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"It is time now to truly live your faith. So, please share my messages and unite with me in prayer.
Please stay hopeful and do your part for the salvation of souls" ~ 2950

2002 Internet Archive Messages from the Virgin Mary

"Those who refuse to open their heart to my motherly assistance will not understand my role on this earth"
Single File Format Messages From Our Blessed Mother through Little Mary
word--web--pdf 2259 Jan 2, 2002 Will you please wake up now, so you are ready and prepared
word--web--pdf 2260 Jan 4, 2002 Pray for world peace
word--web--pdf 2261 Jan 7, 2002 A grateful heart is truly needed in order to move forward with love and joy
word--web--pdf 2262 Jan 9, 2002 Pray with me and bind your Rosaries around this world.
word--web--pdf 2263 Jan 10, 2002 I am asking each of you to unite in prayer and sacrifice
word--web--pdf 2264 Jan 14, 2002 I ask that all my children be true soldiers for Christ
word--web--pdf 2265 Jan 16, 2002 You must repent and proclaim your faith
word--web--pdf 2266 Jan 18, 2002 The trumpet will blow. Will you be ready, or will you deny God?
word--web--pdf 2267 Jan 21, 2002 So many are on the wrong path because many today are unwilling to share their faith
word--web--pdf 2268 Jan 23, 2002 You must depend on God to help you throughout the day
word--web--pdf 2269 Jan 25, 2002 Blessed will be those who gather and pray
word--web--pdf 2270 Jan 28, 2002 Each child must relearn their Faith so they come to know the truth
word--web--pdf 2271 Jan 30, 2002 I am here to make the Gospel known
word--web--pdf 2272 Jan 31, 2002 Tell my children that Jesus wants each child to come to know the truth
word--web--pdf 2273 Feb 4, 2002 Continue to love and be merciful, for then the enemy will flee
word--web--pdf 2274 Feb 6, 2002 Be on guard and live in unity so you grow together in harmony
word--web--pdf 2276 Feb 8, 2002 Jesus is your peace, so please have complete trust in Him
word--web--pdf 2277 Feb 11, 2002 Silence is needed in this noisy world
word--web--pdf 2278 Feb 13, 2002 Tell my children to take my hand and walk with me
word--web--pdf 2279 Feb 14, 2002 You must continue to make these messages known
word--web--pdf 2280 Feb 15, 2002 Be peaceful, loving children so that you may walk in my light
word--web--pdf 2281 Feb 18, 2002 Prayer and penance is what will lessen what is coming your way.
word--web--pdf 2282 Feb 20, 2002 My daughter, please let the world know that there will be consequences for sin.
word--web--pdf 2283 Feb 21, 2002 Those who refuse to open their heart to my motherly assistance will not understand my role on this earth
word--web--pdf 2284 Feb 25, 2002 I am here to light the way so more hunger for the truth
word--web--pdf 2286 Mar 1, 2002 Do all for the glory of God and surrender to His Will
word--web--pdf 2287 Mar 4, 2002 Use the protection God has given you
word--web--pdf 2298 Mar 28, 2002 Pray that peace may reign among all of Gods children
word--web--pdf 2299 Apr 1, 2002 Your sacrifice is how unity will be restored
word--web--pdf 2300 Apr 2, 2002 Trust in God and go forth now as faith filled children
word--web--pdf 2301 Apr 3, 2002 On those days when you feel alone, immerse yourself in Jesus Most Sacred Heart
word--web--pdf 2302 Apr 5, 2002 I am here to teach my children, but so many do not respond with their whole heart
word--web--pdf 2303 Apr 8, 2002 God is asking all His children to listen and respond to the Gospel
word--web--pdf 2304 Apr 10, 2002 Gods merciful love is truly pouring out amongst His children
word--web--pdf 2305 Apr 11, 2002 Be at peace and thank God for all trials, suffering and persecution
word--web--pdf 2306 Apr 12, 2002 Please continue to take part in saving souls
word--web--pdf 2307 Apr 15, 2002 I desire that peace and hope be spread throughout the world
word--web--pdf 2308 Apr 17, 2002 I am here, but where are my children?
