MESSAGE #2623 from the Blessed Mother May 5, 2004
 My daughter, Do not feel alone in your suffering, for I am truly with you. I am with you wherever you go, so be at peace. Each new day offer your suffering to our Lord, for this will truly help those souls who are living in darkness. Each time you write, souls are being saved. They are being saved because you are being obedient to God.

These messages are truly waking those who are not living the Gospel. These messages are God’s way to wake mankind. Those who take heed to what I am relaying to you will be drawn closer, closer to my Son, Jesus. Those who take part in making these messages known will be truly blessed by God. So I say to my children, remain obedient and steadfast.

I say to my beloved Priests, make these messages known. Share all that is imbedded in your heart so more repent and turn their lives around. Tell my children the truth, for there is no longer time to be silent. Do not wait for God’s Justice to prevail; live your vocation now. Tell my children to obey God. Tell my children to obey each Commandment. Tell my children to cleanse their soul so they have the grace needed to live these messages.

Dear Priests, the warning will come and you will each see your soul. If you have been living a worldly life, then you will suffer tremendously. If you have only been working part time for God, then you are not living your vocation. Every day, souls need to be saved, so please, please pray more and assist my children. Live the Gospel to your fullest and be loving, humble Priests. Do not be judgmental; assist your flock. Keep your church doors open and live a priestly life. Do not give in to the world; be responsible and live, live your vocation. Time is running out and each soul needs to be in a state of grace. God has blessed your hands, so please use them by truly embracing each child that comes to you. A great awakening will come. Will you be ready?

Now, please do your part for the salvation of souls. Do your part by truly living the Fatima message. Allow my Son’s peace now to dwell, dwell in your hearts. Amen.