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Messages from the Blessed Mother Mary

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."
  1846   October 12, 1999 Today I will show you Purgatory

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox

 MESSAGE #1846 from the Blessed Mother October 12, 1999
 Souls, many souls need your prayers. Many in Purgatory have no-one to pray for them. Many suffer, so please pray each time Messages from Blessed Mother - Paperback BookGod allows you to hear their voice. Remind all my children to pray, pray daily for the poor souls in Purgatory. Prayers, my daughter, will help those who are in Purgatory. My daughter, tell the world what you have seen today so more will pray for those souls who have been forgotten. Each prayer will help these souls so that one day they can be in Heaven.

My daughter, please offer your suffering to our Lord, for through your suffering many more souls can be saved. Please do not hold back your tears, allow your tears to flow. Today you feel my pain, but remember always, I will hold you and help you through those difficult days. When one says yes to God, one will never have to carry their cross alone. Our children must understand that when one relays our words, they must also see and feel our pain. If one did not suffer, then one would not be able to share our heavenly words.

My daughter, many will not be able to understand this message until they accept their cross. If one keeps refusing to pick up their cross, then souls cannot be saved. It is through one’s willingness to suffer for Jesus, how souls can be saved from the fires of hell. God knows how much each of you can endure, so please do not be afraid to pick up your cross.

Please do all that you can for Jesus no matter what others think of you. God will always be your strength, but it is up to you to be true soldiers for our Lord. It is up to you to go forth and make the Gospel known. It is up to you to teach others what is morally right. It takes a true devotion to Christ to be persecuted for living your faith. It takes love, love in your heart in order to witness and be more like Christ. It takes humility and discipline to be true servants for our Lord. It takes sacrifice and commitment to become true followers for Jesus Christ.

In order to be purified on this earth, you must use your hands and voice for Christ. You must not be prejudice, you must love all your brothers and sisters. You must be willing to help those who are furthest away from God. You must pray and then do whatever God is asking of you. If God is asking you to stay home with your children, then you must obey. If God is asking you to live more simply, then you must, must obey. If God is asking you to spend more time with Him, then you must give up your pleasures.

Each of you must listen, listen to your heart. Each of you must learn to be silent so you can truly hear God. Each of you must learn to trust in order to do the Father’s Will. Each of you must live your vocation no matter how difficult it is for you. Each of you have a job to do, so you must listen and obey God. You must not give in to your desires. You must be willing to take the more difficult road. You must be willing to be persecuted, for this is thirst to your soul. Each tear and trial is how you will be strengthened. Each “yes” to God is how you will be led closer, closer to Him.

Today, I ask that you be more willing to pick up your cross on this earth, for this is how you will be purified and strengthened for each new battle. If you choose the easier road, your heart will become lukewarm. If you choose to live in sin, then you will suffer when it is time to leave this earth. Heaven is for those who believe in God and who are willing to pick up their cross on this earth. Heaven is for those who live their life for Christ.

So please, dear children, do not be fooled by those who do not believe in Purgatory or hell, for many, many suffer for refusing to do God’s Will. Many, many suffer when they harbor hate and bitterness in their heart. The time is now, dear children, to be purified on this earth, so please respond with your whole heart and do what God is asking, asking of you. Please believe that God is love and He knows what each of you can do. Amen.


This morning, Oct. 12, the Blessed Mother told me she must show me Purgatory. I said, “Why Mother?” and she said, “Because many souls need your prayers, especially those who have been forgotten.” I feel much pain today and I feel as though I am not able to talk or share with anyone, what I saw.

This is what I remember. I felt as though I was walking in fog. It seemed darker in some areas. People were in groups with no walls separating them. I could barely see the first group, but when Blessed Mother put her hand up, there seemed to be light coming from her hands. The people’s faces were as if they were stunned or terrified. They said to me, “Pray for me,” many times. They looked dirty and very sad. I did not see any children in the first three groups that I saw. The Blessed Mother told me there are many different levels in Purgatory. The air was cold, yet I could see flames on two walls. The Mother said these are the people closest to hell. She said they feel much pain because they cannot do penance for their sins. She said those who repent are spared from the fires of hell. She said prayers are needed so more repent. Through prayer many repent at the very end, so she said one must pray for those souls furthest away from God. When we walked away, it became dark again and I saw another group of people. Each group would say, “Pray for me.” The Blessed Mother said, depending what level they are at determines how long they stay in Purgatory. For some, she said it’s seconds; for others, it’s months and then years. The Blessed Mother says she comforts those who are in Purgatory. She prays everyday for these souls. I saw many groups and it became less dark, the further we walked. All felt pain, though, because they wanted to be with God. The air and surroundings were very misty and foggy, unlike Heaven.

Through this, I learned how important it is to do penance for my sins and I now know that I must pray throughout the day for all souls in Purgatory. If one could get but a glimpse of their faces, one would pray more for them. I know the Mother showed me Purgatory for a reason and I hope all faiths will realize that there is a Purgatory. I saw much more this time and I pray I will never have to see it again.

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox

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