MESSAGE #2233 from the Blessed Mother October 29, 2001
 My daughter, Those who are in a state of grace should be at peace. They should have love and joy in their hearts. Today, each of you must examine your conscience. You must be honest with yourself and make the necessary changes that are pulling you away from God. If you are living in sin, then you must amend your ways. You must turn to God and ask, ask for guidance. Dear children, in time you will each have to answer to God. You will each need to be prepared and in a state of grace.

I am here dear children to assist you, so please, please be more willing to listen to my motherly advice. Be more willing to live these messages, so you are prepared and ready to meet Almighty God. Don’t allow Satan to fool you, for your time on this earth will not last forever. This time in which God has allowed cannot be wasted. So many today are living in sin because of refusal to amend their ways. I have been asking you for some time now, to give your life to God. I have been pleading with you, but yet, so many refuse to listen.

My daughter, I need your help, so please write and relay these messages. This world is in danger because so many are not taking these messages seriously. These messages must be made known, so more repent, and turn to God in this time of mercy. Each child must do their part to make the truth known. You must use those gifts that God has blessed you with. You must each be an example to those around you. You must reach out and not become too comfortable in those groups that I have formed. You must let the world know that I am truly here to assist all my children. I am not here for just a few; I am here to wake all my children.

My chosen sons must also do their part. They must invite their flock to gather and pray the rosary in those groups that I have formed. They must encourage their flock to come to Mass as often as they can. They must encourage others to spend time adoring Our Lord. They too, must do their part so more awake from their slumber. So many children are on the wrong path and they need much encouragement. God has opened many doors, so please be more appreciative. Be willing to assist me before it’s too late.

You are my hope dear chosen sons; so please, let go of any fear and do your part. Light the way or much more darkness will cover this earth. Tell my children now, to convert and stop offending God. Let the world know what awaits those who are living in sin. Let the world know that God will bless those who are open to life. Let the world know that abortion and contraception are wrong. Satan wants to destroy life, so you must all unite more in prayer. You must trust more, and believe that God will not abandon you or your children. God will provide for all His children, so please be more trusting. Please keep your hearts open and be open to life. Please, adopt those children who are sitting alone and not being cared for. Please open your hearts and your home. Please be true servants and do all that God is asking of you.

Please be loving children and live, live these messages. Please reach out to the poor and assist those who are being ignored by society. Please awake now or darkness will cover the world. Please live each day in the state of grace. Please remain hopeful, for I promise you, I will assist those who are living these messages. I will protect you with my mantle and light the way no matter how dark it becomes. All that you have done for others will not go unnoticed and God will bless you abundantly.

Please begin today and convert quickly. Consecrate yourselves to my Immaculate Heart. Give all honor and glory to God, and be true, humble servants. Take refuge now in Jesus’s Most Sacred Heart. Surrender yourselves completely to God. Be prayerful and pray the rosary each new day. Remain hopeful now, and keep those doors open so you do not offend God. In time, more doors will open and more will come running, running back to church. So I say to you, use this time wisely and do all that you can for the salvation of souls. Prepare your soul and live each day now for Jesus Christ. Please pray and make my words known. Please pray and be an example for those in darkness.

My daughter, I am at your side. Pray with me now so more convert before it’s too late. My words shall flow from your heart, so be at peace and know that I am with you. Be at peace and know that I am truly, truly with you. Amen.