MESSAGE #2241 from the Blessed Mother November 16, 2001
 My daughter, I am with you in a very personal way, so that you in turn would write, and relay my words; so please continue to write, so those who come can listen to my Heavenly pleas. Without your assistance many will remain sleeping. It is time now to wake all of my children, so more are prepared for the many battles yet to come. It is time to let the world know that I am truly here for all my children. It is time to move forward now, so the Gospel can be spread.

Are you willing dear children, to do your part, so more souls can be saved? All it takes is an open heart and willingness to love, serve, and obey our Lord. Many souls are still in danger, so please join hands and truly live your consecration. Please pray and give all honor and glory to my Son, Jesus. Please be an example to all your brothers and sisters, by truly imitating Christ.

Please, I plead with you, respond now so more awake. Respond and allow my Son to show you His Will in your life. Believe and be hopeful, so that God’s love shines, shines through you. Love your enemies, and love those who persecute you. Never cease loving, for it is love that will touch the hearts of those who are in darkness. Receive the Sacraments often, for it is impossible to love one another without grace. Without God’s grace, it is impossible to truly go forth and live your faith. Cleanse your soul often, and come to Mass and believe dear children, that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist.

Now I ask, that you reflect on this message, and be true to God, and to others, and to yourself. Be truthful and love Jesus now, so joy and peace reign, reign in your hearts. A response is needed, so that these messages are spread around this world. I am here today for all my children. I am here today, so please respond, and accept my motherly love for each of you. Amen.