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"Will you imitate Jesus’ ways? Will you love all your brothers and sisters, and assist those who are furthest away from Jesus?
I need your assistance, so please continue to write and share my messages around the world." ~ 2841

2005 Internet Archive Messages from the Virgin Mary

"Take time to adore Our Lord so you are guided on this earth"
Single File Format Messages From Our Blessed Mother through Little Mary
word--web--pdf 2716 Jan 3, 2005 All that God allows is truly necessary for the salvation of souls
word--web--pdf 2718 Jan 6, 2005 Be brave soldiers and climb Gods holy mountain with love and joy in your hearts
word--web--pdf 2719 Jan 7, 2005 My heart is broken because I see so many lost children
word--web--pdf 2720 Jan 10, 2005 Be true warriors for Jesus and share the gift of your faith with others
word--web--pdf 2721 Jan 11, 2005 Live the Fatima message. Pray, do penance for your sins and be obedient to Gods Holy Will.
word--web--pdf 2722 Jan 13, 2005 Respond now to Gods call
word--web--pdf 2723 Jan 14, 2005 Gods love will not end for His children
word--web--pdf 2724 Jan 17, 2005 Pray the Rosary every day. Take quiet time before you begin to pray.
word--web--pdf 2726 Jan 20, 2005 I am here to lead the faithful forward
word--web--pdf 2727 Jan 21, 2005 Today I plead with America, get down on your knees and pray
word--web--pdf 2728 Jan 24, 2005 Allow God to purify you on this earth so you are prepared to see your soul
word--web--pdf 2729 Jan 26, 2005 My daughter, on this special day, God is asking for more prayer
word--web--pdf 2730 Jan 31, 2005 It is time to let go of fear and worry and to trust in Gods love for you
word--web--pdf 2731 Feb 2, 2005 I say to my children, fast and pray
word--web--pdf 2732 Feb 4, 2005 Pray for those who are refusing to wake up in this time of preparation
word--web--pdf 2733 Feb 7, 2005 I plead with all my children to be light to this world
word--web--pdf 2734 Feb 9, 2005 Lent is a time to fast and pray and to truly give your life to God
word--web--pdf 2735 Feb 11, 2005 The way of the cross is not easy, but remember you are never alone
word--web--pdf 2736 Feb 14, 2005 It is through prayer that one will come to know Gods love and mercy
word--web--pdf 2737 Feb 15, 2005 My heart bleeds for those who are choosing to live in sin
word--web--pdf 2738 Feb 17, 2005 Only prayer and penance can stop what is coming your way
word--web--pdf 2739 Feb 22, 2005 Take time to adore Our Lord so you are guided on this earth
word--web--pdf 2740 Feb 23, 2005 Tell my children to offer their prayers, sacrifices and suffering to Our Lord
word--web--pdf 2741 Feb 25, 2005 I am asking my children to be faithful to Jesus and to the Gospel
word--web--pdf 2742 Feb 28, 2005 Prayer is the only way to peace
word--web--pdf 2743 Mar 2, 2005 Go forth in love and in truth, go forth and illuminate the earth
word--web--pdf 2744 Mar 4, 2005 All must repent and return to God in this time of preparation
word--web--pdf 2745 Mar 7, 2005 Draw close to God and prepare your soul now
word--web--pdf 2746 Mar 10, 2005 Mortal sin has become widespread
word--web--pdf 2747 Mar 14, 2005 I am truly here to gather my children so you become strong warriors for Jesus
word--web--pdf 2748 Mar 16, 2005 Evil has spread like fire in every corner of this earth
word--web--pdf 2749 Mar 17, 2005 Please keep your focus on Jesus
word--web--pdf 2750 Mar 18, 2005 Be holy children and stand up for what is right
word--web--pdf 2752 Mar 21, 2005 Embrace this Holy Week and pray
word--web--pdf 2753 Mar 23, 2005 The battle is on and you must defend life
word--web--pdf 2754 Mar 24, 2005 It is time now to share your faith
word--web--pdf 2755 Mar 25, 2005 America will be punished for their actions
