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"Time is moving quickly, so please share my messages so more repent and turn to God. My children must make more time to be with God." ~ 3028

2003 Internet Archive Messages from the Virgin Mary

"It is time for Catholics to relearn their Faith"
Single File Format Messages From Our Blessed Mother through Little Mary
word--web--pdf 2425 Jan 2, 2003 Many blessings will be given to those who love and trust in Him
word--web--pdf 2426 Jan 3, 2003 Today I must warn my children, for so many are still sleeping
word--web--pdf 2427 Jan 6, 2003 The problem today is that many hearts are closed to the truth
word--web--pdf 2428 Jan 8, 2003 Each prayer from your heart will help destroy evil
word--web--pdf 2429 Jan 9, 2003 It is time now for parents to take hold of their family
word--web--pdf 2430 Jan 13, 2003 God will continue to open new doors, so be patient
word--web--pdf 2431 Jan 15, 2003 It is God who will decide when these messages will end
word--web--pdf 2432 Jan 16, 2003 The road may seem narrow now, but please do not lose hope.
word--web--pdf 2433 Jan 20, 2003 This is the time of Gods great mercy
word--web--pdf 2434 Jan 22, 2003 Through prayer and faith in God, you can make a difference in this world
word--web--pdf 2435 Jan 23, 2003 Tell my children to do their part
word--web--pdf 2436 Jan 28, 2003 I am here today to renew your faith and to walk with you in these times of trials and persecution
word--web--pdf 2437 Jan 29, 2003 Be grateful for those gifts God has given you
word--web--pdf 2438 Jan 31, 2003 Many are preparing for war but very few are preparing their soul
word--web--pdf 2439 Feb 4, 2003 In order for me to accomplish my plan for peace, each of you must pray and do your part.
word--web--pdf 2440 Feb 6, 2003 Do not give up or give in to Satan's lies
word--web--pdf 2441 Feb 10, 2003 God will truly guide you if you ask for His assistance
word--web--pdf 2442 Feb 11, 2003 I am here to manifest my love to all my children
word--web--pdf 2443 Feb 12, 2003 Many today seek control, and are refusing God's guidance
word--web--pdf 2444 Feb 14, 2003 Today, I ask that all my children take refuge in Our Heart
word--web--pdf 2445 Feb 18, 2003 I need prayer warriors in this time of tribulation
word--web--pdf 2447 Feb 21, 2003 Make daily sacrifices for the salvation of souls
word--web--pdf 2448 Feb 24, 2003 Those who speak the truth must also live it
word--web--pdf 2449 Feb 26, 2003 I desire to protect all my children, but many today are refusing my assistance
word--web--pdf 2450 Feb 28, 2003 Be willing to share your faith at all costs, and use your hands and voice for Christ
word--web--pdf 2451 Mar 5, 2003 I am with you, so be at peace
word--web--pdf 2452 Mar 6, 2003 I am truly here now to make the gospel known, for so many are sleeping
word--web--pdf 2453 Mar 7, 2003 Please tell my children to slow down and take more time for prayer
word--web--pdf 2454 Mar 10, 2003 Be wise and obey God and build your relationship with my Son
word--web--pdf 2455 Mar 12, 2003 Today, I ask that you seek to please God
word--web--pdf 2456 Mar 13, 2003 Love and peace will be restored if you are each willing to do your part
word--web--pdf 2457 Mar 24, 2003 The Fatima message must be spread
word--web--pdf 2458 Mar 26, 2003 Dear children, are you true believers or are you living a lukewarm life?
word--web--pdf 2459 Mar 27, 2003 Satan loves war, war amongst my children
word--web--pdf 2460 Mar 31, 2003 You must love your enemies and be willing to be persecuted
word--web--pdf 2461 Apr 1, 2003 Peace cannot exist if there is division in your homes, Church and community
word--web--pdf 2462 Apr 3, 2003 Tell my children to make time for family prayer
word--web--pdf 2463 Apr 4, 2003 Tell my children to live my messages of hope and love so the Gospel can be spread
word--web--pdf 2464 Apr 7, 2003 If my children would join hands and pray together, division would not happen
word--web--pdf 2465 Apr 8, 2003 Hearts must be restored to love or there will be consequences
word--web--pdf 2466 Apr 14, 2003 Please pray and make sacrifices for the salvation of souls
word--web--pdf 2467 Apr 21, 2003 Unite your suffering to Jesus and accept each new cross
word--web--pdf 2468 Apr 22, 2003 The war is not over
word--web--pdf 2469 Apr 24, 2003 When the earth shakes, many will awake from their slumber
word--web--pdf 2470 Apr 28, 2003 Allow me, today, to draw you closer to the heart of my Son
word--web--pdf 2471 Apr 30, 2003 Through prayer, lives will change and conversion will happen
word--web--pdf 2472 May 1, 2003 God is truly watching over His children, but many today are neglecting their soul
word--web--pdf 2473 May 5, 2003 No matter how dark it becomes, my children must go forth with love, joy and peace in their hearts
word--web--pdf 2474 May 7, 2003 Those who turn to God must also trust, trust in Him
word--web--pdf 2475 May 8, 2003 My daughter, I want each of my children to know that I am truly here to assist them
word--web--pdf 2476 May 12, 2003 Dear parents, do not remain silent when you see your children doing wrong.
