MESSAGE #2638 from the Blessed Mother June 2, 2004
 My daughter, Family prayer is truly needed all around this world. Many today have allowed themselves to become too busy for God. How can Jesus answer your prayers if you do not pray together as a family? I am asking today for more family prayer. I am asking that you set time aside each new day. In order to grow as a family, you must join hands and pray.

Please, dear children, understand the importance of family prayer. I, your heavenly mother, want to protect all my children, but if you refuse to pray, then I cannot assist you. I cannot intercede for you if you refuse to make time for God. You must each do your part so you grow in holiness. You must each turn to Jesus so that I can help you endure your crosses with love. Family prayer will truly strengthen you for the road ahead. God will see to all your needs if you turn to Him with a prayerful heart.

Trust, trust in my motherly advice and open your hearts and pray. Pray, pray to the Holy Spirit and I promise you, you will be assisted so the door of your heart stays open to all that God is asking of you. God is truly asking you to pray, so please, please dear children, get down on your knees and pray. Pray that more will come to know the importance of prayer. Pray for all families so they will join hands and make time for prayer. Pray for them and invite them to join you so prayer can be circulated around this world.

I am truly here today to remind you, so pray, pray dear children. Commit your lives to praying the Rosary each new day. Amen.