MESSAGE #2692 from the Blessed Mother November 1, 2004
 My daughter, My heart is sad because so many of my children are not listening to God. Many are giving in to Satan’s evil ways when they do not take a stand for life.

America, I am warning you, there will be terrible consequences if you do not protect the right of the unborn. Listen and obey, obey God’s Commandments. Do not listen to the world, for the world is truly crucifying my Son each time an abortion is performed. It is not your choice who should live and who should die. Each abortion draws you closer to a terrible punishment upon this world.

The wrath of God is at hand, so please, please dear children, pray more. Pray that more will repent before it’s too late. Pray that more will examine their conscience and do what is right. It is time now for Catholics to obey Church teaching. It is time for all Priests to let go of fear and take a stand for life. This world needs to be fed the truth, so please be true apostles and live, live your Catholic faith.

Now, please do not be fooled by those leaders who say they will protect this country. Do not be fooled, for this country will not be protected if your leaders do not respect life. This message must be made known, for many deny that life begins at conception. Many deny that abortion is the greatest sin in this world.

Today, is a day of prayer, so please gather and pray, pray from your hearts. Gather and pray and ask all the Holy Angels and Saints to intercede for you. Go forth now, just as the Saints, and live and defend the Gospel. Amen.