word--web--pdf 2477 May 14, 2003 This is a time of great purification and a time of many Graces
word--web--pdf 2478 May 16, 2003 It is time now to join hands and form groups all around this world
word--web--pdf 2479 May 20, 2003 Trials will come and go, so please stay strong and prayerful
word--web--pdf 2481 May 21, 2003 It is time for Catholics to relearn their Faith
word--web--pdf 2482 May 23, 2003 God is your strength, so please be patient and accept each new cross that is given to you
word--web--pdf 2483 May 26, 2003 Where there is love, there is God
word--web--pdf 2484 May 28, 2003 Today, I plead with my children, for the time is soon at hand
word--web--pdf 2485 Jun 2, 2003 I say to my children, take refuge now in Jesus Most Sacred Heart
word--web--pdf 2486 Jun 3, 2003 Purity is needed in order to live a holy life
word--web--pdf 2487 Jun 5, 2003 Invite others to those groups that you are now forming
word--web--pdf 2488 Jun 6, 2003 This is the time of Divine Mercy
word--web--pdf 2489 Jun 9, 2003 Satan loves war and he is truly attempting to cause division amongst my children
word--web--pdf 2490 Jun 11, 2003 Pick up your cross, pick up your sword and go forth now and live the Eternal Word
word--web--pdf 2491 Jun 17, 2003 Set time aside to pray more so your focus is on Jesus and not the world.
word--web--pdf 2492 Jun 18, 2003 When you turn to God, you are never alone
word--web--pdf 2493 Jun 20, 2003 Dear Priests, I come to you because I am your Heavenly Mother
word--web--pdf 2494 Jun 23, 2003 God is truly asking His children to pray, pray more
word--web--pdf 2495 Jun 24, 2003 Many are sleeping and together we must wake them
word--web--pdf 2496 Jun 26, 2003 I cannot force my children to accept my motherly assistance
word--web--pdf 2497 Jun 30, 2003 The truth must be made known, so please work together in love
word--web--pdf 2498 Jul 1, 2003 Rejoice each time you are persecuted for sharing your faith
word--web--pdf 2499 Jul 7, 2003 God is pleased each time you gather and pray
word--web--pdf 2500 Jul 9, 2003 It is time now to go forth and live all that I am teaching you
word--web--pdf 2501 Jul 11, 2003 Man must cherish life, not destroy it
word--web--pdf 2502 Jul 14, 2003 More will awake from their slumber if my children continue to gather and pray, pray from their hearts
word--web--pdf 2503 Jul 16, 2003 Be faithful to prayer, fasting, sacrifices and the Rosary
word--web--pdf 2504 Jul 18, 2003 Tell my children to live their life in full union with God
word--web--pdf 2505 Jul 21, 2003 Please help my Son in His mission of mercy
word--web--pdf 2506 Jul 23, 2003 Build your relationship with our Lord
word--web--pdf 2507 Jul 25, 2003 The way is forward, so please, please, dear children, be brave soldiers for Christ
word--web--pdf 2508 Jul 28, 2003 Tell my children, when they pray, they will have peace in their hearts and in their home
word--web--pdf 2509 Jul 29, 2003 Each person needs love and prayers, so please intercede for each other
word--web--pdf 2510 Jul 31, 2003 I am asking each person in this parish to join hands and pray the Rosary. Through prayer, unity will be restored.
word--web--pdf 2511 Aug 4, 2003 Give thanks to God today for the many groups that have formed all around this world
word--web--pdf 2513 Aug 8, 2003 Many today are not answering Gods call
word--web--pdf 2514 Aug 11, 2003 Pray with love in your hearts and build your relationship with Him each new day
word--web--pdf 2515 Aug 13, 2003 Many children are living a lifestyle that is truly offending God
word--web--pdf 2516 Aug 15, 2003 I am asking all my children to return to God so that one day we can be together in Heaven
word--web--pdf 2517 Aug 18, 2003 Get down on your knees and pray, pray from your hearts
word--web--pdf 2518 Aug 19, 2003 All must become little in the eyes of God
word--web--pdf 2519 Aug 25, 2003 Give thanks and praise to Almighty God
word--web--pdf 2520 Aug 27, 2003 Gods Justice will prevail and all will need to be in a state of Grace
word--web--pdf 2521 Sep 2, 2003 My children need to be taught the importance of armoring themselves each new day
word--web--pdf 2522 Sep 3, 2003 A true disciple must share their faith
word--web--pdf 2523 Sep 5, 2003 The hour will arrive. Will you be ready?
