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Messages from the Blessed Mother Mary

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."
     1988   June 14, 2000 Tell my children to use this time more wisely

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox
 MESSAGE #1988 from the Blessed Mother  June 14, 2000
 My daughter, This is a time of mercy and peace from my Son. Tell my children to use this time more wisely. My children ask me, how can this be accomplished? Much can be accomplished if you take heed to the messages that have been given you. Be faithful to daily Mass, Confession, Holy Communion, prayer, fasting and sacrifices. Be faithful children and live each day for Christ. Turn away from sin so that you can be more pleasing, pleasing to God. Hunger daily to be taught, for then the truth shall be revealed to you.
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Many today are hungry, but very few take the time needed to be fed, fed by our Lord. Please, dear children, don’t deprive your soul, let go of your busyness so that God can enter more fully. Let go of your selfish desires so that you can become more whole. Don’t be lazy children, work hard and do all that you can to truly please our Lord.

Allow the power of my Son’s mercy and love to help you imitate the life of the Holy Family. Surrender your life to His mercy and love, for then peace will dwell in you and your family. Peace and holiness will reside in your home if you accept God’s Grace. Peace and harmony will be present in your home if you turn away from sin and reconcile with our dear Lord, Jesus. Believe that spiritual healing is the result of my Son’s mercy and love for you. Believe and cast aside all doubt and fear. Believe, or it is impossible to be true, true to our Lord.

This time is so special, but in order to move forward your heart must be strong. You must love and imitate Christ, not only in word, but in action. You must be faithful to my Son and spend time with Him. In order for Jesus to transform your heart, you must give up your worldly ways. You must learn to be more silent in order to truly hear our Lord speaking to you. Silence is a must, for you each need to be directed on this earth. Without silence you will be distracted by the noise of this world, so learn to be more silent and be not afraid to come to Him.

God is love and you are each so dearly loved. By allowing God’s love to fill your heart, you will be able to love those around you. You are being called now to reconcile your hearts to God and to your brothers and sisters, so please abide in true teaching and accept God’s love and mercy for you. Do not be stubborn, let go of pride so that you can be strengthened. Admit your weaknesses and amend them by asking, asking for forgiveness. Humble yourself in the presence of the Lord.

My motherly requests are necessary if you truly want to be soldiers for our Lord, so please take heed to what I am telling you so you do not abuse this time. I will be with you each new day. I am truly here because of God’s love for you. Respond now with your whole heart and I promise you, unity will be restored.

My daughter, Jesus will now speak to you, so please continue to write and then relay, relay our words.

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Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox

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