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Messages from the Blessed Mother Mary

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."

  2286   March 1, 2002 Do all for the glory of God and surrender to His Will
  2287   March 4, 2002 Use the protection God has given you
  2298   March 28, 2002 Pray that peace may reign among all of God’s children
Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox

 MESSAGE #2286 from the Blessed Mother March 1, 2002
 My daughter, Pray and trust, trust and pray, and I promise you, many more hearts will be opened. Through prayer and a true desire to serve Our Lord, God will touch the hearts of those who come and listen to these messages. All who enter this Church will be showered by my Grace. All who turn away from sin will be led closer, closer to my Son, Jesus. All who go forth and Messages from Blessed Mother - Paperback Booklive the Gospel will be truly blessed by Almighty God.

All my children must understand that God’s ways are perfect, and one should never question God. God has a plan, so please be willing to do your part. Each child must be content with what God is asking of them. One should not be jealous or envious of others, for God has a plan, a plan for each of you. Those who receive great gifts from God, also, have a heavier cross. Those who suffer in silence, have many hidden crosses.

Each child is so dearly loved by God, and all should be thankful by truly obeying, and serving Him. I am asking each of you today to be open to whatever God is asking of you. I am asking that each of you go forth in confidence. I am asking that you believe that God will assist you in whatever it is that He is asking of you. All you need to do is respond willingly with a generous, open heart.

Now please, do all for the glory of God and surrender to His will. What joy you will then have, and unity will be restored. Worship God and do your part so more souls can be saved. Have faith, dear children, and persevere in all that you have been doing for the Lord. Adore the Blessed Sacrament, and take time now and pray, and meditate on our Lord’s Passion.

Go now in peace and praise the Holy Trinity. Amen.
 MESSAGE #2287 from the Blessed Mother March 4, 2002
 My daughter, Tell my children that prayer is needed all around this world. Prayers are needed because so much evil lingers in this world. Without prayer, prayer from one’s heart, Satan will become more vicious. Put your armor on each new day so you stay strong, strong for Jesus. Use the protection God has given you, for the enemy is sly. Be faithful servants by following the Word of God. Faithfully gather and pray the Rosary and reform your lives. Prayer is your protection, so please be obedient children. Don’t wait to be reminded; respond to all that I am teaching you.

It is time now to truly live these messages. It is time now to teach others all that I have taught you. My children need to know the importance of prayer so they too can truly come to know God. Many struggle today because they are trying to battle the serpent alone. There is much turmoil in so many homes because they do not know the importance of having their home blessed, blessed by a Priest. So many are sleeping and are not using the protection God has provided for them.

There is a battle going on; yet, many are not armored in the proper way. Many, have knives and guns, which are useless in keeping the enemy away. The Rosary, dear children, is your weapon and all that God has provided you with. A Crucifix is needed in every home. Holy water and the “Saint Michael the Archangel” prayer is what will ward off evil. Family prayer and true devotion to Jesus is the armor that is needed in a world so full of darkness. Be wise, dear children, and use the protection God has given you.

Pray more when you are being tempted and cleanse your soul more regularly. Come to Mass and receive Jesus with a clean and pure heart. Pray before the Blessed Sacrament and ask Jesus to guide you. Look to Jesus for the answers, for then you will surely be fed the truth. Again I say to you, cling to prayer, especially the Mass and Rosary, for prayer will protect you.

Please, dear children, cooperate with God’s Grace; have confidence and trust in His assistance. Depend on God, for you are weak without His guidance. I am truly here to direct you to His truth, so please respond and obey Almighty God. Allow Jesus to be the center of your life, so you remain focused on Him.

I am your Heavenly Mother. I am here to assist and protect you because you are my children. Accept now, my love for you. Accept and use the protection God has provided for you. Jesus will defend you, but you in turn must love and adore Him. You must believe and follow, follow His way of truth. Amen.
 MESSAGE #2298 from the Blessed Mother March 28, 2002
 My daughter, Pray that peace may reign among all of God’s children. Peace comes from knowing Jesus, so please dear children, turn to Him and renounce Satan. Repent of your sins and return peace to the world. Amend your ways and convert, convert your lives. Let go of hate and love, love one another. Treat others with compassion, love and respect. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Love God more than sin and give your lives completely over to Him. Light the way for others, so more see God’s love shining through you. This world cannot be peaceful unless each of you are willing to do your part.

This is a special time of God’s mercy, so please respond and amend your ways now. Turn to God and ask for guidance. Turn to God and ask for His forgiveness. Stay close to God and seek, seek His counsel. The way is forward, so please respond now with joy in your hearts.

Now please pray for peace and do your part to bring peace, peace into your world. Pray and fast and love God above all else. Go forth now and be holy apostles by truly imitating Christ. Amen.

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary By Fr. Robert J. Fox

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