MESSAGE #2647 from the Blessed Mother June 30, 2004
 My daughter, God’s love is truly shining down upon His children, but they must accept His love. They must be true believers and believe that God exists. They must turn away from sin and obey, obey God. They must let go of pride and selfishness and be humble, loving children.

Many trials await my children, so I ask today that each of you take heed to my motherly advice. Much faith will be needed as days pass, so please repent and prepare your soul now. Take refuge in my heart so that I can lead you closer, closer to Jesus. It is time now to listen and respond. It is time now to take heed to the Gospel and truly respond to what my Son is teaching you.

The way is forward, so please turn away from evil. Turn to my Son and seek His forgiveness through Confession. Cleanse your souls and do penance for your sins. Spend time in Adoration adoring my Son. Spend time with my Son so you are not distracted by the world. Spend quiet time with my Son and examine your conscience, your sins will then be revealed to you so you make a thorough Confession.

God will truly speak to those who come to Him with an open heart. Miracles will happen if you place your trust in my Son. The answers will be given to you if you take time to be with my Son in Adoration. Jesus longs to hear from you, so please spend time with my Son and adore His Most Sacred Heart.

Prayer is union with God, so pray and kneel and adore, adore my Son. God cannot work through you if you do not spend time with Him. Through prayer, you will come to know my Son and conversion will happen. The Holy Spirit will fill your hearts and you will truly have the desire to be faithful to my Son.

Now, please renew your love to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who is truly present in the Most Holy Eucharist. Take refuge now. Take refuge in Our Heart and live, live, live your consecration. Amen.