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Messages from the Blessed Mother Mary 

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."
  1240   October 25, 1997 It is not always easy to do the Father’s Will, for one does not always understand

 MESSAGE #1240 from the Blessed Mother October 25, 1997
 My daughter, Heaven awaits those who believe and do the Father’s Will.

It is not always easy to do the Father’s Will, for one does not always understand the work that they must do for Our Lord and that is why one must trust and believe that whatever God asks you to do, it is for good reason. For God’s plans are mighty and when carried out, souls will be saved. If one is not patient, then God’s plans cannot be carried out. It is through obedience that one grows and learns to trust, for without obedience one will step ahead of God.

The answers will not always be given to those who do the Father’s Will, for then one would not learn to trust. The answers are given in God’s most perfect timing because God knows how much each child can comprehend. God prepares His children first so they stay strong in their faith through all trials and tribulation. Through God’s grace, one is strengthened and prepared along the way.

The problem today is that many want instant answers. They want to do what they want to do, thus refusing how God wants to direct them. Many then become frustrated and give up because they refuse the guidance needed to stay whole. Many question God due to lack of faith or because of fear. Many do not see themselves the way God sees them, so they refuse to believe that they can do what God is asking of them. This is why so many never do what God is asking of them.

My people, there is no longer time to ignore God. You must be more willing to pick up your cross so more can be accomplished in these times. You must believe that God knows what you can do. You must quit doubting every time God speaks to you, for then God’s work cannot be carried through. You must start confiding in God so your relationship can grow, for without coming to know God, you will only become weaker, which will cause you to deny God.

You need to tell God how you feel so that God can help you sort out your feelings, for your thoughts and emotions are what pull you away. It is your desires that lead you astray, for your desires can be very selfish because of your insecurities and weaknesses. One must ask themselves today, are they truly doing what Our Lord is asking of them or are you only pleasing yourselves? Are you walking the road of Calvary or are you taking the easier way out? Do you truly love God or are you denying God?

I say to each of you, surrender and do the Father’s Will no matter how hard it seems, for God will always be your strength. God will guide you and teach you the more perfect way. God will mold you and purify you on this earth if you allow God to. God will discipline you in the areas where you are weak so you become stronger in your faith. God will never leave you, so please remove that fear of thinking you will have to walk alone. God will always protect you and provide you with the answers that you need to know.

So trust, my people, and become more confident in Our Lord so you do not hinder the grace and gifts that God wants to bestow on you. Be more trusting that God will always see you through. Be not angry or do not blame God when things don’t go your way, for in time, all will be perfect if you stay true to Our Lord.

Now, go forth as true believers so that God can work through you, for then your lives will be less stressful because much peace and joy will be given to you. Be more committed to serve Christ so you stay loyal to Our Lord and keep your eyes focused towards Heaven, for then no job will ever be too difficult for you. For Heaven is eternal and awaits all those who believe and do the Father’s Will. Amen.


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