MESSAGE #2284 from the Blessed Mother February 25, 2002
 My daughter, One will not truly understand the importance of receiving the sacraments until they take time to pray and be with God. Through prayer one will be led closer to Jesus. Through prayer and a hunger to be fed the truth, one will be guided by God. Without hunger in one's heart and true devotion to our Lord, one will not be fed in the proper way. Many souls, especially the youth, are starving to be fed but they are not being taught in the proper way. So today I ask that you reach out and share the importance of prayer and true devotion to our Lord. Through prayer and quiet time with our Lord one will hunger to receive the sacraments.

Dear children, my mission on this earth is to lead my children closer to God. I am here to teach those who will listen to my motherly requests. I am here to light the way so more hunger for the truth. I am not here to entertain you. I am here to make the gospel known. I am here to wake those who are refusing to open their heart to the truth. I am here because so many families are in turmoil. So many are giving in to the world instead of truly turning to God. Pride and selfishness has truly darkened this world. There would be no need for these messages if all were doing their part. Laziness has caused so much evil to enter this world. If my children would respond to these messages, family unity would be restored.

A response is needed in order to go forth as soldiers for Christ. Each child must do their part in this time of God's mercy. Each person must let go of self-will, laziness, and pride. Each must do their part and be humble and loving. Each child must surrender to God's love and mercy. This will be your shield against evil and hatred. Today I am pleading with my children to allow God's love to enter your hearts. I am asking for a response today because Satan wants to destroy this world.

You must establish a time of family prayer in your homes. You must respond and use this time of mercy more wisely. You must join hands and support each other. You must be faithful children and come to Mass as often as you can. You must cleanse your souls and be truly sorry for your sins. You must pray and fast and hunger daily to be fed the truth. You must be loving towards all members of your families. You must live the whole truth and obey what God is asking of each of you. You must take hold of your family now, for this time will not last forever. You must not delay, for a response is needed now.

Will you please begin today? Will you please teach others how to pray the rosary? Will you please let go of your desires now and trust, trust in Almighty God? Please surrender yourself to Jesus and me and entrust your entire family to us. We are truly here and we love you, so please accept our love that we have for each of you. My time is growing shorter, so please respond and make, make these messages known. Amen.