MESSAGE #2756 from the Blessed Mother March 29, 2005
 My daughter, Continue to write so that the truth may be made known. So many are living in sin and they need to hear the truth. Many need to wake from their slumber, for so many are living lukewarm lives.

Those who take refuge in My Immaculate Heart will truly be protected. I will light the way through all storms and I will guide you in this darkened world. I will lead each of you closer to my Son, Jesus, if you pray and obey God’s Commandments. Each of you must do your part if you truly want to draw closer to God. Each of you must take heed to the Gospel, for it is truly unfolding now. You must live your faith so more follow the path that will lead them to Heaven.

God is pouring His grace upon this world, but so many are refusing His assistance. Conversion cannot happen if my children deny that God exists. Conversion cannot happen if my children choose to live in mortal sin. If parents do not live their vocation, there will be much more violence in the home. Children will become even more rebellious and they will turn to the world for guidance. Many more children will join hands with the enemy if they are not cared for in the proper way.

Please, dear parents, do your part for the salvation of souls. Be strong, strong for Jesus and live, live your vocation. Live the Gospel and be light, light to this world. Embrace each new cross and go forth with love and joy in your hearts. Embrace each child who is suffering and be loving, obedient parents. This world cannot change unless families become loving families.

Please be loving children and be light, light to this world. Live simple and be humble, prayerful children. Be filled with the Holy Spirit and shine your love of knowing Jesus. In these days of darkness, I am asking each of you to go forth as true believers. I am asking that you pray more and stay close, close to Our Heart. In this way, you will be protected and guided along the way.

Now, please share my messages so more turn to God. Share my messages and pray with me each new day. Amen.