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Unite yourself with Me in all that you do. Use this time to pray for the salvation of souls. Do all that you can to make these messages known. ~ 2254

1997-2008 Internet Archive Messages from Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior

"The only way that one will truly come to know Me, is through prayer"
Single File Format Messages From Our Blessed Mother through Little Mary
word--web--pdf 1249 Nov 2, 1997 Take shelter in My Most Sacred Heart today, for then you will be prepared for you will become more honest with yourselves
word--web--pdf 1262 Nov 14, 1997 The only way that one will truly come to know Me, is through prayer
word--web--pdf 1269 Nov 20, 1997 Justice will prevail
word--web--pdf 1278 Nov 28, 1997 Without a willing spirit, your desires will come before Me
word--web--pdf 1288 Dec 7, 1997 Messages have been given all around this world so more would have time to change their ways
word--web--pdf 1299 Dec 18, 1997 It is I who will judge you, not man
word--web--pdf 1341 Jan 29, 1998 The problem today is many desire Heaven, but few desire to carry My cross
word--web--pdf 1352 Feb 8, 1998 The greatest healing is when one comes back to Me
word--web--pdf 1375 Mar 1, 1998 No one on this earth will have to suffer as I did, but each of you will have to carry your cross
word--web--pdf 1380 Mar 5, 1998 Our words will console those who ignored My Mothers pleas
word--web--pdf 1395 Mar 19, 1998 I am the way, so follow Me. I am Jesus, your Merciful Lord
word--web--pdf 1403 Mar 26, 1998 I come to warn you so you stay on guard
word--web--pdf 1425 Apr 16, 1998 Satan is helpless if you do not give in to his evil ways
word--web--pdf 1436 Apr 26, 1998 Until one practices humility, one will not be loyal to Me
word--web--pdf 1502 Jul 5, 1998 This is the time of My Divine Mercy, but My Justice will soon come
word--web--pdf 1515 Jul 19, 1998 My Heart bleeds because so many are refusing to hear the truth
word--web--pdf 1529 Aug 2, 1998 Without trust and confidence in Me, one will not persevere when change occurs
word--web--pdf 1539 Aug 12, 1998 My Divine Mercy will be followed by My Divine Justice
word--web--pdf 1582 Sep 30, 1998 When I show you My wounds, dont turn away
word--web--pdf 1616 Nov 9, 1998 Never has the world needed prayers like this present time
word--web--pdf 1633 Dec 2, 1998 Be patient, for all that you do, you will be truly blessed
word--web--pdf 1667 Jan 20, 1999 The answers will be given to those who come and spend time with Me
word--web--pdf 1788 Jul 18, 1999 The pit is deep and many are bound with chains; help these children be free again
word--web--pdf 1835 Sep 24, 1999 Repent now if you are ignoring the greatest sin in this world
word--web--pdf 1867 Nov 15, 1999 Listen to My Mother, who is Queen of Heaven
word--web--pdf 1934 Mar 2, 2000 My Mother weeps today because so many are not taking these messages seriously
word--web--pdf 1989 Jun 14, 2000 My Mother knows what is best for all her children
word--web--pdf 2026 Aug 28, 2000 You have consoled me with your great faith
word--web--pdf 2058 Oct 27, 2000 I am with you. I am your strength. Stay close to Me and accept My love for you.
word--web--pdf 2116 Mar 2, 2001 Prayers are needed, so pray today for the worlds sins
word--web--pdf 2152 May 16, 2001 I have sent you My Mother to prepare you for My coming
word--web--pdf 2173 Jun 28, 2001 Love as I love; with mercy, forgiveness and compassion
word--web--pdf 2214 Sep 19, 2001 My Divine Mercy will be followed by Divine Justice
word--web--pdf 2254 Dec 18, 2001 Evil cannot be destroyed when there is hatred in your hearts
word--web--pdf 2275 Feb 6, 2002 I am here for you and for those who follow Me
word--web--pdf 2330 Jun 12, 2002 You are never alone
word--web--pdf 2396 Oct 24, 2002 Give to Me all your worries, trials and fear
word--web--pdf 2480 May 20, 2003 Come to Me so My mercy may be poured out upon you
word--web--pdf 2512 Aug 6, 2003 My Mother is the sign for these times
word--web--pdf 2574 Jan 9, 2004 Look at My Eucharistic Heart and feel the fire of My love
word--web--pdf 2589 Feb 16, 2004 Pray and consecrate your lives to My Sacred Heart
word--web--pdf 2593 Feb 23, 2004 These messages are from the heart of My Mother
word--web--pdf 2618 Apr 23, 2004 Pentecost is near
word--web--pdf 2627 May 12, 2004 The time of great pain and sorrow has begun. The battle is on, I say to you, take the front lines
word--web--pdf 2672 Sep 9, 2004 Those who honor My Mother, honor Me
word--web--pdf 2717 Jan 4, 2005 My child, all must be written, for I can no longer hold back My hand
word--web--pdf 2725 Jan 18, 2005 I am Jesus, My mercy flows upon mankind
word--web--pdf 2751 Mar 18, 2005 Do not fear the cross, for I am with you
word--web--pdf 2770 Apr 25, 2005 Family love and family prayer is My desire for each of you
word--web--pdf 2804 Aug 12, 2005 Walk in My footsteps and carry each new cross with joy
word--web--pdf 2817 Sep 28, 2005 Scripture is unfolding and the world will be purified of all evil
word--web--pdf 2822 Oct 16, 2005 Be My shining light
word--web--pdf 2840 Dec 6, 2005 I am Jesus. My Heart is overflowing with mercy.
word--web--pdf 2868 Mar 21, 2006 When My Divine Mercy ends, you will see Divine Justice
word--web--pdf 2881 May 2, 2006 The hour is drawing near and I am warning mankind
word--web--pdf 2902 Jul 12, 2006 I say to the world, the Godless will be destroyed
word--web--pdf 2922 Sep 27, 2006 Through the pleas of My Mother, My Justice is held back
word--web--pdf 2942 Dec 5, 2006 Endure with courage, for the hour is near
word--web--pdf 2956 Jan 16, 2007 My child, time is short and all will happen quickly, so tell the world to change now
word--web--pdf 2969 Mar 5, 2007 I want to walk with each of you, but you must first come to Me
word--web--pdf 3009 Aug 6, 2007 Blessed will be those who listen to My voice and prepare themselves
word--web--pdf 3023 Oct 1, 2007 The world is destroying itself because so many choose to live in mortal sin
word--web--pdf 3039 Dec 6, 2007 I am here to warn mankind to avoid devastation and catastrophe
word--web--pdf 3056 Feb 6, 2008 Unite your suffering to mine and embrace each new cross that is given to you
word--web--pdf 3064 Mar 4, 2008 My Heart is overflowing with love and mercy for each and every soul