MESSAGE #2658 from the Blessed Mother August 2, 2004
 My daughter, Your hands and voice are needed, so please continue to write and share my words that I give to you. If my children don’t wake up soon and take heed to these messages, man will see much more destruction.

Many terrorists roam this earth and they are planning to attack many countries around this world. Without more prayer, many more lives will be destroyed. Without more prayer, the Statue of Liberty will crumble and fire will be seen in many parts of this world. Many buildings will burn and many, many innocent lives will be destroyed. Many souls will suffer when fires race along the streets.

My daughter, I share this with you today because so many souls are in danger. Many are not prepared for what is to come. Many are living in mortal sin. Many are being fooled by the evil one. America is being warned by Heaven, yet so many remain lethargic to the truth. Many deny that God exists. Many are refusing my motherly assistance. So many, due to pride and stubbornness, are entangled by the serpents tail. Many leaders are on the wrong path and they are pulling many of my children deeper, deeper into the pit. Many leaders do not place their trust in God. Much attention is on themselves because their focus is not on God. Those children who are weak in their faith, are giving in to their lies.

America, this is another warning from God. You must repent and turn to God. You must get down on your knees and implore God’s mercy. You must pray more and obey all of God’s Commandments. You must cherish life and not give in to those leaders who are taking part in destroying lives. You must listen to your Most Holy Pope, for he truly speaks the truth. He has been chosen for these times. He is God’s chosen son, who has been given much wisdom and strength. He suffers more than any man on this earth. Through his suffering, he has been truly blessed by God. So please do not listen to the media, listen to your Most Holy Pope. Do all that he is teaching you and then go forth and live, live the Gospel. Go forth and be true disciples. Go forth and be willing to be persecuted for speaking the truth. Go forth now as prayerful people and share my messages of love, peace and hope.

Let us pray now for peace and for the conversion of sinners. Let us pray for your Most Holy Pope and for all members of the Church. Let us pray, pray together, for through prayer and unity, evil will be destroyed. Amen.