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" I long to hear from each of you, so come, come to Me more often.
Come to Me each new day so that I can help you become stronger in your faith"

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."

These messages are God’s way to wake mankind.
Those who take heed to what I am relaying to you will be drawn closer, closer to my Son, Jesus.
Those who take part in making these messages known will be truly blessed by God. ~ 2623

This message must be made known, for many deny that life begins at conception. Many deny that abortion is the greatest sin in this world. - 2692

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"It is for those who repent and who are truly sorry for their sins.
Those who come to Me with a repentant and sorrowful heart, will feel My love and mercy"

 Internet Archive Messages From Our Lord through Little Mary

MESSAGE #1341 from Jesus January 29, 1998
Me when you know that you have done wrong. You would instead come to Me and ask for forgiveness. You would make better use of the Sacraments. You would cleanse your soul more ... Eucharist because I am your merciful Lord, who shed My blood for you. I am totally yours when you come to Me, for I am able to be with each of you. I am able to love you even when you
MESSAGE #1436 from Jesus April 26, 1998
You must remove any pride that you have allowed to enter your heart and soul. The closer you come to Me, the greater your desire will be to abandon yourself totally to Me. It is through ... heart. Show Me that you love Me, by your desire to truly want to change. Now, come to Me, for I am Your Merciful Lord and I will help each child who comes with an
MESSAGE #1667 from Jesus January 20, 1999
My words will remain in you until it is time to share. So come to Me when your cross feels heavy and I will help you endure all suffering. Come to Me, for your prayers are needed due to the sins of this world. ... time with Me. Each child must wait patiently for answers when they come to Me, for I must prepare them first. Each child must become dependent on
MESSAGE #1262 from Jesus November 14, 1997
I will reassure them so they never give up, but in order for this to happen they must come to Me and pray more fervently. They must take quiet time so they can clearly hear Me. If one rushes through their prayers, that tells Me that they have but little time for Me. The only way that one will truly come to know Me, is through prayer. But in order for this
MESSAGE #1633 from Jesus December 2, 1998
I long to hear from each of you, so come, come to Me more often. Come to Me each new day so that I can help you become stronger in your faith. By coming to Me, My peace will remain in you. I am Jesus, Your Sovereign Lord. I am ever so near to those who allow Me to dwell in them. My blessings are upon you, so go forth just as those prophets before you so
MESSAGE #1539 from Jesus August 12, 1998
Me while there is still time. Tell them I am waiting for them to come, come to Me. Tell them I am present in the Eucharist. Tell them to come to Mass and to kneel ... then be reunited and conversion will happen. It will happen because I will dwell in those who come to Me with an open heart. I will give them peace and bless their home. But those churches that
MESSAGE #2512 from Jesus August 6, 2003
Listen and obey and I will give you peace for the journey ahead. Listen and obey and come to Me so that I may present you to My Father, who is also your Heavenly Father. I am Jesus and I am always with those who listen, obey and who come to Me. My child, I am with you each time you suffer so do not lose trust or confidence in Me. Offer your suffering for
MESSAGE #1934 from Jesus March 2, 2000
Please know that you can come to Me at anytime. I am with you in a very special way. ... will continue to turn on you. Make your day a prayer and come to Me when you are weary. Come to Me at any hour, for I am with you and I will not ever leave you. Come to Me and dress My wounds with your love. Come to Me and I will guide you and lead you. I will take your
MESSAGE #2480 from Jesus May 20, 2003
May 20, 2003 My child, Come to Me and I will give you peace. Come to Me and I will comfort you and soothe your heart. I wait for you each new day, so come, come to Me so My mercy may be poured out upon you. I am with you, so persevere on your journey. I am with you, so believe you are not alone. Continue to walk with My Mother, as she is here to light and
MESSAGE #2868 from Jesus March 21, 2006
I long to forgive them, but they do not come to Me. I wait patiently day and night. How I thirst for souls to come to Me. My mercy pours out upon the world, but many continue to crucify Me. I pour My tears of blood over mankind. I say to each of you, take heed to what My Mother is telling you. Take heed, for when My Divine Mercy ends, you will see Divine
MESSAGE #2969 from Jesus March 5, 2007
Come to Me and I will strengthen and renew you. I will give you hope ... I want to walk with each of you, but you must first come to Me. You must allow My light to shine through you. Open your hearts ... Time is short. Devote yourself to prayer and listen to My voice. Come to Me and I will do all things for you. Follow Me along the
MESSAGE #1299 from Jesus December 18, 1997
I do not condemn, I forgive. I am able to do this because I am your merciful Lord. So come to Me, and allow Me to help you, for then you will never have to walk alone. Open your heart wider so that I can enter more fully. Surrender your ways, give them all to Me, for it is only I, your Lord, who knows you better than anyone else. I love you more than you
MESSAGE #2770 from Jesus April 25, 2005
It is for those who repent and who are truly sorry for their sins. Those who come to Me with a repentant and sorrowful heart, will feel My love and mercy. Prayer and penance is needed in order for ... suffer for Me. You console My Heart when you spend time with Me. I am Jesus. I embrace all who come, come to Me. See companion message 2769 from the Blessed Mother
MESSAGE #2330 from Jesus June 12, 2002
Come to Me when you feel alone. Do not reject My love, My mercy and My forgiveness. Take My hand and trust more that I am with you. Believe and have courage so that doubt does not consume your thoughts. You are never alone. My Mother is also here for all her children. She loves you, just as I, so believe and persevere. Believe and