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Messages from the Blessed Mother Mary

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."
  1287   December 7, 1997 Today I ask that you be more thankful of all that God has done in your life 
  1298   December 18, 1997 Those who come to know my Son, will glow

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox
 MESSAGE #1287 from the Blessed Mother December 7, 1997
 My daughter, Because of God’s love for His children, God has chosen many in these times to go forth and spread God’s words. Those who go forth and who share their faith, shall be truly blessed. They will be filled with the Holy Spirit and they will speak in love. They will know the truth because God will teach them.
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Because of so much darkness in the world, God is asking all those who believe to share the Gospel so more have time to repent and prepare their soul. So be glad that you have each been chosen to take part in fulfilling God’s plans. Be glad by being thankful for this time that has been allowed. Be thankful for the groups that have been formed and for those who come and gather in Jesus’ name, for they are being prepared and with God’s grace, they will stay strong, strong for Our Lord. By joining hands with one another and through prayer, you will each become true warriors for Our Lord.

By sharing all that God has done in your life, more will then be thankful for how God has also blessed them. For it is through sharing, that more will know what God can and will do for each of you. So be not afraid to share how your life has changed, for this gives people hope. For many are struggling because they are carrying their burdens alone. More will realize, through sharing, that if they too surrender to God, then God will enter more fully. Many do not realize how many souls have been saved just by sharing all that God has done in your life. Many do not realize that God uses those who are willing to humble themselves before men. Many do not realize that it is God who gives one the strength to overcome their weaknesses. If more realized this, more would not give up so easily.

God is purifying those who work hard on this earth and who do the Father’s Will, for this is the time of God’s cleansing power and grace. So be thankful for the change that is happening in each of you. Be thankful when you have the opportunity to receive the Sacraments, for this is how God’s grace dwells in you. Be thankful for your Priests, for they are using their hands for Christ. When one realizes God’s love for them, they then become a more thankful people. They then hunger more often for the Eucharist. They cleanse their soul more often so that they can be truly forgiven of their sins. They tell God daily how sorry they are for their sins and then they strive harder to do what only pleases Our Lord. By being thankful, one remains hungry and obedient to God’s laws.

So today I ask that you be more thankful of all that God has done in your life so that you never forget how weak you are without God. I ask that you be more thankful each time that you are able to receive Jesus in the Eucharist. I ask that you continue to join hands so that hate, envy and pride never enter. I ask that you gather and pray as a community in the Church that you have been called to, so you grow in holiness. I ask that you be more willing to do what God is asking of you, no matter how difficult it may seem, so that more souls can be saved. Now, believe that when you respond and do what God is asking of you, then darkness will be removed, for wherever there is God, there shall be light.

Now, go forth as a community of believers so you go forth strong in your faith, for then eyes and ears will open to the whole truth. God will always be your strength. Just listen, respond and obey all that God is asking of you today. May God’s love and peace be with you as you go forth in Jesus’ name. Amen.
 MESSAGE #1298 from the Blessed Mother December 18, 1997
 My daughter, Go forth in faith and spread your love of knowing Jesus. Let this love pour forth from your heart, for then much light will surround this earth.

Those who come to know my Son, will glow. For light will replace darkness, for it will enter your soul. Those who yearn for Jesus will be attracted by this light, for they too will want to shine and become beacons of light. They will see much beauty from those who know Jesus and they too will want to come to know Christ. But those who are in denial and who are refusing God, become blind to this light. Their eyes are unable to see beauty because their focus is on themselves. It is not until man accepts God into their life that they are able to see beyond themselves.

Without this light, their heart remains cold. Those who are still in denial need your prayers, for without your prayers they will one day see total darkness. For the longer one allows their soul to wither away, the darker their soul becomes. They will become more vicious and cruel. This will happen because of their unhappiness. This will happen because they refused God’s grace. Without God’s warmth, man’s heart becomes cold. Those who are killing the innocent are living in darkness. They have allowed their heart to become cold. Because of this, they do not feel pain. This is why they have no problem ripping babies from a mother’s womb. They have become numb because they are in a state of darkness. They are in denial because they closed their ears to the truth.

Pray my children, for much darkness covers this earth and without your prayers this world will become colder. Without your prayers, abortions and killings will rise, for weapons will rule the street. New tools will be made to destroy lives. The colder one becomes, the more destructive their plans become, for when darkness enters, one no longer respects life. When evil is allowed, then it is man who wants to be in control. If evil is not stopped, it will only become worse. If more Christians don’t join hands and go forth in truth, more of Satan’s plans will be introduced.

How I weep when I see so many uncaring children. I weep because I know what is coming your way and without your prayers and a willing spirit to stand up for the truth, many more lives will be destroyed. You must believe that Satan loves death. This is why he is always at war trying to grasp those who will follow him. He has lured many with his lies and then leaves them to die or fend for themselves. He is promoting violence through games and TV, and many parents are falling for his tricks. Many parents are being trapped by Satan’s web. This is happening because so many have no time for God. This is happening because many are fearful to stand up for the truth. This is happening because man is allowing evil to enter.

So pray, my children, that more will turn to God instead of the ways of the world. Pray that more are willing to suffer for proclaiming the truth, for without your help there will be much more bloodshed. Without your prayers, man’s hands will become as powerful as weapons. Without your love and concern for your brothers and sisters, many more lives will be destroyed. So work together, my children, and join hands today so that light can overcome darkness. Do what I am telling you by responding to these messages. When you gather and pray, call, call upon the Holy Spirit, for then you will be guided in a fruitful way. By doing the Father’s Will, Satan’s plans will then be destroyed. For wherever there is God, the enemy cannot linger.

Now, please gather and pray for peace, conversion and unity or harder days will come your way. Pray and ask God to use you so more souls can be saved, for then there will be light and peace amongst my children. There will be love instead of war. Now, go forth in truth so more will come to know my Son. For without God, many will see total darkness. Go forth today, don’t wait until tomorrow, for it may be too late.

I will be with you, my children, so please never be afraid. Just believe that if you all go forth as God’s chosen children, you then can lessen what is coming your way. By believing this, you will remain hopeful so you never give up. May God’s light now shine through you as you go forth in Jesus’ Name.

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Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox

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