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"Hearts need to be opened, so do not be fearful, make the truth known. Be loving, joyful children, for this is all part of living my messages.
In time, you will understand the importance of living and sharing these messages." ~ 2811

2004 Internet Archive Messages from the Virgin Mary

"Why arent my Priests promoting more prayer?"
Single File Format Messages From Our Blessed Mother through Little Mary
word--web--pdf 2570 Jan 5, 2004 Gods mercy never ends and He truly awaits for His children to come back to Him
word--web--pdf 2571 Jan 6, 2004 This time has been allowed to manifest your love of knowing Jesus
word--web--pdf 2572 Jan 7, 2004 Each soul must be purified and sanctified
word--web--pdf 2573 Jan 9, 2004 Peace must begin with you so that it can be spread across this land
word--web--pdf 2575 Jan 12, 2004 If my children truly want to be forgiven, then they must turn to God with an open heart
word--web--pdf 2576 Jan 14, 2004 Please walk in faith and trust in Gods plans
word--web--pdf 2577 Jan 16, 2004 In order for there to be unity, my children must love one another.
word--web--pdf 2578 Jan 20, 2004 In order to trust, my children must turn to God
word--web--pdf 2579 Jan 22, 2004 Only prayer can lessen the severity of these events
word--web--pdf 2580 Jan 23, 2004 It is pertinent that you join hands and pray the Rosary properly
word--web--pdf 2581 Jan 26, 2004 I am here to assist all my children
word--web--pdf 2582 Feb 2, 2004 Please, dear parents, form your children now
word--web--pdf 2583 Feb 3, 2004 You must understand that you are weak without Gods help
word--web--pdf 2584 Feb 5, 2004 Take a look today at how much time you spend with Jesus
word--web--pdf 2585 Feb 9, 2004 I am truly preparing you for the road ahead
word--web--pdf 2586 Feb 11, 2004 I ask that each of you trust in my motherly intercession
word--web--pdf 2587 Feb 12, 2004 In times to come, you will need each other
word--web--pdf 2588 Feb 16, 2004 Respond now and look to Jesus for knowledge, wisdom and truth
word--web--pdf 2590 Feb 18, 2004 You must come out of hiding and do your part for the salvation of souls
word--web--pdf 2591 Feb 19, 2004 Without quiet time, you will become distracted by the world
word--web--pdf 2592 Feb 23, 2004 Ask our Lord to help you open your heart
word--web--pdf 2594 Feb 24, 2004 One must take time to prepare their heart and soul
word--web--pdf 2595 Feb 26, 2004 Now, please join hands and pray together as a family
word--web--pdf 2596 Mar 1, 2004 Stop complaining and accept each cross that is given to you
word--web--pdf 2597 Mar 3, 2004 Prepare your hearts, for a pure heart will be the greatest gift you can give my Son for Easter
word--web--pdf 2598 Mar 8, 2004 You must believe that time is short on this earth
word--web--pdf 2599 Mar 10, 2004 Evil has become widespread and God will not tolerate much more
word--web--pdf 2600 Mar 15, 2004 I need this army of mine to go forth and be true warriors for Christ
word--web--pdf 2601 Mar 17, 2004 Prayer and penance is the only way to peace in this troubled world
word--web--pdf 2602 Mar 19, 2004 Families today need to embrace St. Joseph and ask for his intercession
word--web--pdf 2603 Mar 22, 2004 Why arent my Priests promoting more prayer?
word--web--pdf 2604 Mar 24, 2004 I am truly here to bring you closer to Jesus
word--web--pdf 2605 Mar 26, 2004 Today is a day to meditate on our Lords Passion
word--web--pdf 2606 Mar 29, 2004 There is a great trial coming your way
word--web--pdf 2607 Mar 31, 2004 Open your hearts and live, live my messages
word--web--pdf 2608 Apr 2, 2004 The Church needs your love and prayers
word--web--pdf 2609 Apr 5, 2004 Be true disciples for our Lord
word--web--pdf 2610 Apr 7, 2004 Believe in the power of prayer
word--web--pdf 2611 Apr 8, 2004 Today, I ask that you each spend time with Jesus
word--web--pdf 2612 Apr 13, 2004 It is time now to join Gods army of love and truth
word--web--pdf 2613 Apr 15, 2004 Jesus will flood your hearts with His love, mercy and grace
word--web--pdf 2614 Apr 19, 2004 Each time you pray, I am bringing you closer to my Son, Jesus
word--web--pdf 2615 Apr 20, 2004 Love is the answer
word--web--pdf 2616 Apr 21, 2004 This is the time to harvest souls
word--web--pdf 2617 Apr 23, 2004 See the signs that are happening around this world
word--web--pdf 2619 Apr 26, 2004 I am addressing Bishops now because many Priests are sleeping
word--web--pdf 2620 Apr 27, 2004 Trust in my motherly intercession
word--web--pdf 2621 Apr 29, 2004 Do what I am asking of you, for this will truly keep evil away
word--web--pdf 2622 May 3, 2004 Today, I plead with my children to pray more
word--web--pdf 2623 May 5, 2004 A great awakening will come. Will you be ready?
