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Messages from the Blessed Mother Mary

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."

  2211   September 13, 2001 America must wake soon
  2213   September 19, 2001 I ask that you spend quiet time with Jesus

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox
 MESSAGE #2211 from the Blessed Mother September 13, 2001
 My daughter, Let the world know that there is a Heaven and a hell, but also a Purgatory. Those who are in Purgatory must be purified before they can see Heaven. My daughter, many prayers are needed for those in Purgatory. Many suffer, especially those who have no one to pray for them. The lower end of Purgatory is far worse than a burning building, for how they long to meet Almighty God.

Today, I ask that all my children pray for those souls that are suffering in Purgatory. I ask that you pray throughout the day, for many souls are not prepared when it is their time to leave this earth.

Prayers are needed, my daughter, so that is why I have shown you the lower end of Purgatory. All must come to know the truth so they do not waste their time on this earth. All must believe in God and do penance for their sins. All must strive hard to live a pure and holy, holy life.

I am here today to wake my children, for yet so many are sleeping on this earth. Many souls are not prepared, so today I must wake my children. I must remind all my children that you must obey all of God’s commandments and live, live the Beatitudes. One must do peMessages from Blessed Mother - Paperback Booknance for their sins every day and be truly, truly sorry for them. One must repent and then believe that God is merciful. One must truly examine their conscience and not try to hide their sins from God. America must wake soon, for so many have fallen away from the Sacraments. Many have allowed their lives to become so busy they have no time for God. Yes, many do not pray or fast because of their excuses. So many today have no relationship with God.

I say to those who are sleeping, wake up, wake up now. Turn your life around so you are prepared to meet Almighty God. Come to Mass more often and receive the Sacraments in the proper way. Relearn your Faith and ask, ask for God’s guidance. Don’t wait for tragedy to strike, prepare your soul now. Give up your selfish desires so you have more time to pray and converse with God. God will show you the way if you truly seek Him. God will guide you on this earth if you come to Him with an open heart. Yes, God will truly be there for those who believe and trust, trust in Him.

Please prepare now, for I am warning you, much evil exists all around this world. All must be ready to meet God. All must be willing to give up their earthly possessions. All must be willing to be purified on this earth and that will not happen if you are unwilling to pick up your cross. Your prayers and penance offered is soothing to God. Every act of kindness that you do will truly lead you closer to God. By receiving the Sacraments you will be healed in those areas where you are weak. Each time you spend time with our Lord in adoration, you are showered with His love and grace.

Please take heed to this message and reform your ways now. Be good and loving children and do not carry hate in your hearts. Forgive those who do not know Jesus and pray, pray for their soul. Forgive and love all your brothers and sisters. There will be another war, without your response. Without love and peace in your hearts, many more lives will be destroyed. There is no time to have hate in your hearts, only time to pray and love, love one another.

So, please join hands and pray for peace. Please join hands and pray, pray from your hearts. Each prayer will save souls and will lead you and those in Purgatory closer, closer to Almighty God. Amen.
 MESSAGE #2213 from the Blessed Mother September 19, 2001
 My daughter, I come today to thank my children for their prayers, prayers from their heart. Your prayers together, are truly, truly saving souls. Each time you pray from your heart, souls are led closer to Jesus. Please, dear children, continue to gather and pray. Continue to pray for all souls, living and deceased.

In these days of preparation, I ask that you spend quiet time with Jesus. I ask that you spend more time in front of the Blessed Sacrament adoring our Lord. I ask that you remove yourselves from the noise of this world. Quiet time is truly needed in order to hear God. Quiet time is what our Lord is asking, asking of you. Set time aside and through prayer, you will truly come to know God’s love for you.

I plead with you to respond to what I am telling you. I plead with you because I want each of you to stay strong, strong for Jesus. I want each of you to have peace in your hearts no matter how dark this world becomes. Through prayer and quiet time with our Lord, much strength will be given to you. Through prayer and a true relationship with Jesus, you will be able to endure each new battle. Through prayer and devotion to my Son, this peace of knowing Jesus will not be taken away from you.

So, today I ask that you make more time, quiet time, to be with Jesus. I ask that you make time each new day so that the noise and busyness of the world does not pull you away from prayer. I am truly with you in these times, for I am ever so near to my Son, Jesus. I am truly with you to encourage you and lead you closer, closer to my Son.

Now, please go forth as prayerful children and pray for the conversion of all hearts to the One True God. Amen

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Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox

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