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Messages from the Blessed Mother Mary

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."
  1248   November 2, 1997 Come together as a community and pray, for your prayers are needed in these times
  1261   November 14, 1997 Start depending on God instead of your material wealth
  1268   November 20, 1997 It is so important to do God’s Will
  1277   November 28, 1997 Never lose hope, for God will always win
Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox

 MESSAGE #1248 from the Blessed Mother November 2, 1997
 My daughter, Come together as a community and pray, for your prayers are needed in these times. Come to Mass, not as a sleepy people, but as a prayerful people. Individually you must seek God, but when you gather and pray, your prayers are most powerful.
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That is why I, your Heavenly Mother, am gathering my children, for many more Rosaries need to be recited, but from your heart. Your prayers are your weapon to combat evil, so do not rush through your prayers. Learn to take time to meditate on the mysteries, for then your prayers will have more meaning and you will stay more focused on Christ. Pray slowly and from your heart and ask all the Angels and Saints to surround you, for then you will feel a heavenly presence.

I, your Mother, will intercede for those who ask for my motherly assistance. I will protect all who pray, pray from their heart. I will join hands with you if you take my hand and accept all that I can do for you. So be not afraid to come to me, for I, your Heavenly Mother, will help those who take refuge in My Immaculate Heart. I am ever so near to my Son and I will be ever so near to any child who consecrates themselves to Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart. Our Hearts are open, so please open your heart all the way, for then God will enter in a much deeper way. Believe that all the Angels and Saints are always at hand for each of you. Believe that God has provided much assistance for you.

Prayer will help you understand our love for you, so pray more fervently. Pray for all those who are suffering from lack of faith, for your prayers are their protection. Pray more consistently so you stay focused on Our Lord throughout the day. Pray not just when you are happy or excited, but pray no matter how you feel, for then you will never have to walk alone. Pray together as a family, for this will keep you strong. For evil will flee when you call upon Our Lord. So be not foolish, spend more time in prayer, adoring Our Lord.

Soon, many will know the importance of prayer, for without prayer, one will not be able to survive on their own. For Satan will become more vicious if evil is allowed to enter your state, community and homes. For wherever there is disbelief in God, Satan finds a new home. Wherever there is division and unpeaceful hearts, Satan will linger. That is why one must join hands; so that hate and envy cannot enter. One must love all of God’s children, even your enemies, for then Satan will lose power, for wherever there is love, there is God.

Now, let us pray more sincerely for the living and the dead, for through prayer, Satan cannot win. Let us pray for peace amongst nations, for many nations are unpeaceful and live in disharmony. Let us pray for conversion so more can come to know God, for without God, many will suffer, suffer greatly.

Now, become followers of Jesus, for then you will become warriors for Christ. Believe in the importance of prayer so you are not fooled by the enemy. Believe that God and I are ever so near. Believe, so you take refuge in Our Heart, for then you will never have to walk alone. Your lives will then become more peaceful, for love will then enter, enter your heart.

May God’s love now enter your heart and soul as you go forward in Jesus’ name. Amen.
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 MESSAGE #1261 from the Blessed Mother November 14, 1997
 My daughter, Busyness takes quiet time away from Our Lord; it causes a restless spirit and an unpeaceful heart. So take the time needed to truly hear Our Lord, for then you will have peace throughout the day.

Those who take the time to come to Mass are those who use their time more wisely, for they are fed the food needed to be strong in this world. Through God’s grace they are given the strength to overcome the evil and temptations of this world. When one takes time for God, one’s time is then multiplied, for they are given the strength to do great work for Our Lord. If one is unpeaceful, they spend much time worrying instead of going forth in Jesus’ Name, but when one is peaceful, much more can be accomplished. When one is joyful, one then has a greater capacity to perform their duties.

So be wise, start your day in prayer and come to Mass more often, for then physically you will be energized to do more for Our Lord. Spiritually, you will be fed the food needed for your soul; you will be given the grace needed to stay calm and patient to those around you. Emotionally, you will feel better throughout the day, for true happiness comes from knowing Jesus. So be wise, take the time needed to truly come to know Our Lord. Be wise, receive Jesus more often in the Eucharist, for then you will stay strong spiritually so you can do great work for Our Lord.

