MESSAGE #2699 from the Blessed Mother November 17, 2004
 My daughter, Great trials await those who are choosing to live in sin. This is why it is so important to write each time I come to you. These messages must be spread so that more repent and turn to God before it’s too late. All must do their part for the salvation of souls. All must stay close to Jesus so they do not lose hope or confidence in Our Lord.

The Church will suffer much if Priests do not shepherd their flock. Division will increase if Priests do not pray with their flock. I am warning my Priests because lack of prayer will bring disunity. Lack of love and disobedience to God, is why so many children are on the wrong path. Darker days will come if my Priests do not tend to their flock. Darker days will come if the truth is not made known.

The Gospel must be made known, so please, dear Priests, wake your flock now. Gather your flock and pray the Rosary. Gather your flock and pray together so you are led in the right direction. A bridge must be built so that you walk together in unison. Without a strong bridge, many will drown and become entangled by the serpents tail.

Please join hands and pray together and reach out to all your brothers and sisters. Reach out, walk in unison or you will see many more religious wars. Great times of tribulation are coming, so prepare your soul, prepare your flock and pray, pray for God’s mercy upon this darkened world. Amen.