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Messages from the Blessed Mother Mary

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."
   1866   November 15, 1999 Please, please don’t hold back

 Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox
 MESSAGE #1866 from the Blessed Mother November 15, 1999
 My daughter, I am here for those who will give me their heart. I am here because many have taken shelter in my heart. Continue now to take refuge in Our heart and live your consecration.

Today, I ask that you teach others how to pray the Rosary, for this is your weapon to keep evil away. When you pray the Rosary, teach others how to meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary. Teach others to pray, pray from their heart. All will truly Messages from Blessed Mother - Paperback Bookcome to know Jesus if they reflect on each mystery of the Rosary. Those who pray will surely come to know our dear Lord, Jesus.

This is the time to go forth and to teach others, so please don’t hold back. Let all Our children know how much you love Jesus. Let all Our children know how important it is to fast and pray. Let not your lips be silent, for all must come to know the truth. This world needs to wake up now, so please call upon the Holy Spirit. Please allow the Holy Spirit to work through you. Please do all that you can, for this is the time of God’s mercy and grace. This is the time to lead others back to Christ. This is the preparation time, so be not afraid to light and prepare the way.

I am here now to help you, so please, please don’t hold back. Please don’t be afraid to be persecuted for living the truth. All that you say and do now will help, help save souls. All that you do for God will not go unnoticed. God will bless you abundantly for each soul that you save. This should give each of you hope, for in time you will be truly blessed. In time, all will know the truth and they will respond if you go forth in love and truth. Their heart will be touched if you are willing to suffer for our Lord.

But, if you hold back, many will sink deeper, deeper into the pit. The longer you wait to share your faith it will be much more difficult for them, for change takes time and many need to do penance now for their sins. Many need to be rescued now, for many are falling further away from God. Many need your prayers and support, so please do not wait. Be compassionate and help those who are living in darkness.

Jesus carried His cross for you, so now I am asking you to help Him by carrying your cross for Jesus. Help Jesus everyday so you never turn your back on our Lord. Be servants and truly serve our Lord. Be humble children so that God can dwell in you. Be kind and considerate to others, for each child is at a different level. Each child needs to be loved, so do not be unkind or forceful. Be loving children and keep your heart open to all your brothers and sisters.

If you do this, dear children, this world will change, for more will come to know Jesus. More will accept the whole truth if you allow God’s love to pour through you. This is my message to you, so please be willing to do your part. Please be willing to carry Jesus with you wherever you go. I am your Mother of Grace, so please be not afraid, for I will protect you.

Go now and let others know how much you love our dear Lord, Jesus. Amen.

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Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox

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