MESSAGE #2565 from the Blessed Mother December 16, 2003
 My daughter, Have hope in Jesus and trust, trust in His love. Trust in God’s plans so you do not lose hope or confidence in our Lord. In time, my Immaculate Heart will triumph and there will be peace, peace on this earth. In time, all will see their soul and many will suffer if they do not use this time to prepare their soul.

The day will come, so please, dear children, stay strong for Jesus. Be obedient to God and live your consecration. Be obedient to God and pray for those who are trying to make changes in the Church. Pray each new day for your Priests, for many are giving in to worldly ways. Many are not praying as they should and are not listening to my beloved Pope. Many are leading others astray who are weak in their faith.

I am here to assist my Priests, but many are refusing my assistance. I cannot help those Priests who are refusing to live their vocation. I cannot assist those Priests who are not shepherding their flock. I love all my Priests and I truly pray for those who are stepping ahead of God. My faithful remnant must also pray, for many are becoming entangled by the serpent’s tail.

Many today are so in need of prayer, so please pray more and continue to gather in those groups that I have formed. Continue to live your faith and be an example to those who are not living the Gospel. Be obedient to God and be humble, loving children. Be true followers for Christ and live, live your Catholic Faith. Listen attentively to what your Most Holy Pope is instructing you to do. Listen and respond and do not doubt, for God is truly guiding this Most Holy Pope. This Pope has been chosen and the wise will truly listen to him.

So, today I ask that you be wise and surrender yourself to God’s Holy Will. I ask that you be loyal to Jesus and serve Him with a generous heart. I ask for a response so you grow in holiness. I ask that you join hands and pray, pray for this world. Through prayer, sacrifice and penance, God will bless you abundantly. Through obedience to God, you will become spiritually strong. You will receive God’s grace if you remain loyal to Him, so persevere and remain faithful to Almighty God.

Persevere and pray, for the time is soon at hand. Be wise and do not join hands with those who are disobeying God’s laws. Be wise and prepare your soul and remain faithful to true teaching. Be light to this world and believe that God and I are with you. Amen.