MESSAGE #2581 from the Blessed Mother January 26, 2004
 My daughter, Remember always that each day is special when you walk with God. Each new day is a gift from God, so be thankful for each new day. Through your obedience and willingness to suffer, God has extended this time for me to be with you. I am with you today in a very special way, so feel my presence and my love for you. I am holding you ever so near to My Immaculate Heart.

I will do the same for those children who take refuge in my heart. Those who repent and who turn to God will feel my presence. They will feel my presence as I am ever so near to my son, Jesus. I am here to assist all my children, for I am truly a mother to each one of you. I am here because of God’s great love for you. I am here to help my children, for so many are on the wrong path.

So many souls are in danger due to lack of faith and trust in God, so today I ask that my children continue to gather and pray in those groups that I have formed. I ask that you remain prayerful and share those gifts that God has blessed you with. I ask that you be loving, humble children and welcome those who come to Mass and Rosary. I ask that you pray for Priests, for they are truly God’s chosen sons. I ask that you respect them and be kind and compassionate towards each Priest.

My Priests need to feel your warmth, for many work long hours. They need encouragement so they stay strong for the road ahead. Without God’s chosen sons, you would not be able to receive all the Sacraments, so be grateful and pray more for all religious. Be grateful for your Most Holy Pope, for he is truly guiding his flock. He is a true shepherd who has been chosen for these times. He is a victim soul and how he suffers for all humanity, so please, please pray more for your Most Holy Pope and all religious.

Please continue to live these messages, for they are truly God’s gift to each of you. Please remain prayerful, for it is through your prayers and willingness to suffer that God is showing mercy to your country. Your prayers have lessened what is coming your way, so be grateful and spend more time adoring our Lord. Amen.