MESSAGE #2449 from the Blessed Mother February 26, 2003
 My daughter, I desire to protect all my children, but many today are refusing my assistance. Many are not taking heed to the Gospel. Many are not praying because they question whether God exists. So many are walking alone and are truly, truly on the wrong path. What will man do when God shakes this earth? What will man do when they see their soul? Many will try to hide behind closed doors. Many will be severely punished for refusing to obey God’s commandments. Many Priests will suffer because they did not believe in my Son’s words of mercy to mankind. Yes, many will suffer if they do not repent and turn their lives around.

I pour my tears of blood over this world. So many youth and children do not know where the truth lies. Many are not being fed and many Priests are not teaching my children the truth. Sin has become widespread, yet my Priests remain silent. Parents are behaving like children and they are not making time for their children. Children no longer have respect for authority.

Days of darkness will cover the earth and how, how this world will tremble. It will tremble because sin has become widespread. God’s Justice will prevail and all will need to be in a state of grace. I am asking each of you to pray, pray more. I am asking everyone to pray and atone for the sins of this world. I am asking for a response so more souls are saved. With tears in my heart I plead, plead with you today; unite yourselves to Jesus’ suffering heart. Unite and gather in those groups that I have formed. Pray and implore mercy for mankind. Spend time, time with Jesus and then keep your hearts open to whom God sends to you. Do not turn others away, welcome all my children. Invite them to Mass and Rosary and share all that I am teaching you. Share my words of love and let all your brothers and sisters know that I am truly here in a special way.

Take part in spreading these messages across the world. Take part so the Gospel can be made known. Pray and do penance each new day to appease God’s wrath. Pray and fast and get down, down on your knees. I speak today with tears in my heart because I truly see what is happening behind closed doors. Much evil is taking place and this world, dear children, is in danger. Many weapons are being prepared and soldiers are being trained in the wrong way. So many innocent children are armed and ready to attack. Satan truly loves war and many leaders are listening to the evil one. Many leaders are blind and they truly, truly need your prayers.

My daughter, do not hide what I tell you. Tell all my children to pray, pray more. Tell my children to pray more or many nations will disappear off the face of the earth. There is no time to hide these messages, for they are truly for the world. Now please continue to write and relay my messages to the world. Through your suffering, more souls will be saved. My daughter, pray, pray with me today. Pray and be willing to be persecuted for sharing the truth. Pray, pray for the Church. Pray that more will take heed to the messages that are given you. God’s mercy is great, but mankind must repent. Pray, pray with me each new day. Amen.