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Messages from the Blessed Mother Mary

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."
     1672   January 26, 1999 Today I will show you Heaven

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox
 MESSAGE #1672 from the Blessed Mother January 26, 1999
 My daughter,  Be thankful for the many blessings and gifts God has given you, for this will help you stay strong when trials and suffering come your way. By being thankful, you will learn to appreciate all that God has asked you to do. By being thankful, this joy of knowing Jesus will not leave you.

My daughter, I ask that you continue to suffer for our Lord, for through this, many souls have been saved. I ask that you remainMessages from Blessed Mother - Paperback Book humble and joyful, for this is how others are able to see Christ in you. This is how others are able to stay peaceful, for they see much peace in you. I ask that you continue to say yes to God, so that God can continue to work through you. I ask that you never give up, for God has blessed you in so many ways.

By using your hands for God, many will be healed in the way God chooses, for God knows what is best for one’s soul. God knows how much each of you can endure, so carry on, my daughter, and continue to say yes, for each ‘yes’ will bring you closer to Jesus. Each ‘yes’ pleases God, for this is how God is able to work through you. Heaven, my daughter, awaits those who believe and who use those gifts that God has bestowed on them.

Today, I come to you in such a personal way, for this is a special day for you. So be thankful, my daughter, that your parents said yes to life, for you were chosen the day you were conceived. You were chosen because God knew that He would be able to teach you so that you in turn could teach others. God did not choose you because you knew all the answers; God knew that He could work with you.

So remain humble and keep your heart open, for then much wisdom and knowledge will be given to you. Keep your heart open and remain obedient, for then many more blessings and gifts will be granted to you. Many more souls will be saved, for God is able to work through those who are obedient and who give all glory back to God.

Time is short on this earth, but Heaven, my daughter, is eternal. So be grateful for this time of saving souls, for one day we will be together in Heaven. Now, I ask that you close your eyes, for today I will show you Heaven.


The message stopped and I was wondering why I did not hear the Mother. So I read the message that was given to me and when I came to the end part, I cried and could not believe the Mother would show me Heaven.

I closed my eyes and then all I remember is, holding on to Blessed Mother’s hand. I could not see at first because it was too bright. Then I saw the Blessed Mother dressed in gold with a crown on her head, unlike you would see on a statue. She smiled at me. The air seemed different, it was so easy to breath and I could smell a fragrance like that of flowers. I then saw many Angels and they were lined up in perfect order like a choir. I remember the words “Rejoice” and music like I have never heard. I then saw this big golden chair and next to it I saw a man who looked like Jesus. The Mother told me he was St. Joseph and he took my hands. We did not talk. I then saw a young man standing and he took my hands.

He had a robe on and the Blessed Mother said, “This is Padre Pio” and she said, “he helps you very much.” I then met others who I do not know and the Blessed Mother said “They, too, help you on earth.” They did not talk, but they touched my hands. Then I saw a long table and it looked like it went for miles. I could see it set all in gold, but no food, there were beautiful flowers on it. I could see people sitting down and next to them were some empty chairs. I remember holding the Mother’s hand as we walked along side this table. The empty chairs, the Mother said, were for those who were coming soon to Heaven. The longer we walked, the brighter it became and I could see colors of a rainbow everywhere. I was amazed with all the colors and as I looked straight ahead, I saw Jesus and I could see His Heart and many rays or light coming from Him. He took my hands and I knelt down and kissed His feet. He put His hands on my head. I could not talk. He said to me, “Fast and Pray so more can one day see Heaven.” I remember these words and I will never forget them!

I then remember waking up and my head was on a pillow. I cried because I did not feel that heavenly presence. There was no more brightness and the air seemed heavier. I got but a glimpse, but it seemed like it lasted forever. I will share all that I have seen and I know in my heart I will work hard on this earth. For there is nothing more beautiful than Heaven and I hope one day I can be up there sitting with everyone. Thank you Jesus and Blessed Mother, this is my most special day. Love Mary B.

I cannot describe all that I’ve seen, so I will write it down as best I can. I once again can feel the pain in my hands and knuckles, but in Heaven there was no pain. I feel as though I can’t talk and that all I desire to do today, is go to Adoration. I recognized three people, who I have seen before, in Heaven. My grandma, my godmother and (private). They did not talk, but they hugged me. I have no presents today, because my husband went to see the Pope in St. Louis. But the gift I received today, is the greatest treasure one could ask for.

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox

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