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Messages from the Blessed Mother Mary

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."
   1340 Jan 29, 1998 I pray that you seek God so you do not return to your old ways

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox


 MESSAGE #1340 from the Blessed Mother January 29, 1998
 My daughter, In order for growth, one must accept what God is teaching them. One must not deny their weaknesses or make excuses for their behavior. One must try hard each new day to become more like Christ. If one disobeys God or gives up, then one opens the door for Satan.

This is the time to prepare your soul, not to go backwards. For once you fall, it is much more difficult to get up again. Once you give up, you lose strength and then you become more focused on yourselves. So, today I ask that you humble yourself before Messages from Blessed Mother - Paperback BookOur Lord so that evil cannot enter. I ask that you be more willing to accept your faults, but then change, change your ways. I ask that you go to God to be consoled, for then you will see your true self, for God will place upon your heart, the truth. God will open your eyes as to whatever is causing you to fall. God will strengthen you each time you come to Him, for God knows how weak His children can be.

God knows, so please quit hiding your true feelings and share all that is troubling you. Share daily so your heart does not become heavy. Share daily so you do not have to carry your burdens alone. I promise you, you will then feel much better about yourself and all feelings of hurt and unworthiness will leave you. It takes a continuous effort on your part. It takes a heart that is truly open to doing God’s Will. It takes time to pray and to come to know God, for without prayer, you will keep giving in to your will. Without a desire to please God, you will not be remorseful for your sins. Without a true devotion to my Son, you will take the easier road.

I am reminding my children because I see many of you struggling. I see how unhappy many of you have become. This not only pierces your heart, but it also pierces mine. For I see many trying to hold on, but because of rebellion and pride, many eventually let go. Because of one’s selfish desires, they allow themselves to go backwards.

I say to each of you, quit pretending you can do it on your own, for you are weak without God, and without God’s help you are destined to fail. Without total submission to God, you will not surrender. Without love in your heart, you will blame God and others for your faults. Without love, one seeks revenge. Without discipline, you will not change or be more honest with yourselves. Without God’s grace, you become your own enemy.

So, today I pray for each of you. I pray that you seek God so you do not return to your old ways. I pray that you listen to God instead of yourselves. I pray that you surrender to God and ask daily for Our heavenly assistance. I ask this of you my children because I feel your pain. I ask this of you because I am concerned for you.

So please take heed to this message or there will be no growth. Take heed now or you will not be strong enough for the battles yet to come. In order for this army of mine to be strong, you will have to obey and march in unison. So, join hands and pray, pray from your heart, for then God will listen and respond to your requests. God will help each child who comes and takes refuge in His heart. So come, come to God so you receive the proper guidance.

I am with you, my children, for a mother never loses hope or gives up on her children. Remain close to God and please never let go of my hand, for then you will have peace, and love will remain in your heart. Amen.
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Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox

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