word--web--pdf 2524 Sep 8, 2003 Today is a day to give thanks to God for life
word--web--pdf 2525 Sep 10, 2003 It is time now to have complete trust and confidence in our Lord
word--web--pdf 2526 Sep 12, 2003 Conversion cannot happen if my children are unwilling to spread the Gospel
word--web--pdf 2527 Sep 15, 2003 God has a special plan for each and every soul
word--web--pdf 2528 Sep 17, 2003 A time will come and in order to survive you will need total dependence on God
word--web--pdf 2529 Sep 18, 2003 Many Priests know who I am, but very few ask for my motherly assistance.
word--web--pdf 2530 Sep 22, 2003 Gods light must shine in order for darkness to be removed
word--web--pdf 2531 Sep 23, 2003 Those who are willing now to suffer for Jesus will be protected
word--web--pdf 2532 Sep 25, 2003 Do not wait to see your soul, cleanse it now
word--web--pdf 2533 Sep 29, 2003 St. Michael and all the Archangels are truly here to protect you
word--web--pdf 2534 Oct 1, 2003 Those who seek control will be accountable for their actions
word--web--pdf 2535 Oct 3, 2003 I am truly here for all my Priests
word--web--pdf 2536 Oct 6, 2003 Tell my children to pray more when they feel weak and tired
word--web--pdf 2537 Oct 8, 2003 Peace cannot happen if families dont join hands and pray
word--web--pdf 2538 Oct 9, 2003 Be grateful for all that God has done in your lives
word--web--pdf 2539 Oct 13, 2003 God is asking all His children to suffer for sharing their faith
word--web--pdf 2540 Oct 15, 2003 God is your strength, so please turn to Him
word--web--pdf 2541 Oct 17, 2003 I must remind my children that you are weak without God
word--web--pdf 2542 Oct 21, 2003 Be not afraid to live, live your Catholic Faith
word--web--pdf 2543 Oct 22, 2003 This world is in need of much repentance
word--web--pdf 2544 Oct 23, 2003 You cannot live a life of sin and go to Heaven
word--web--pdf 2545 Oct 27, 2003 Those who are listening to Satan, seek control
word--web--pdf 2546 Oct 28, 2003 If you do what I am teaching you, you will have peace through all trials and storms
word--web--pdf 2547 Oct 30, 2003 Carry each new cross with joy and offer your suffering for the salvation of souls
word--web--pdf 2548 Nov 3, 2003 Prayer is so important, so never give up on prayer
word--web--pdf 2549 Nov 4, 2003 The youth need to understand that Satan exists and that he is their enemy
word--web--pdf 2550 Nov 6, 2003 Strength comes from knowing Jesus, so please, please dear children, turn to my Son each new day
word--web--pdf 2551 Nov 10, 2003 Each new day you must hunger for truth and allow God to guide you
word--web--pdf 2552 Nov 12, 2003 Let go of fear and do Gods Holy Will
word--web--pdf 2553 Nov 14, 2003 Your mission, dear children, is to spread your faith and be light to this world
word--web--pdf 2554 Nov 17, 2003 No-one can stop God, so pray, pray everyday
word--web--pdf 2555 Nov 18, 2003 I am here today to remind you to love, love one another
word--web--pdf 2556 Nov 19, 2003 Dear children, do not give in to the ways of the world
word--web--pdf 2557 Nov 23, 2003 Strong perseverance is needed during this time of persecution
word--web--pdf 2558 Nov 26, 2003 I truly love all my children, even those who do not understand my role on this earth
word--web--pdf 2559 Dec 1, 2003 God is truly speaking to all His children, but many today are not listening
word--web--pdf 2560 Dec 3, 2003 I have been asking each of you to pray more
word--web--pdf 2561 Dec 5, 2003 It is pertinent that my children walk in faith, hope and love
word--web--pdf 2562 Dec 8, 2003 This is a time of purification
word--web--pdf 2563 Dec 10, 2003 A new and bright light is coming to wake mankind
word--web--pdf 2564 Dec 12, 2003 Obey God and use the protection that has been provided
word--web--pdf 2565 Dec 16, 2003 Be obedient to God and pray for those who are trying to make changes in the Church
word--web--pdf 2566 Dec 17, 2003 It is time now to ask my Son for His divine assistance
word--web--pdf 2567 Dec 19, 2003 The spirit of Christmas is love
word--web--pdf 2568 Dec 30, 2003 These messages will continue if you join hands and pray in those groups that I have formed
word--web--pdf 2569 Dec 31, 2003 Dear Bishops, this message is serious and you are responsible for saving souls