Messages from Our Blessed Mother Mary through Little Mary

Meditation Readings From a Small Prayer Group
I want to walk with each of you, but you must first come to Me

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."

 This world needs to change, so please do your part so these messages can be spread throughout the world.
Conversion cannot happen if my children do not respond to these urgent requests. ~ 2720

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Meditation Readings From a Small Prayer Group

Single File Format Meditation Readings

word--web--pdf Serve Him with love 2006-0102
word--web--pdf Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother 2006-0725
word--web--pdf Sacred Heart of Jesus 2006-1010
word--web--pdf There is no time to give up, for so many today are in need of prayer 2006-1017
word--web--pdf No one can hide from God 2006-1024
word--web--pdf Give your hearts to Jesus and He will truly lead you to holiness 2006-1031
word--web--pdf Do all that you can in this time of mercy. 2006-1107
word--web--pdf Sodom and Gomorrah live right here in America. 2006-1114
word--web--pdf My children must understand the importance of turning to my Son each new day 2006-1121
word--web--pdf Not give in to the ways of the world 2006-1212
word--web--pdf All my children must join hands and love one another 2006-1212
word--web--pdf Time is running out 2007-0109
word--web--pdf We are all to imitate Christ 2007-0123
word--web--pdf Parents, teach your children before it’s too late. 2007-0130
word--web--pdf Choosing to live in mortal sin is deprived of divine life 2007-0206
word--web--pdf Ash Wednesday 2007-0219
word--web--pdf We must accept our share of the Cross 2007-0227
word--web--pdf Holy Priests Can Change the World 2007-0305
word--web--pdf Unless you repent, you too will all perish. 2007-0314
word--web--pdf To find the example of Jesus 2007-0320
word--web--pdf Each time you pray and receive the Sacraments, you are given the grace needed to live a pure and holy life 2007-0327
word--web--pdf God could call you at any time 2007-0403
word--web--pdf By your mercy we might be ever free from sin 2007-0417
word--web--pdf Stand at the foot of His Cross 2007-0424
word--web--pdf I want to walk with each of you, but you must first come to Me 2007-0501
word--web--pdf The new dawn is approaching, so please turn to My Son 2007-0507
word--web--pdf Man is allowing much evil to enter the world so you must increase your prayers 2007-0515
word--web--pdf A church, "a house of prayer in which the Eucharist is celebrated” 2007-0522
word--web--pdf Look to Jesus and He will truly purify you 2007-0528
word--web--pdf In order to pray, one must have the will to pray 2007-0604
word--web--pdf It is time now to be an example of holiness to those around you. 2007-0612
word--web--pdf Pray for the conversion of those who are away from the Lord 2007-0619
word--web--pdf So many are on the wrong road 2007-0717
word--web--pdf God’s love 2007-0901
word--web--pdf A great need for Eucharistic worship 2007-0911
word--web--pdf Your Sins Can be Forgiven 2007-0918
word--web--pdf Whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness 2007-0925
word--web--pdf Burdened by suffering in body and spirit. 2007-0928
word--web--pdf Following in His Footsteps 2007-1002
word--web--pdf A call to obedience 2007-1009
word--web--pdf Now the suffering of Christ also must continue 2007-1016
word--web--pdf When you choose to live in sin, it separates you from God 2007-1023
word--web--pdf Fast and Pray 2007-1030
word--web--pdf Clothe ourselves in humility 2007-1106
word--web--pdf Time of preparation 2007-1113
word--web--pdf My children must wake up and let go of their worldly ways 2007-1120
word--web--pdf Dependent on God 2007-1127
word--web--pdf God's Promises 2007-1204
word--web--pdf God’s mercy and love 2007-1211
word--web--pdf Abandon yourself to His Will 2007-1218
word--web--pdf I am the Immaculate Conception 2007-1227
word--web--pdf Please trust in Jesus’ mercy and convert your lives now 2008-0114
word--web--pdf Pick up your cross and share My love and sorrow 2008-0118