Can you not see how unhealthy many have become? Many are depressed, they are sad and lonely. Many worry about the future, which pulls them away from Our Lord. Many no longer trust in God to see them through. Many go through life preparing for the future instead of spending each precious moment with Our Lord.

If one does not spend quality time with Our Lord each day, one will never be prepared for future events, for one will not know how to trust or confide in God. One will not hear God because they never took the time to listen. Each new day, one should be preparing their soul. They should be praying and then listening to how God is directing them. They should be reading Scripture so God’s Words are imbedded in their heart. They should receive Jesus more often in the Eucharist instead of waiting weekly. For without God’s grace and teachings, one will not stay strong for Our Lord.

Those who pray and fast, are those who hunger for Our Lord. But those who become too busy for God, are those who are more attracted to the world. They then place their desires before God. Because of so much sin and evil in the world, one must spend more time in prayer, for it is through prayer that one will stay more focused on Our Lord. This is why families must pray together daily, for without prayer or unity, they will become more attracted to the ways of the world. For the world seeks pleasure through material wealth instead of God.

Those who are weak, weak in their faith, will fall into Satan’s traps because they refused to take care of their soul. Those who buy and who never give, are refusing the poor. Those who never spend time with God are refusing God’s grace. Those who are only seeking fame and fortune will not succeed because they did not give glory to God. Those who are turning on their brothers and sisters are also turning their backs on God. Without a healthy relationship with God, one will not be able to survive without falling into Satan’s traps. So come, come back to Church, come to know God now.

For this is the time where you must seek refuge in Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart. This time has been allowed for each of you to prepare your soul. So be wise, wake up and adhere to Our pleas, for your time is running out and without God, your supplies will run out. Start depending on God instead of your material wealth. Take time, my children, to truly come to know Our Lord, for then you will be secure and directed through all storms. For God’s love will always remain for His children. God will provide for those who share, share of their wealth. God will provide for those who trust and who depend on God.

So pray, my children, so you never doubt or lose hope in Almighty God. Go to God daily, for then you will have peace in your heart each new day. God is waiting, so come now and adore Our Lord, for this time is precious because of God’s love for you. Amen.
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 MESSAGE #1268 from the Blessed Mother November 20, 1997
 My daughter, Due to obstinate hearts, many are refusing God’s grace and my motherly assistance. When one does his own will, then one cannot be correct with God.

This is why it is so important to do God’s Will, for then one will not be deceived by the world. Because so much evil has been allowed, your only hope is prayer. Prayer will soften hearts and will help people get back on track. In order for those who have become so deceived to change, they need prayer. If you force them to change, they will only become more violent. If you demand change, they will only become more rebellious, but through prayer and fasting and your example, more souls will be saved. By choosing to do only what is right, it will make others think, for they will know in their heart what is right and what is wrong. For by your example, they will be reminded that there are better choices so that one can avoid sin.

This is why I ask my children to choose right no matter if everyone else chooses wrong. I ask my children to be more willing to do only those things that will help you grow, grow closer to God. I ask that my children be strong in their faith and obey all of God’s Commandments. For if you become weak, weak in your faith, then Satan will tempt you and will place doubt upon your heart. If you fall for the world’s ways, you will make excuses for your sins, but if you stay close to Jesus, the enemy will then not win. If you obey and abide by true teaching, then you will not become confused, for you will know the truth and no man will be able to fool you. If you receive Jesus often in the Eucharist and pray and recite your Rosary, then you will stay strong and true to Our Lord, but without God’s grace, you will fall more easily into sin.

I must warn my children because the world will make it harder for you, for they will curse you and deny you when you follow Jesus and speak in truth. They will attack you with their beliefs because of their refusal to change. They will become more vicious because they know not, how to love. But those who listen and live the messages that have been given to them, will be guided and protected by my mantle. My children will know how to survive, no matter how dark this world becomes, because I, your mother, will lead you to higher ground. You will then be safe from all storms and the turmoil of this world.

