MESSAGE #3032 from the Blessed Mother November 8, 2007
 My daughter, My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge, so please carry your cross with joy. Do all that I am asking of you so more souls repent and turn to God. Continue to pray the Rosary every day, for the world is in need of prayer. These messages must be spread, for so many are still sleeping.

Please, dear children, work together so these messages are made known. Work together and truly live each message that has been given to you. A response is needed because evil has become widespread. The moon cannot shine if my children are choosing to live in mortal sin. The moon cannot shine if my children are disobeying God.

Please join hands and pray together and live, live in harmony. Fill the church and pray, pray for those who are choosing darkness. No harm will be done to those who pray and worship Our Lord. The enemy cannot attack wherever there is prayer.

Now, please light the way and never lose hope. March forward, be prayerful soldiers and make the Gospel known. Amen.