MESSAGE #2639 from the Blessed Mother June 4, 2004
 My daughter, Be at peace, for I will be with you wherever you go. Be at peace and pray with me so more turn to God before it’s too late.

I want to draw all my children closer to the heart of Jesus, but they too must do their part. They must pray and truly turn away from sin. They must live their consecration and take refuge in Our Heart. Those who stay close to Our Heart will not be deserted and they will truly be protected through all trials and storms.

I say to all my children, my Son truly wants to live in your hearts. My Son wants to dwell in you, but this cannot happen unless you open your hearts to Him. Love, true love of God, cannot abide in those hearts that are closed. Lack of faith and hope in my Son is why so many are not living peaceful lives.

It is time now to truly understand God’s love for you, so please listen and then believe in His love for you. Jesus is truly here for each of you. Jesus’ heart beats with love in every Tabernacle. His love is merciful, so please adore my Son. Spend time before the Most Blessed Sacrament and adore, adore my Son, Jesus.

Many graces flow from my Son’s heart, so please believe and accept His love, grace and healing power. Believe and take refuge now in Jesus’ Most Sacred Heart. Believe and accept Our love for you. Believe that Our Hearts are open, waiting, waiting for Our children to come.

My daughter, pray with me now and I will take your petitions to His Most Sacred Heart. Amen.