are we just speaking with our lips?
"The main thing is if we fall, we get back up again and move forward."
13. Are we binding our rosaries around our families? Are we doing novenas... the Chaplet of Divine Mercy?
14. Do we look at Jesus on the crucifix daily? Do we even have one in our home? Do we thank Jesus for dying on the cross and meditate on our Lord's passion?
15. Are we healing Jesus' wounds or adding to them?
16. Are we taking all the glory; or, are we giving God all the glory?
17. Are we following God's commandments?
18. Are we reading the Bible and then living the Bible?
19. How do we nourish our souls?
20. Are we fasting?
21. Have you had your home blessed?
22. Do you have blessed and holy articles in your home to remind you of Heaven and the need of prayer?
23. Do we complain, argue, and then throw tantrums when we don't want to do something?
24. Are we obedient?
25. Do we pray for the poor souls in Purgatory who really need our prayers?
26. Are we going to confession at least once a month or as the spirit moves you?

In Closing
In closing, I want to thank all of you for your prayers and support. It has helped me continue doing what Jesus and Blessed Mother are asking of me. I pray for each one of you so that you, too, will go forth and share all that you are learning through these messages. I encourage each of you to go to Mass as often as you can, for the Mass is the greatest prayer. Also, I encourage you to pray the rosary as a family and in those groups that the Blessed Mother has formed.

God bless you and may Jesus and Mary rest in your heart.
-- Little Mary

"The greatest healing is when one comes back to Me"  #1352   February 8, 1998 ~ Jesus

Be responsible parents and make time to pray with your children. Be responsible, instead of allowing the world to raise your children. Be loving parents and be more grateful for this time in which God has allowed to nurture and teach your children. (Chap 5 Sep 5,2001)
Messages from Blessed Mother Mary Through Little Mary
My daughter, lam here, so please write and relay my messages so more come to know our dear Lord Jesus. Many today need to hear the truth, so please do not delay. Set time aside to pray more so your focus is on Jesus and not the world.  The world will pull you away from Jesus if you don't pray, pray more. All my children must do the same if they truly want to build their relationship with our Lord. Each child must make time to pray and honor God. Chap 10 June 17
Fr. Robert J. Fox and Little Mary

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