MESSAGE #2595 from the Blessed Mother February 26, 2004
 My daughter, My children must not rely on you for answers. They must turn to God and spend time with Him. They must deepen their relationship with my Son so they become strong, strong in their faith.

Begin today by praying together as a family. It is truly God’s desire that you join hands and pray. Through prayer, you will be strengthened and the answers will be given to each of you. Through family prayer, your relationship with Jesus will deepen and your desires will change. I am here today to remind my children, the importance of family prayer. I am here today to remind my children to look to the Holy Family as your example.

It is through prayer that you will be able to discern what is good and what is evil. So much is accepted today and this is truly confusing the youth. It is not acceptable in God’s eyes for man to be marrying man. The Sacrament of God’s love in Marriage is for man and woman. Marriage is a blessing from God so that one may bear children and raise them with good morals. Without more family prayer, much more evil will enter this world.

This world is truly changing because so many have different values from those of Christ. So many are making up their own rules because they do not want to obey God’s laws. Many are refusing to obey true teaching. So many are on the wrong path because they are giving in to the world’s wicked ways. Daily prayer together is essential in the family in order to combat evil. Please, dear children, obey each commandment and follow the path of God’s truth.

I am warning my children today, for Satan is vicious and he is truly trying to pull families apart. Satan will gain more ground if parents don’t live their vocation. Parents must be an example to this world by truly promoting family prayer. Parents, you must pray together, love one another and be open to life. You must spread the Gospel by truly living it. You must keep your eyes on Jesus and not allow yourselves to become distracted by the world.

Now, please join hands and pray together as a family. Pray and embrace God’s commandments and live, live His love and peace. Amen.