This is why I am gathering my children in the Church, for God will be your refuge and strength. Your wealth will not give you the security that you will need, it will only be God. If you remain hopeful, then you will always pray, but if you lose hope and confidence in Our Lord, you will be led astray, for you will give up praying and then the evil one will only become stronger. So stay prayerful no matter how dark it becomes, for in the end, there will be victory. Be not afraid, for God’s Angels will be your source of light and they will protect all those who are devoted to Our Lord. They are prepared and ready for battle. So prepare yourselves by preparing your soul, for then God’s grace and light will also shine through you.

Now, let us pray that more will respond to these heavenly messages so that change will occur, occur in you. For then God will know that you’re trying your very best in doing what is right. Let us pray for those who are refusing to do God’s Will, for they will have a harder time accepting the changes that will occur. For in time, all that has been written will be fulfilled and God will not have mercy on those who refused God. Let us pray that more of God’s children stay strong in their faith, for they know the truth and will not be able to make excuses. They will be denied if they do not stay strong for Our Lord.

Now, go forth in love, faith and hope and be charitable in all that you say and do, for then God’s love and peace will dwell in you. Amen.
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 MESSAGE #1277 from the Blessed Mother November 28, 1997
 My daughter, Be not afraid of tomorrow if you are living your life for Christ today, for you will never have to walk alone if you are carrying Jesus with you.

So trust, my children, for God will always be with you. If you allow fear to enter, then you will not have total trust or confidence in Our Lord. So be not afraid, remove your worries so you do not become anxious about each new day. Just live each day for Christ so you stay focused on Our Lord. Fear will only cause you doubt, which will only cause new problems.

So allow God to guide you, not the world, and listen to God’s holy words. Keep your eyes on Jesus so that the world does not blind you or pull you away from truth. Take refuge in your Church so that you stay strong in your faith, for it is your faith that will keep you strong, strong for Jesus. Without faith, you will lose hope. Do not despair, keep your courage high so that you keep fighting and resisting temptation. Do not become discouraged by temptations, just remain strong so you can overcome your weaknesses. By remaining close to God, you will be given the strength for all battles and trials. By remaining close to God, you will then not be tempted to sin. Just keep doing your best and do the Father’s Will, for then you will stay loyal and true to Our Lord.

I must warn you that Satan will come stronger, for he is out to destroy the Church. He is furious because so many souls are now living their lives for Christ, so because he knows he is losing ground he will become more violent. But Satan will not win if you remain prayerful and faithful to God’s words, for he cannot survive wherever there is God, for he is weak and God is strong. So trust, my children, that in the end, God will always win.

Be not threatened by Satan’s vicious attacks, for this is how he tries to gain power. He tries to control you by telling you that you are a failure when you fall. But I say to each of you, just get up again so that you do not become discouraged, for with God’s help you will win the daily battle for Heaven. If you remain hopeful your armor will become stronger, but if you lose hope you will give in, which is one of man’s weaknesses. It is your will and your desires that cause you to go backwards, so be wise and seek God daily so you do what God is asking of you. Be wise and obey God’s laws so you do not give in to your selfish desires. Ask God to give you the wisdom needed to see the evil in sin so you never become blind or trapped by Satan’s lies.

Now, let us pray that more will trust in God’s goodness so they stay strong, instead of losing hope. Let us pray for those who do not recognize the evil that surrounds them, for they are being fooled and making excuses for their sins. Let us pray that more allow God to enter their heart and soul, for without God, they will not be able to resist the many temptations around them.

Now, stay strong, my children, and never lose hope, for God will always win. For in time, the world will have to decide which side they want to be on, for the forces of evil will become stronger and without God’s grace it will become harder for them. So, I plead with my children today to take shelter in Our Heart, for then you will be protected from the many battles yet to come. Our Heart is open, so please take refuge today; you will then be secure and guided in the proper way.

Now, be at peace so you remain strong and loyal to Our Lord. Amen.
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Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox

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