word--web--pdf 2756 Mar 29, 2005 I will guide you in this darkened world
word--web--pdf 2757 Mar 31, 2005 Be shining examples of truth by living your faith
word--web--pdf 2758 Apr 1, 2005 I am holding your Most Holy Pope in my arms
word--web--pdf 2759 Apr 4, 2005 It is time now to live all that your Most Holy Pope has taught you
word--web--pdf 2760 Apr 6, 2005 Gods hands are upon this world, but my children must turn to Him for guidance
word--web--pdf 2761 Apr 7, 2005 I beg you to pray more
word--web--pdf 2762 Apr 8, 2005 All of Heaven rejoices on this glorious day
word--web--pdf 2763 Apr 11, 2005 This is the time to seek refuge, so please turn to God now
word--web--pdf 2764 Apr 13, 2005 I am here today to encourage my children to be obedient to Almighty God
word--web--pdf 2765 Apr 15, 2005 Please respond now and believe that God and I truly love you
word--web--pdf 2766 Apr 18, 2005 Believe in the power of prayer
word--web--pdf 2767 Apr 20, 2005 This Pope will lead the faithful forward
word--web--pdf 2768 Apr 22, 2005 Without love in your hearts, the world will become a battleground
word--web--pdf 2769 Apr 25, 2005 My chosen sons, there is no longer time to be silent, you must live and speak the truth
word--web--pdf 2771 Apr 26, 2005 Stay hopeful no matter what comes your way
word--web--pdf 2772 Apr 28, 2005 Today, I am pleading with you to live and obey the whole truth
word--web--pdf 2773 May 4, 2005 I am truly trying to wake you before its too late
word--web--pdf 2774 May 5, 2005 Please understand you have the weapons to defeat Satan
word--web--pdf 2775 May 9, 2005 The time of my Sons greatest mercy is drawing near
word--web--pdf 2776 May 11, 2005 The Eucharist is Gods great gift to you
word--web--pdf 2777 May 15, 2005 Recognize the signs of your times and do all that you can to save souls
word--web--pdf 2778 May 18, 2005 Stay true to your Faith and do not compromise with the world
word--web--pdf 2779 May 20, 2005 Those who respond to my heavenly pleas will be protected
word--web--pdf 2780 May 23, 2005 Repent and convert, is my plea to the world
word--web--pdf 2781 May 25, 2005 In time, all evil will be destroyed and peace will reign upon the earth
word--web--pdf 2782 May 27, 2005 As your mother, I am asking each of you to imitate Christ
word--web--pdf 2783 May 31, 2005 Be silent, listen to your heart, for God has a special plan for each of you
word--web--pdf 2784 Jun 1, 2005 Share your love of knowing Jesus and be willing to suffer for those who are choosing darkness
word--web--pdf 2785 Jun 2, 2005 Your reward will be great, in Heaven, if you trust and obey Almighty God
word--web--pdf 2786 Jun 7, 2005 It is time now to truly live your consecration and to take refuge in Our Heart
word--web--pdf 2787 Jun 8, 2005 I weep for those souls who are ignoring Heavens call
word--web--pdf 2788 Jun 10, 2005 It is time now for America to wake up and get down on their knees and pray
word--web--pdf 2789 Jun 13, 2005 I have come to remind my children to pray, pray more
word--web--pdf 2790 Jun 24, 2005 Please respond to my Fatima plea or many more souls will see the fire of hell
word--web--pdf 2791 Jun 27, 2005 Each group that gathers and prays will have peace in times to come
word--web--pdf 2792 Jun 29, 2005 This is the time to grow and to truly deepen your relationship with Our Lord
word--web--pdf 2793 Jul 1, 2005 I say to my children, have confidence and hope in Jesus
word--web--pdf 2794 Jul 7, 2005 Please understand the importance of prayer
word--web--pdf 2795 Jul 11, 2005 Prayer is the answer
word--web--pdf 2796 Jul 13, 2005 All must strive to live in unity so that darkness can be removed
word--web--pdf 2797 Jul 18, 2005 Pray and do penance to save souls