word--web--pdf Babies in the womb 2008-0122
word--web--pdf Standing beneath her mantle 2008-0129
word--web--pdf Today is a day to meditate on our Lord’s Passion 2008-0205
word--web--pdf Lent is a time to truly come to know our Merciful Lord 2008-0212
word--web--pdf Follow Him, who had been persecuted; follow Him, who had to suffer; follow Him 2008-0311
word--web--pdf My God, My God, why have You forsaken me 2008-0318
word--web--pdf Discipline yourselves so that you have true sorrow for your sins 2008-0404
word--web--pdf The world will suffer greatly if man continues to disobey God’s laws 2008-0415
word--web--pdf Imitate Christ and follow the Saints' example 2008-0421
word--web--pdf The Holy Spirit came down upon the disciples as they were gathered around Our Blessed Lady 2008-0513
word--web--pdf Work on those areas where you are weak. 2008-0520
word--web--pdf God is both the Judge and the Shepherd 2008-0603
word--web--pdf Give thanks and praise to Almighty God
word--web--pdf Be imitators of Christ
word--web--pdf The truth that makes us free 2008-0623
word--web--pdf Our Lady is calling us to take up the Rosary
word--web--pdf For anyone looking at their own sinfulness and wondering if God would be able to forgive them.
word--web--pdf Come to Me. 2008-0715
word--web--pdf It is only Jesus who can heal your suffering hearts
word--web--pdf How are we doing at home? Are we really loving and caring?
word--web--pdf Pray your Rosary every day, for this is your weapon to combat evil
word--web--pdf Surrender to the loving will of the Father
world--web--pdf Get your house in order and be ready at all times. 2008-0821
word--web--pdf Open wide the doors to Christ! Open to his saving power
word--web--pdf Our Lady of Sorrows
word--web--pdf God’s mercy is endless, so believe now in God’s love.
word--web--pdf All must become little in the eyes of God
word--web--pdf Believe that God is with you and that you never have to carry your cross alone
word--web--pdf My message at Fatima was that my children must repent and turn to God.
word--web--pdf We Cannot Vote for Anyone Who Supports Intrinsically Evil Things
word--web--pdf God has a plan for each of His children, for each child is special in God’s eyes.
word--web--pdf The Change We Need
word--web--pdf My house shall be a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves
word--web--pdf Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men."
word--web--pdf Our Lady of Guadalupe
word--web--pdf Let Yourself be Loved
You are weak without God, keep our eyes fixed on the Lord
word--web--pdf Continue forward and Continue to grow
word--web--pdf For there will be days when each of you will feel like giving up
word--web--pdf Come back to God
word--web--pdf The Mother of God was pale, her eyes were red with weeping
word--web--pdf Console your God
word--web--pdf Not my will be done, but Yours 2009-0320
word--web--pdf Please walk with me and together we shall climb the road to Calvary.
word--web--pdf Embrace this Holy Week and pray, pray for those souls who are furthest away from Jesus.
word--web--pdf He Gives Himself Entirely to Us – Holy Thursday
word--web--pdf Persevere - Do not give up.
word--web--pdf Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me
word--web--pdf O Lord, we acknowledge our wickedness; we acknowledge that we have sinned.
word--web--pdf God is Love - and anyone who lives in love lives in God
word--web--pdf I am Jesus. I embrace all who come, come to Me
word--web--pdf Food for the Soul
word--web--pdf Live your vocation and strive to imitate Jesus
word--web--pdf These messages will be made known around this world
word--web--pdf Persevere each new day
word--web--pdf Abandon yourself totally to Me
word--web--pdf Jesus says - Come to Me
word--web--pdf Let go of all fear and anxiety
word--web--pdf It remains for the holy people to struggle, with grace from on high
word--web--pdf Focus on Jesus
word--web--pdf Our lives are measured by time
word--web--pdf The giving of the self
word--web--pdf Let go of your fear and trust, trust in God