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Messages from the Blessed Mother Mary

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."

      2153   May 17, 2001 Pray for peace and unity so that division does not increase

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox
 MESSAGE #2153 from the Blessed Mother May 17, 2001
 My daughter, Without love and peace in your hearts, there will be increased division. No matter what one’s title is, one must join hands and work, work together. One must speak and live, live the truth. One must obey God’s commandments and be obedient to the Pope and the Church.

As a loving mothMessages from Blessed Mother - Paperback Booker, I ask that each of you love, love one another. I ask that you support one another on the road to holiness. I ask that you concentrate on building family unity. I ask that each of you spend more time in prayer so that pride and evil do not enter your heart and soul. If my children would truly live these messages, they would truly have peace, love and joy in their hearts. They would remain calm through all storms instead of fighting, fighting with each other. If my children would take time to gather and pray the Rosary, more would be accomplished and lives would change. If my children would be faithful to daily Mass, Confession, prayer and fasting, division would not happen in your homes or in Church.

So, please listen to what I am telling you so that you truly imitate Christ. Listen and then respond wholeheartedly so that you remain strong and faithful to Our Lord. The love of Christ must be spread all around this world. The love of Christ must dwell in you, not hatred, pride or being self-centered. God’s peace must reign, reign in your hearts, so please turn to God for all your needs. Turn to God and rely on Him for answers. Learn to depend on Him, seek God each new day. Learn to trust more so you do not rely on yourselves for answers. Go to God when you feel troubled or afraid so you are given the encouragement and strength needed to continue forward.

Now, let us pray that more will join hands and work together. Let us pray that more will gather and pray the Rosary. Let us pray for peace and unity so that division does not increase in your home or in the Church. Prayer is what will unite hearts, so please become apostles of unity. Please love one another and join hands and actively build up your Church community.

Cling to prayer now and remember the Mass and Rosary is what will help keep evil away. A prayerful heart and a response is truly needed, so please pray and be willing to do your part for the salvation of souls. Amen.

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox

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