word--web--pdf 2624 May 7, 2004 Make more time to be with Jesus
word--web--pdf 2625 May 10, 2004 God is truly waiting to see who will answer His call
word--web--pdf 2626 May 11, 2004 Accept my heart as your refuge and I will truly, truly assist you
word--web--pdf 2628 May 13, 2004 There would not be war if my children would live the Fatima message
word--web--pdf 2629 May 17, 2004 I am asking all groups to spend time before the Blessed Sacrament
word--web--pdf 2630 May 18, 2004 America, you are being warned
word--web--pdf 2631 May 20, 2004 Come to know my Son now, for a great and bloody trial is about to shake the whole earth
word--web--pdf 2632 May 24, 2004 It is time now to truly keep your focus on Jesus
word--web--pdf 2633 May 25, 2004 Dear parents, armor your children with prayer, love and compassion
word--web--pdf 2634 May 26, 2004 God is not pleased with what is happening in many churches today
word--web--pdf 2635 May 28, 2004 My Son, Jesus, truly loves all of you. Do you truly love my Son?
word--web--pdf 2636 May 31, 2004 My message to the world is to live your faith
word--web--pdf 2637 Jun 1, 2004 All that is from God will bear good fruit
word--web--pdf 2638 Jun 2, 2004 I am asking today for more family prayer
word--web--pdf 2639 Jun 4, 2004 It is time now to truly understand Gods love for you
word--web--pdf 2640 Jun 9, 2004 Use this time to pray and converse with God
word--web--pdf 2641 Jun 18, 2004 If my children truly knew how much God loved them, they would confide in Him each new day
word--web--pdf 2642 Jun 21, 2004 Today one must ask themselves, do I truly love God?
word--web--pdf 2643 Jun 22, 2004 Please respond and do your part so you blossom for Our Lord
word--web--pdf 2644 Jun 23, 2004 Dear Bishops, dear Priests, assist me now. Assist me by truly waking your flock.
word--web--pdf 2645 Jun 25, 2004 Share your love of knowing Jesus so more hearts open to the truth
word--web--pdf 2646 Jun 28, 2004 There is still time for repentance, but my children must decide now
word--web--pdf 2647 Jun 30, 2004 Please renew your love to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who is truly present in the Most Holy Eucharist
word--web--pdf 2648 Jul 1, 2004 Today I am here to remind my children of the importance of praying and meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary
word--web--pdf 2649 Jul 6, 2004 Many today carry many wounds in their heart
word--web--pdf 2650 Jul 8, 2004 There are many today who want to destroy those groups that I have formed
word--web--pdf 2651 Jul 12, 2004 I am with you, so be at peace
word--web--pdf 2652 Jul 8, 2004 Many will fall to their knees but for many it will be to late
word--web--pdf 2653 Jul 19, 2004 Much can be accomplished through prayer, but it will take a greater response
word--web--pdf 2654 Jul 21, 2004 Dont live in fear, let the world know there is only one path; the path that will lead you to Heaven
word--web--pdf 2655 Jul 23, 2004 Believe that God will take care of you if you truly live the Beatitudes
word--web--pdf 2656 Jul 26, 2004 Each vocation is precious to God
word--web--pdf 2657 Jul 28, 2004 I say to my children, be brave soldiers in this time of apostasy and unrest
word--web--pdf 2658 Aug 2, 2004 America is being warned by Heaven, yet so many remain lethargic to the truth
word--web--pdf 2659 Aug 4, 2004 What will it take to wake mankind
word--web--pdf 2660 Aug 6, 2004 Peace comes from knowing Jesus
word--web--pdf 2661 Aug 9, 2004 Trust in Gods plans and be brave soldiers in this time of persecution
word--web--pdf 2662 Aug 10, 2004 All that is happening is for a reason
word--web--pdf 2663 Aug 11, 2004 My children must understand that change takes time
word--web--pdf 2664 Aug 16, 2004 Satan loves division and he will do all that he can to destroy those groups that I have formed
word--web--pdf 2665 Aug 18, 2004 Focus now on Gods love for you and be grateful for this time to amend your ways
word--web--pdf 2666 Aug 19, 2004 Why are so many denying Heavens call?
