Messages from Our Blessed Mother Mary through Little Mary

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"Accept my heart as your refuge and I will truly, truly assist you."

"Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."

These messages are God’s way to wake mankind.
Those who take heed to what I am relaying to you will be drawn closer, closer to my Son, Jesus.
Those who take part in making these messages known will be truly blessed by God. ~ 2623

This message must be made known, for many deny that life begins at conception. Many deny that abortion is the greatest sin in this world. - 2692

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"My Heart is overflowing with love and mercy for each and every soul"

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Single File Format Messages From Our Blessed Mother through Little Mary
pdf 2093 Jan 19, 2001 Please help Jesus plan for the transition of hearts so more souls can be saved.
pdf 2455 Mar 12, 2003 Today, I ask that you seek to please God
pdf 2465 Apr 8, 2003 Hearts must be restored to love or there will be consequences
pdf 2471 Apr 30, 2003 Through prayer, lives will change and conversion will happen
pdf 2472 May 1, 2003 God is truly watching over His children, but many today are neglecting their soul
pdf 2473 May 5, 2003 No matter how dark it becomes, my children must go forth with love, joy and peace in their hearts
pdf 2478 May 16, 2003 It is time now to join hands and form groups all around this world
pdf 2490 Jun 11, 2003 Pick up your cross, pick up your sword and go forth now and live the Eternal Word
pdf 2501 Jul 11, 2003 Man must cherish life, not destroy it
pdf 2510 Jul 31, 2003 I am asking each person in this parish to join hands and pray the Rosary. Through prayer, unity will be restored.
pdf 2515 Aug 13, 2003 Many children are living a lifestyle that is truly offending God
pdf 2523 Sep 5, 2003 The hour will arrive. Will you be ready?
pdf 2538 Oct 9, 2003 Be grateful for all that God has done in your lives
pdf 2551 Nov 10, 2003 Each new day you must hunger for truth and allow God to guide you
pdf 2553 Nov 14, 2003 Your mission, dear children, is to spread your faith and be light to this world
pdf 2559 Dec 1, 2003 God is truly speaking to all His children, but many today are not listening
pdf 2571 Jan 6, 2004 This time has been allowed to manifest your love of knowing Jesus
pdf 2585 Feb 9, 2004 I am truly preparing you for the road ahead
pdf 2597 Mar 3, 2004 Prepare your hearts, for a pure heart will be the greatest gift you can give my Son for Easter
pdf 2603 Mar 22, 2004 Why arent my Priests promoting more prayer?
pdf 2611 Apr 8, 2004 Today, I ask that you each spend time with Jesus
pdf 2613 Apr 15, 2004 Jesus will flood your hearts with His love, mercy and grace
pdf 2617 Apr 23, 2004 See the signs that are happening around this world
pdf 2626 May 11, 2004 Accept my heart as your refuge and I will truly, truly assist you
pdf 2630 May 18, 2004 America, you are being warned
pdf 2646 Jun 28, 2004 There is still time for repentance, but my children must decide now
pdf 2652 Jul 8, 2004 Many will fall to their knees but for many it will be to late
pdf 2657 Jul 28, 2004 I say to my children, be brave soldiers in this time of apostasy and unrest
pdf 2666 Aug 19, 2004 Why are so many denying Heavens call?
pdf 2678 Sep 24, 2004 All of Gods Commandments must be obeyed
pdf 2685 Oct 13, 2004 Be willing to stand up for the truth
pdf 2691 Oct 29, 2004 There is no longer time to be silent when so many souls are being destroyed
pdf 2704 Nov 30, 2004 If man does not convert, fast and pray, all will see a greater war
pdf 2713 Dec 24, 2004 Through prayer, more will come to know the true meaning of Christmas
pdf 2715 Dec 29, 2004 Without more prayer and repentance, the earth will tremble more
pdf 2722 Jan 13, 2005 Respond now to Gods call
pdf 2727 Jan 21, 2005 Today I plead with America, get down on your knees and pray
