MESSAGE #2689 from the Blessed Mother October 26, 2004
 My daughter, Where are my Priests? Where are my children? Jesus waits so patiently for each of you to come and visit Him. Please set time aside and adore Our Lord. Please let go of your time and humble yourselves before Our Lord.

Time is moving quickly, so please, please dear children, make time to come to know Jesus. Strength will be given to those who spend time adoring Our Lord. Much guidance will be given to my Priests so they in turn can assist their flock. Without the proper guidance, strength and wisdom cannot be given to you. Without my Son’s assistance, you will be tempted to take the easier road.

Please, dear Priests, be an example to your flock; spend time with Jesus so more of my children take quiet time and adore Our Lord. It is time now to wake your flock, so please share my words of encouragement during your homilies. Let the world know the importance of spending time with Jesus in Eucharistic Adoration. Let the world know that each soul must come to know Jesus in a personal way. This world needs to know that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist. This world needs to abandon themselves totally to my Son in the Eucharist. Many need to hear the truth, so please share this message with your flock. Share all that I am teaching you so more take time to be with Jesus.

Time is moving quickly, so please share the Gospel and do all that you can for my Son, Jesus. It is time now to trust your Heavenly Mother, for I am truly here for each of you. I am here to lead you closer to Jesus, so please respond now and adore, adore my Son, Jesus. Amen.