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Messages from the Blessed Mother Mary

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."
  1615   November 9, 1998 Help me rescue those who have become a prisoner to the prince of darkness

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox
 MESSAGE #1615 from the Blessed Mother November 9, 1998
 My daughter, This is the time of great preparation and conversion. So be glad and take part and rescue those who are Messages from Blessed Mother - Paperback Bookdeceived and who are being held captive by the enemy. With the help of your prayers, these chains that have bound Our children can be broken.

Please children, I am pleading with you, help me rescue those who have become a prisoner to the prince of darkness. This time is your time, so please take part and awake from your slumber. Take part now so more can come to know my Son, Jesus. Evangelize and spread your faith now, for in time it will become more difficult for you. In time, you will be denied for speaking the truth.

Don’t wait, my children, prepare your soul so you have the grace needed to stay strong. Prepare your soul, for then others will see Christ in you. Keep your soul cleansed and nourished so that God can dwell in you. Respond now, for your hands and voice are needed all around this world. Be brave and don’t give up on those who are ignoring you. Don’t hide from those who are laughing at you, for in time they will no longer be able to criticize you. In time, they too will feel God’s wrath. They will know just how much they offended God.

When this preparation time is over, many will suffer without a repentive heart. When this preparation time is over, God will cleanse this earth. Many will then tremble because they did not listen to Our heavenly pleas. Many will not be ready, especially those who are killing God’s children. They will not be ready if they did not repent or cleanse their soul. Have pity on those whose hands and tools are stained with blood, for they will be severely punished. They will not be able to escape or make excuses for their actions. They will no longer be able to deny their wrong doing, for God will show them just how many children they aborted. Many then will die of fright and their soul will not be cleansed.

Yes, God’s Justice will prevail, prevail soon after each child sees their soul. This will be God’s final warning to those who are living in mortal sin. So please children, be more willing to be cursed at now for making the truth known. Be more willing to spread your faith and make the Commandments known, for in time you will be thanked by those who were on the wrong path. In time, many will repent if you go forth in truth. In time, your suffering will be over and you will be truly blessed.

So please remember this, my children, each time you want to give up on your brothers and sisters, for this will help you be more willing to be persecuted for your Faith. Each time you want to lash back at those who are not listening, just turn to God, for God will give you the strength needed to stay true and loyal to Our Lord. God will wipe your tears each time someone turns on you. God will embrace you and this will give you courage to keep moving on.

So please turn to God when you feel as though nothing is being accomplished on this earth and God will console you and will help you carry each new cross. God will be your strength, so please take refuge in Our Heart today. God will remind you each time you fall if you listen and obey God’s commands. God will teach you, so please don’t give up. Just trust in God each new day and believe that God will always be there for you.

Now, I ask that you increase your prayers for those who are living in darkness, for your prayers will help keep evil away. I ask that you work hard now, for this is the time that God has allowed for you to prepare your soul. This is the time of God’s mercy and grace, so please do not be lazy, stay strong and vibrant for Our Lord. This time of preparation will not last, so move quickly, my children, and do all that you can to save souls.

I am still with you, my children, so please accept my motherly love and grace. Accept, by responding to these heavenly pleas. Your actions are needed, so take heed to what God and I are telling you today. I am your Mother, Mother of Grace, and I wish to thank each of you who are responding to these urgent requests. Amen.
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Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox

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