word--web--pdf 2309 Apr 23, 2002 I am here to assist all my children and to restore family unity
word--web--pdf 2310 Apr 30, 2002 The truth must be made known, but it must come from your hearts
word--web--pdf 2311 May 1, 2002 Dear children, you must be faithful to your responsibilities and truly live your vocation
word--web--pdf 2312 May 3, 2002 Unite in love, and love, obey and serve Almighty God
word--web--pdf 2313 May 6, 2002 Pray and persevere
word--web--pdf 2314 May 8, 2002 Please dear children, move forward with courage and hope and do all that you can to save souls
word--web--pdf 2315 May 9, 2002 I come in love. I come in peace. I am truly here to gather my children
word--web--pdf 2316 May 13, 2002 I am here pleading with my children to change your lives and convert before its too late
word--web--pdf 2317 May 15, 2002 Tell my children to focus on Jesus in the Eucharist and trust, trust in Him
word--web--pdf 2318 May 16, 2002 I am warning my children today to convert now and reform your lives. Step down from your throne and allow God to be in control.
word--web--pdf 2319 May 20, 2002 How can this love of Jesus be spread, when so many live in fear? Jesus is your shield, so please do not be afraid.
word--web--pdf 2320 May 21, 2002 Sin has become widespread
word--web--pdf 2321 May 24, 2002 Pray today for the youth, so they are led in the right direction
word--web--pdf 2322 May 28, 2002 The time is soon at hand and all will know that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist
word--web--pdf 2383 Sep 30, 2002 Prayers from ones heart truly pleases God
word--web--pdf 2384 Oct 1, 2002 Do all that you can to live and spread the Gospel
word--web--pdf 2385 Oct 2, 2002 I must remind my children that wherever there is good, there is evil
word--web--pdf 2386 Oct 4, 2002 Prayer, prayer from the heart is what is needed from all my children
word--web--pdf 2387 Oct 7, 2002 Pray everyday and make your life a prayer so you stay close to Jesus
word--web--pdf 2388 Oct 9, 2002 Love your enemies and pray, pray for them
word--web--pdf 2389 Oct 10, 2002 Allow God to be in control of your lives
word--web--pdf 2390 Oct 14, 2002 Continue forward with love, joy and peace in your hearts
word--web--pdf 2391 Oct 15, 2002 All must repent and turn to God before its too late
word--web--pdf 2395 Oct 23, 2002 I am truly here to wake those who are sleeping
word--web--pdf 2397 Oct 25, 2002 God is asking His children to pray more
word--web--pdf 2398 Oct 28, 2002 I am very pleased when my children come to Mass and pray, pray the Rosary
word--web--pdf 2399 Oct 30, 2002 Be loving, loving children and keep your focus on Almighty God
word--web--pdf 2400 Oct 31, 2002 The battle is on, and my children must be true warriors for Christ
word--web--pdf 2401 Nov 1, 2002 Believe and turn to my Son, for you cannot be saved without His help
word--web--pdf 2402 Nov 4, 2002 Do not lose hope, for I am with you
word--web--pdf 2403 Nov 6, 2002 God truly loves, loves all His children, for each child is precious in His eyes
word--web--pdf 2404 Nov 8, 2002 The truth today is being hidden, which is causing many to compromise with the world
word--web--pdf 2405 Nov 11, 2002 God's mercy is pouring down upon His children
word--web--pdf 2415 Dec 5, 2002 The sign of the times are truly unfolding, so please build your relationship with Jesus now
word--web--pdf 2416 Dec 6, 2002 The hour will come and each soul must be prepared for that hour
word--web--pdf 2417 Dec 9, 2002 Trust and rely on God so you become strong and healthy for Our Lord
word--web--pdf 2418 Dec 11, 2002 Now, please focus on Gods mercy and love, and trust in Him
word--web--pdf 2419 Dec 13, 2002 There is no longer time to ignore Gods warnings, so please, dear children, pray more
word--web--pdf 2420 Dec 17, 2002 It is only Jesus who can heal your suffering hearts
word--web--pdf 2421 Dec 18, 2002 Prepare now, for time is short on this earth
word--web--pdf 2422 Dec 20, 2002 I am here today to remind my children to pray from your hearts
word--web--pdf 2423 Dec 27, 2002 In order to move forward, you must come to know Jesus
word--web--pdf 2424 Dec 30, 2002 I am asking today, that all my children do their part