MESSAGE #2602 from the Blessed Mother March 19, 2004
 My daughter, Tell my children to call upon St. Joseph, for he is truly there for those who ask for his intercession.

This world needs much protection, so remember to call upon Saint Joseph, for he has always been the protector of the Church and protector for families throughout the world. He is truly a model for fathers, as he was very humble and prayerful and dedicated his work to God.

Families today need to embrace St. Joseph and ask, ask for his intercession. Families need to join hands and pray the Rosary. Without prayer there can be no protection. Many graces are given to those who pray together as a family. Through family prayer, your love for one another will grow. Much peace will be given to you and there will be less turmoil in the home.

Please, dear children, make a commitment to begin praying together as a family. Pray in faith like little children and your prayers shall be answered. Prayer is what will combat evil. Prayer is the only way to peace in this darkened world.

Now, please stay hopeful and pray and surrender your hearts to God’s holy will. Amen.