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Messages from the Blessed Mother Mary

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."
    2000   July 8, 2000 These messages will continue because of your obedience and willingness to save souls

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox
 MESSAGE #2000 from the Blessed Mother July 8, 2000
 My daughter, Be at peace with those around you. Do not let Satan disturb you. Pray more so you stay strong, strong for Our Lord. Each time you pray, peace and joy will be given to you. It is so important that all my children pray throughout the day so their focus remains on Jesus. It is so important that my children pray so that evil does not linger in their home.

Today, I must remind my children because many wait too long to pray. Many are forgetting to talk to Jesus throughout the day. If you truly love God, then you must not wait to come to Him. Throughout the day, stop what you are doing and kneel, kneel before a Crucifix. Ask God to help you through life’s daily trials. Ask, ask for assistance so that you never try to walk alone. In order to stay on the right path, you must rely on God. You must not wait to turn to God, you must pray throughout the day. You must include God in all that you do. Yes, God must become first in your lives. You must allow God to be your refuge and your strength.

Messages from Blessed Mother - Paperback BookIf you truly want to live these messages, then you must take time throughout the day to turn to God. You must not wait until the end of the day to pray or ask for direction. The love of Jesus must always flow through you. In order to be an example for others, you must shine and light the way for others. Without prayer and willingness to turn to God, it is impossible to stay focused on Our Lord. In order to shine and be joyful, you must carry Jesus with you. In order to stay prayerful, you must become more disciplined. You must let go of your desires and be more willing to increase your time to be with Jesus. So please remove the busyness from your life. Take time to build your relationship with Our Lord.

Take time to do what God is asking of you instead of only doing what you want to do. Don’t allow your plans to step ahead of God. Allow God to be your director so you are guided in the proper way. God cannot use you in a powerful way if it is you who seeks control. Be humble children and let go of your pleasures and desires. Be patient and prudent and believe that God will always be there for you. Don’t rely on yourselves for answers, for God knows what is best, best for your soul. Don’t become upset when you are not given an answer, for again I say to you, God knows what is best for each of you. God knows how much each of you can handle, so please trust and do not step ahead of God.

Be obedient children, for then you will not become discouraged. Remain true to Our Lord and persevere no matter how tired you become. Each new day will have its trials, but through your faithfulness and obedience, joy and peace will reign in your hearts. I am pleased to tell you that these messages will continue because of your obedience and willingness to save souls. It is a day to give thanks, thanks to Almighty God. Many messages have been given to you, so please continue to be grateful. Please continue to listen and live these messages. Please continue to gather and pray for those who are refusing to take heed to these heavenly pleas. Prayer and your obedience is how conversion will happen.

Many more miracles will happen if you continue to pray and go forth in Jesus’ name. Soon a shrine will be built for you, and many, of all faiths, will gather if you remain loyal and obedient to Our Lord. So please remain prayerful and be willing to serve, serve Our Lord. Remain obedient to true teaching, for then much goodness will happen. Work, work together, for then more will gather and pray the Rosary.

I am Your Heavenly Mother and I am truly here for all my children. So be at peace now and thank God that I am still able to be here with you. Each message is truly a gift, so give thanks and praise to Almighty God. Amen.

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox

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