pdf 2730 Jan 31, 2005 It is time to let go of fear and worry and to trust in Gods love for you
pdf 2732 Feb 4, 2005 Pray for those who are refusing to wake up in this time of preparation
pdf 2739 Feb 22, 2005 Take time to adore Our Lord so you are guided on this earth
pdf 2741 Feb 25, 2005 I am asking my children to be faithful to Jesus and to the Gospel
pdf 2746 Mar 10, 2005 Mortal sin has become widespread
pdf 2753 Mar 23, 2005 The battle is on and you must defend life
pdf 2757 Mar 31, 2005 Be shining examples of truth by living your faith
pdf 2762 Apr 8, 2005 All of Heaven rejoices on this glorious day
pdf 2767 Apr 20, 2005 This Pope will lead the faithful forward
pdf 2773 May 4, 2005 I am truly trying to wake you before its too late
pdf 2775 May 9, 2005 The time of my Sons greatest mercy is drawing near
pdf 2784 Jun 1, 2005 Share your love of knowing Jesus and be willing to suffer for those who are choosing darkness
pdf 2788 Jun 10, 2005 It is time now for America to wake up and get down on their knees and pray
pdf 2794 Jul 7, 2005 Please understand the importance of prayer
pdf 2798 Jul 20, 2005 Disasters will become widespread without more prayer and penance
pdf 2804 Aug 12, 2005 Walk in My footsteps and carry each new cross with joy
pdf 2808 Aug 30, 2005 Many more storms will arise
pdf 2815 Sep 23, 2005 Come to know my Son now so you have peace through all trials and storms
pdf 2819 Oct 4, 2005 The world is in danger because many have become blind to the truth
pdf 2825 Oct 24, 2005 Great catastrophes are coming to wake mankind
pdf 2829 Nov 2, 2005 When my children do not pray, they close their hearts to Gods love
pdf 2834 Nov 21, 2005 Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world.
pdf 2845 Dec 29, 2005 Spend time with Jesus so you become strong in your faith
pdf 2855 Feb 1, 2006 God is calling you, so please turn to Him each new day
pdf 2864 Mar 8, 2006 You must walk as children of light in order to bear fruit
pdf 2868 Mar 21, 2006 When My Divine Mercy ends, you will see Divine Justice
pdf 2881 May 2, 2006 The hour is drawing near and I am warning mankind
pdf 2890 Jun 1, 2006 Pray and do your part, for there is no longer time to be silent. The Gospel must be spread, the truth must be made known
pdf 2900 Jul 7, 2006 The world needs prayer because there is so much unforgiveness in many hearts
pdf 2902 Jul 12, 2006 I say to the world, the Godless will be destroyed
pdf 2913 Aug 28, 2006 Please, dear children, obey God or you will see darker days
pdf 2917 Sep 12, 2006 Do not wait for the warning to occur. Do penance now
pdf 2927 Oct 19, 2006 Prepare, prepare my children, for the most difficult hours are yet to come
pdf 2936 Nov 15, 2006 The time of great trial is very close, so please persevere and do your part for the salvation of souls
pdf 2949 Dec 26, 2006 I say to my children, come to know My Son now
pdf 2965 Feb 12, 2007 Continue to pray and do your part for the salvation of souls
pdf 2969 Mar 5, 2007 I want to walk with each of you, but you must first come to Me
pdf 2990 May 14, 2007 Time is short, extremely short, so pray each new day
pdf 3001 Jun 28, 2007 I am here to wake mankind because so many are on the wrong road
pdf 3006 Jul 23, 2007 There is not much time before the trumpets will blow
pdf 3009 Aug 6, 2007 Blessed will be those who listen to My voice and prepare themselves
pdf 3029 Oct 25, 2007 The world is in need of a wake up call
pdf 3037 Nov 30, 2007 Shaking events will happen, so please turn to My Son and build your relationship with Him now
pdf 3039 Dec 6, 2007 I am here to warn mankind to avoid devastation and catastrophe
pdf 3046 Jan 4, 2008 Abortion is the greatest sin in this world and you each need to take a stand for life
pdf 3064 Mar 4, 2008 My Heart is overflowing with love and mercy for each and every soul
pdf 3075 Apr 17, 2008 Time is running out, so please stop offending God