MESSAGE #2398 from the Blessed Mother October 28, 2002
 My daughter, I am very pleased when my children come to Mass and pray, pray the Rosary. It brings joy to my heart because that is why I am here, to gather my children so they pray more. If only my children knew how effective it is when they pray, pray from their hearts. So many prayers are needed, so please tell my children to listen to their Most Holy Pope and pray the Rosary each new day.

I am asking that my chosen sons do the same also. I am asking that they be an example for their flock and teach them how to pray the Rosary in the proper way. I am asking all my children to meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary and to pray more slowly instead of rushing through each prayer. Prayers from one’s heart is what is truly, truly needed. Prayers from one’s heart is what will keep evil away. Prayer is your protection, so please pray throughout the day. Pray for all your brothers and sisters, living and deceased. Pray for those who are furthest away from Jesus, for through prayer they will turn their lives around. Many souls are saved through prayer, so please make time to pray and adore our Lord. Make time to pray for the Church and your Most Holy Pope. Division is happening due to laziness and lack of prayer. Division is happening because of so much turmoil in the home. Division will increase if you do not join hands and be true servants for our Lord. Division will increase if you do not make time for family prayer. Each of you must do your part.

You must allow Jesus to dwell in your hearts. You must let go of all pride and hatred and be an example to those around you. You must be obedient to God and obey true teaching. You must unite in prayer and be one flock. You must take refuge in Jesus' Most Sacred Heart and live, live the Beatitudes. You must not let go of my hand if you truly want my assistance.

So please unite in prayer, love and kindness. Please join hands and make better use of your time that has been so graciously given to you. Be true apostles of these times and be more thankful that you have been chosen by God to bring light to this darkened world. Now please desire to please Almighty God, and surrender yourselves to His Will and love for each of you. Amen