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"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."
  1632   December 2, 1998 Today, I ask that you stop looking at others faults so that you can better yourself

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox

 MESSAGE #1632 from the Blessed Mother December 2, 1998
 My daughter, If more of Our children prayed, they would be content with what they have instead of always wanting more. If one truly spent time with Jesus, they would not need so much material wealth to give them happiness. Their happiness would come from God and they would be given much joy. Interiorly they would have peace because their desires would change.

My chilMessages from Blessed Mother - Paperback Bookdren, are you still searching for happiness or have you come to know Our Lord? Has your prayer life changed or are you still ignoring God? Do you take Jesus with you wherever you go or are you choosing to walk alone? You will know by your actions, for if you are peaceful, only love will flow from your heart. If joy remains in you even when problems arise, then you are truly coming to know Our Lord.

Those who spend time with God will remain peaceful and calm through all trials. Those who take time to listen to God will be given much wisdom. They will know how to react in any given situation, for God will teach those who listen and who obey His commands. God will give each child the strength needed not to give in to temptation if they allow God to form them.

But those who do not listen or who do not spend time with God, they will not be given the direction they need. They will not know how to get up when they fall, if they keep refusing God’s grace. Many will suffer if they don’t take heed to the Gospel now. They will suffer without a personal relationship with God. For many it will be too late if they don’t repent or start making some changes now.

I am reminding my children today, just as any good mother would do. I am reminding you because many are still trying to do it on their own. Many are refusing God’s grace because they are not cleansing their soul. Many keep falling because they are not coming to Mass. Many do not want to give up their worldly ways because they have no desire to change. Many are waiting for their loved one to change instead of working on the areas in their life where they are weak.

Please children, believe that God wants to come to know you in a personal way. God wants to help you make some changes in your life. God has a plan for each of you, but it is up to you to listen. If you keep waiting for others to change, then God cannot work through you. If you keep blaming others for your actions, then change will not occur in you.

Today, I ask that you stop looking at others faults so that you can better yourself. I ask that you listen more carefully when God is talking to you. I ask this of you because God wants to use you in a powerful way. Each of you have weak areas and until you believe this, you will not be honest with yourself. You will just keep blaming others for the way you are acting.

It takes discipline, my children, and a humble heart, for pride and lack of humility will only pull you further away from God. It takes effort on your part and a willing spirit to do what God is asking of you. It takes patience and time because change does not come easy, but I promise you, your life will change if you surrender, surrender to Our Lord. For it is not until you surrender that God can work in you. Without total surrender, God cannot work completely in you. God will not force His way through those doors that you keep closing on Him, so it is up to you to keep your heart all the way open.

Because of my love and concern for you, I have come once again to remind you, so please be more cooperative so that God can help you. Be humble children and ask God to help you in those areas that are most difficult for you. Don’t be ashamed to turn to God, for God is so forgiving. God is pleased when you come to Him so don’t be afraid, just believe in your heart that God can help you change.

When God is firm with you, it is because He loves and cares for you. When God does not give you everything you want, then believe that God knows what is best for your soul. Believe, my children, that God’s love is unconditional. Believe, so you come to God more often, for this is the only way change will start happening in you. This is the way because you cannot hear God if you keep ignoring Him. This is the way the truth will be made known to you, for without the truth, change will not occur in you.

So today, I want each of you to know that God and I love you so very much. Each of you are special and so very dear to us. We love you, that is why we are here to help you, so please accept my motherly assistance and Our love for you. Please accept, for then much light will be given to you. Darkness will be removed and peace and joy will enter your heart.

Now, go forth as true believers so that God can work in each of you. Amen.
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Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox

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