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"These messages are truly from my heart because I do not want to see my children suffer.
Please, please share this message with the world so more repent and turn to Almighty God." ~ 2634

2001 Internet Archive Messages from the Virgin Mary

"So I say to you, use this time wisely and do all that you can for the salvation of souls"
Single File Format Messages From Our Blessed Mother through Little Mary
word--web--pdf 2093 Jan 19, 2001 Please help Jesus plan for the transition of hearts so more souls can be saved.
word--web--pdf 2100 Feb 1, 2001 Work hard and make sacrifices for the salvation of souls
word--web--pdf 2115 Mar 2, 2001 The world must atone for its sins
word--web--pdf 2134 Apr 16, 2001 Dear children, time moves quickly, so do not wait to turn to God
word--web--pdf 2153 May 17, 2001 Pray for peace and unity so that division does not increase
word--web--pdf 2163 Jun 7, 2001 I hold the world and all my childrens needs in My Immaculate Heart.
word--web--pdf 2193 Aug 9, 2001 Help me bring peace to others by the example of your lives
word--web--pdf 2211 Sep 13, 2001 America must wake soon
word--web--pdf 2213 Sep 19, 2001 I ask that you spend quiet time with Jesus
word--web--pdf 2233 Oct 29, 2001 So I say to you, use this time wisely and do all that you can for the salvation of souls.
word--web--pdf 2234 Oct 30, 2001 When these messages end, all will have to live, live the truth.
word--web--pdf 2235 Oct 31, 2001 I ask that all my children live these messages because so much evil lingers in this world
word--web--pdf 2236 Nov 2, 2001 Please pray more and do penance for your sins.
word--web--pdf 2237 Nov 5, 2001 Please be faith filled children, and believe in my Son, Jesus.
word--web--pdf 2238 Nov 12, 2001 I will do all that I can to assist my children, but you in turn must respond to my heavenly requests.
word--web--pdf 2239 Nov 13, 2001 Tell the world that happiness comes from knowing God
word--web--pdf 2240 Nov 14, 2001 A response is needed now, so please let the world know that I am truly here for all my children
word--web--pdf 2241 Nov 16, 2001 It is time now to wake all of my children, so more are prepared for the many battles yet to come
word--web--pdf 2242 Nov 19, 2001 God is warning His children now, so they are ready and prepared
word--web--pdf 2243 Nov 20, 2001 Tell my children there are many terrorists roaming this earth
word--web--pdf 2244 Nov 23, 2001 Tell my children to love, love Jesus with their whole heart
word--web--pdf 2245 Nov 26, 2001 Pray, pray that more will arise and wake from their slumber
word--web--pdf 2246 Nov 28, 2001 Please dear children, trust more and turn to God for all your needs
word--web--pdf 2247 Dec 3, 2001 I say to all my children, accept your trials with joy
word--web--pdf 2248 Dec 4, 2001 I am asking all my children to pray and do penance
word--web--pdf 2249 Dec 5, 2001 Let the world know how important it is to pray, pray together as a family
word--web--pdf 2250 Dec 10, 2001 Many Graces are given to those who gather and pray
word--web--pdf 2251 Dec 12, 2001 If you do not live these messages, I will not be able to help you
word--web--pdf 2252 Dec 13, 2001 Until you truly examine your conscience, change cannot occur in you
word--web--pdf 2253 Dec 18, 2001 Please, dear children, entrust yourself fully to Jesus
word--web--pdf 2255 Dec 19, 2001 Be merciful and loving and strive to be more like Jesus
word--web--pdf 2256 Dec 21, 2001 Abandon yourselves now to Jesus
word--web--pdf 2257 Dec 27, 2001 Sin crucifies my Son
word--web--pdf 2258 Dec 28, 2001 Live the Beatitudes and truly practice acts of charity