word--web--pdf 2667 Aug 23, 2004 Through prayer, you are drawn closer to God
word--web--pdf 2668 Aug 24, 2004 Pray to be in a state of grace at all times so you are ready when it is your time to leave this earth
word--web--pdf 2669 Aug 27, 2004 Silence is truly needed today because many say they cannot hear God
word--web--pdf 2670 Sep 7, 2004 Without a true relationship with Jesus, one will not be able to cope with the many storms and trials
word--web--pdf 2671 Sep 8, 2004 It is time now for all families to join hands and pray
word--web--pdf 2673 Sep 13, 2004 Priests are responsible for making the truth known
word--web--pdf 2674 Sep 14, 2004 Soldiers need your prayers
word--web--pdf 2675 Sep 16, 2004 The family is truly important in Gods eyes and each member must do their part
word--web--pdf 2676 Sep 20, 2004 Please, dear Priests, I beg of you, step out in faith and tend to your flock
word--web--pdf 2677 Sep 22, 2004 Today, I am asking each of you to examine your conscience
word--web--pdf 2678 Sep 24, 2004 All of Gods Commandments must be obeyed
word--web--pdf 2679 Sep 27, 2004 Those who know Jesus will have peace in their heart through all trials
word--web--pdf 2680 Sep 30, 2004 God will truly guide those who remain faithful and open to His holy will
word--web--pdf 2681 Oct 4, 2004 I am here today to remind my children so you never give up on prayer
word--web--pdf 2682 Oct 6, 2004 Pray the Saint Michael prayer every day
word--web--pdf 2683 Oct 7, 2004 The day is coming and you will each need to be strong in your faith
word--web--pdf 2684 Oct 12, 2004 Obey, dear children, for the earth is trembling now
word--web--pdf 2685 Oct 13, 2004 Be willing to stand up for the truth
word--web--pdf 2686 Oct 18, 2004 It is time now to take these 2004 MESSAGES seriously, for this world is truly in trouble
word--web--pdf 2687 Oct 20, 2004 The door of your heart must always be open for your flock
word--web--pdf 2688 Oct 25, 2004 Through prayer and quiet time with Our Lord, you will come to know the truth
word--web--pdf 2689 Oct 26, 2004 Jesus waits so patiently for each of you to come and visit Him
word--web--pdf 2690 Oct 27, 2004 Do not give in to the ways of the world
word--web--pdf 2691 Oct 29, 2004 There is no longer time to be silent when so many souls are being destroyed
word--web--pdf 2692 Nov 1, 2004 America, I am warning you, there will be terrible consequences if you do not protect the right of the unborn
word--web--pdf 2693 Nov 3, 2004 There are still many mountains to climb
word--web--pdf 2694 Nov 4, 2004 Pray for the world and for the conversion of your country
word--web--pdf 2695 Nov 8, 2004 Nurture your soul so you have the grace and strength needed to climb Gods holy mountain
word--web--pdf 2696 Nov 10, 2004 Each child is called to pray, so please be prayerful children
word--web--pdf 2697 Nov 11, 2004 My time is now
word--web--pdf 2698 Nov 15, 2004 Every day, prayer is needed, so slow down and make time to be with God
word--web--pdf 2699 Nov 17, 2004 Great trials await those who are choosing to live in sin
word--web--pdf 2700 Nov 18, 2004 Amend your lives now, for this is your wake up call
word--web--pdf 2701 Nov 22, 2004 Become light to this world, which has become so dark
word--web--pdf 2702 Nov 23, 2004 Each new day is a blessing from God, so be thankful and use your hands and voice for Christ
word--web--pdf 2703 Nov 29, 2004 It is Time now for Each of You to Serve God with Love in Your Hearts
word--web--pdf 2704 Nov 30, 2004 If man does not convert, fast and pray, all will see a greater war
word--web--pdf 2705 Dec 1, 2004 So many today are going deeper and deeper into darkness
word--web--pdf 2706 Dec 3, 2004 Prepare your heart, prepare your soul
word--web--pdf 2707 Dec 6, 2004 Advent is a special time to draw you closer to Jesus
word--web--pdf 2708 Dec 7, 2004 Each time you gather, souls are saved
word--web--pdf 2709 Dec 14, 2004 Keep your Focus on Jesus so you Grow in Holiness
word--web--pdf 2710 Dec 15, 2004 These are evil times of battle, so please receive the Sacraments often
word--web--pdf 2711 Dec 17, 2004 I am asking all my children to live and speak the truth
word--web--pdf 2712 Dec 20, 2004 It is time now to invite others to those groups that I have formed
word--web--pdf 2713 Dec 24, 2004 Through prayer, more will come to know the true meaning of Christmas
word--web--pdf 2714 Dec 27, 2004 All of Heaven rejoices when you gather and pray
word--web--pdf 2715 Dec 29, 2004 Without more prayer and repentance, the earth will tremble more