MESSAGE #2537 from the Blessed Mother October 8, 2003
 My daughter, Continue to pray for world peace so more turn to God and repent of their wicked ways. Much fighting is taking place all around this world because many do not carry love in their hearts. The Gospel must be spread or man will see much more bloodshed. The Gospel must be spread or man will see even a greater war. Conversion cannot happen if my children don’t take heed to the Gospel.

Today, you must each go forth and share your faith. You must reach out to all your brothers and sisters. You must love one another and be true servants for our Lord. You must each do your part in order to make a difference in this darkened world. Prayer, prayers from your heart will draw others closer to our Lord.

Family prayer will strengthen you and it will truly help those children who are living a lukewarm faith. Prayer is your protection, so please gather your children and take heed to my motherly requests. Gather your children and make time for family prayer. Peace must first begin in your homes before it can be spread across this world. Peace cannot happen if families don’t join hands and pray. This is the time to take hold of your family, so do not delay.

My chosen sons must wake their flock. They must stress the importance of praying together as a family. They must teach their flock that the Rosary is a powerful weapon when prayed as a family. Please, please make it known to pray and meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary.

Each time my children gather and pray, I will truly intercede for you. I will unite my prayers with yours and I will truly protect you. This world is in need of prayer, prayers from one’s heart. Now, let us join hands and pray today so more gather for family prayer. Let us pray for all Cardinals, Bishops and Priests so they teach their flock the importance of praying, praying the Rosary.

Now, please pray with me and take refuge in my Immaculate Heart. Pray with me and recite your Rosary, for this will help heal the world. Go now as prayerful children and give thanks to God for allowing more time to pray for the sins of this world. Amen.