MESSAGE #2321 from the Blessed Mother May 24, 2002
 My daughter, Pray today for the youth, so they are led in the right direction. Pray that all my children will take part, to guard and guide the youth. Encourage the youth to pray and come to Mass with their family. The Mass is the greatest prayer of God, so please reach out and share your faith. Keep Holy the Sabbath day and use this time to grow, grow in your faith. Use this time together as a family and pray, pray for each other. Pray the Rosary from your heart and teach your children to meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary. In this way, your children will not rush through their prayers. In this way, your children will come to know the Holy Family.

Many today ask, why do I keep repeating myself? Just as any good mother, I am concerned for all my children. I am concerned, for I see behind closed doors. I see how my children are behaving and treating one another. I see how the busyness in your lives is pulling you further away from God. I see much turmoil in many homes.

If you want peace in your home, then you must pray and truly come to know God. You must set time aside to pray together as a family. You must love God more than your desires and ask, ask for His assistance. You must love one another and obey God’s Commandments. You must abandon yourselves to God. You must open your hearts and allow my Son to enter more fully. You must not hide your sins. You must, must return to the Sacraments. You must depend on God and truly seek His forgiveness.

The warning is soon to come, so please pray that more will repent and atone for their sins. Pray that more hearts will open to the truth. Pray that more will turn to God and reform their life.

Now please, take hold of this message and do your part for the salvation of souls. Take hold of your children and be attentive to God and His Will. Amen.