Messages from Our Blessed Mother Mary through Little Mary

 Internet Archive Single Messages -  "Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world."

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These messages will help those who have become lukewarm in their faith. These messages will truly help those who are choosing to walk alone.
These messages will touch the hearts of those who are choosing darkness.
These messages are the truth and those who open their hearts to them will come to know God’s love and mercy. ~ 2616

1997 Internet Archive Messages from the Virgin Mary

"Those who come to know my Son, will glow"
Single File Format Messages From Our Blessed Mother through Little Mary
word--web--pdf 1240 Oct 25, 1997 It is not always easy to do the Fathers Will, for one does not always understand
word--web--pdf 1248 Nov 2, 1997 Come together as a community and pray, for your prayers are needed in these times
word--web--pdf 1261 Nov 14, 1997 Start depending on God instead of your material wealth
word--web--pdf 1268 Nov 20, 1997 It is so important to do Gods Will
word--web--pdf 1277 Nov 28, 1997 Never lose hope, for God will always win
word--web--pdf 1287 Dec 7, 1997 Today I ask that you be more thankful of all that God has done in your life
word--web--pdf 1298 Dec 18, 1997 Those who come to know my Son, will glow