MESSAGE #2919 from the Blessed Mother September 18, 2006
 My daughter, These messages are for the world, so please continue forth as Our messenger. Continue to write so more turn their lives around.

This time is moving quickly. This time of God’s mercy will not last. All must turn to God so they have peace through all trials and storms. Without peace in one’s heart, many will panic in days to come. Division will increase if parents don’t take hold of their family. Peace must begin in the home, so please, dear parents, speak the truth and assist those children who are disobeying God’s laws. Assist those children who are giving in to Satan’s lies.

The world is truly in trouble, so please begin today and guide your children to safety. I am here to assist you, but you in turn must respond. You must rid your homes of all evil and promote family prayer. You must pray together and teach your children the importance of family prayer. Prayer is your weapon, so please respond and bind your Rosaries around the world. Please love your family and rescue those who are on the path that will lead them to hell.

Parents, you must begin today, so please join hands and pray, pray throughout the day. Pray for peace. Pray for unity in this darkened world. God is truly listening, so believe and do your part for the salvation of souls. Amen.