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Messages from the Blessed Mother Mary

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."
  2093   January 19, 2001 Please help Jesus’ plan for the transition of hearts so more souls can be saved.

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox
 MESSAGE #2093 from the Blessed Mother January 19, 2001
 My daughter, Tell my children that the purpose of these messages is to make the truth known. One cannot be silent when so many are living in sin. God has chosen many messengers in these times to relay Our words.

So, I say to you, my daughter, continue forward in love and in truth. Continue forward, for you have been chosen to relay Our words. Continue forward so more awake, awake from their slumber. Do not become discouraged by those who do not Messages from Blessed Mother - Paperback Bookunderstand the purpose of these messages. God will be your strength and you shall be protected from the adversary. The truth must be made known or more will suffer when it is their time to leave this earth. Many souls are in danger and that is why God is asking you to be persecuted for living your faith. In time, all will have to decide to either repent or live in total darkness.

It is time for all Our children to understand why these messages are being given. My mission on this earth is to assist those children who are on the wrong path. Those who accept my motherly assistance will be led closer, closer to Christ. Those who accept my assistance will come, come to know the truth. These messages are for all Our children, for you each have a soul. You each have areas that you must work on. You each need to come to know God in a deeper way.

Until Our children let go of their will, God cannot enter your heart or soul. Pride is preventing many of Our children from fully living the truth. Unwillingness to do what God is asking of you is why many are not growing in their faith. Yes, lack of discipline and commitment to truly serve Our Lord is why so many are giving in, in to the world. Lack of prayer from one’s heart is why Our children do not hear God in the silence of their heart.

God is not pleased with those who are lukewarm in their faith. God is not pleased with those who are turning others away from those groups that I have formed. God is not pleased with those who refuse to see the goodness which is happening in those groups that I have formed. God is not pleased with those who are judging others for making the Gospel known.

If you truly want to please God, then open, open your hearts now. Join hands and recite the Rosary and truly meditate on each mystery. Join hands and allow the Holy Spirit to become a flame inside you. Gather and pray and encourage holiness. Come to Mass as true believers and believe that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist. Pray for one another and pray each day for your Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and Priests. Pray for seminarians so they do not lose hope. Pray for those who are standing up for the truth. Pray and obey God if you truly want to be more pleasing to Him. Become apostles of unity and pray, pray, pray.

Be faithful to daily Mass, confession, sacrifices and fasting, for in this way you will understand God’s love for you. You will understand why God has asked me to assist His children. You will understand how dark this world has truly become. You will understand the importance of truly living and relaying the Gospel.

Today, I weep with you, my daughter, because many do not understand the suffering you must go through. Many do not understand that this world is in danger because so many still continue to crucify my Son. Many do not understand that each time an abortion is done the earth trembles more.

Greater chastisements will occur if Our children remain deaf and blind to what is really happening around this world. Sin has become widespread and there will be consequence for sin. Each child will need to be prepared when this time of God’s great mercy and grace ends. God will not have mercy on those who are living in mortal sin. Man will have but little time to repent if they allow arrows of fire to fall from the sky. If man does not take heed to the Fatima message soon, many will see the fire of hell. Many souls will perish and they will not see Heaven, only hell.

I must be firm with all my children today because there is no time to give up. All must turn to God and repent, repent of their evil ways. All must take hold of the Gospel, which is being relayed all around this world. All must change their ways and be truly sorry for their sins.

All depends on Our children, so please share my words from your heart. Share my words, my daughter, for they are truly imbedded in your heart. Don’t give in or allow Satan to confuse you, for God has truly blessed your hands and voice. God has blessed this world with many messengers, so please, please don’t feel alone. I will wipe your tears and hold you on those difficult days.

Man cannot stop God, so believe, dear daughter, that God is with you. Please help Jesus’ plan for the transition of hearts so more souls can be saved. Please use your gifts now for the glory of God. All will one day unfold and peace will reign on this earth. Bring joy to those now who are sleeping, for many are spiritually lethargic. Many need to see Jesus’ love in your heart, so move on and trust that God and I are with you.

As a loving mother, I am with all my children each time you pray, pray the Rosary. Unite your prayers with the Holy Family and I promise you, it will have a powerful effect on this world. Rejoice and go forth now in love, peace and fortitude. Amen.

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox

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