word--web--pdf 2798 Jul 20, 2005 Disasters will become widespread without more prayer and penance
word--web--pdf 2799 Jul 25, 2005 There is hope for tomorrow
word--web--pdf 2800 Jul 27, 2005 I say to my children, turn to Jesus and live the Fatima message
word--web--pdf 2801 Aug 3, 2005 Only prayer, penance, fasting and sacrifice will lessen Satans plans upon the earth
word--web--pdf 2802 Aug 8, 2005 In time, each child will see their soul
word--web--pdf 2803 Aug 10, 2005 This is the time of grace, so all my children must do their part for the salvation of souls
word--web--pdf 2805 Aug 15, 2005 Today, I am asking my children to come back to Jesus
word--web--pdf 2806 Aug 23, 2005 All my children must spend time with Jesus
word--web--pdf 2807 Aug 25, 2005 In order to trust in Gods love and mercy, you must build your relationship with Jesus
word--web--pdf 2808 Aug 30, 2005 Many more storms will arise
word--web--pdf 2809 Sep 1, 2005 This is the time of purification
word--web--pdf 2810 Sep 6, 2005 My heart is open to those who want my assistance
word--web--pdf 2811 Sep 8, 2005 Each of you must be willing to share the Gospel wherever you go
word--web--pdf 2812 Sep 12, 2005 There cannot be peace in the world until my children truly live the Gospel
word--web--pdf 2813 Sep 14, 2005 One must live the Fatima message if they truly want to build their relationship with Jesus
word--web--pdf 2814 Sep 19, 2005 Many are starving spiritually and they need to hear the truth, so please pray and share my messages all around the world
word--web--pdf 2815 Sep 23, 2005 Come to know my Son now so you have peace through all trials and storms
word--web--pdf 2816 Sep 26, 2005 With Gods help all is possible, so please turn to Him and ask for His loving assistance
word--web--pdf 2818 Oct 3, 2005 I am asking each of you to pray, pray for one another
word--web--pdf 2819 Oct 4, 2005 The world is in danger because many have become blind to the truth
word--web--pdf 2820 Oct 10, 2005 Prayer groups are truly needed around the world
word--web--pdf 2821 Oct 12, 2005 The time is drawing near and you each need to do your part for the salvation of souls
word--web--pdf 2823 Oct 17, 2005 I say to my children, stay strong for Jesus, trust in His love for you and remain steadfast in your faith
word--web--pdf 2824 Oct 20, 2005 Please, dear children, keep your focus on Jesus and pray
word--web--pdf 2825 Oct 24, 2005 Great catastrophes are coming to wake mankind
word--web--pdf 2826 Oct 26, 2005 Please dear children, pick up your cross, live your faith and speak the truth
word--web--pdf 2827 Oct 28, 2005 The time will come and all will know just how many wounds they have added to Jesus Most Precious Body
word--web--pdf 2828 Oct 31, 2005 Honor Jesus Most Sacred Heart and you will come to know Gods love and the true power of prayer
word--web--pdf 2829 Nov 2, 2005 When my children do not pray, they close their hearts to Gods love
word--web--pdf 2830 Nov 7, 2005 The world has but little time to repent and amend their ways
word--web--pdf 2831 Nov 9, 2005 Pray, for I say to you, the chastisement is near
word--web--pdf 2832 Nov 14, 2005 Through your prayers and sacrifices, more will come to know my Son, Jesus
word--web--pdf 2833 Nov 16, 2005 Each child has areas that they must work on if they truly want to be led closer to Our Lord
word--web--pdf 2834 Nov 21, 2005 Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on us. Have mercy upon the whole world.
word--web--pdf 2835 Nov 22, 2005 Believe in Gods plan
word--web--pdf 2836 Nov 28, 2005 Love, peace and joy must shine through my children so more come to know Jesus
word--web--pdf 2837 Nov 29, 2005 Come, come dear children, and adore Our Lord
word--web--pdf 2838 Dec 1, 2005 Pray that violence around the world will end
word--web--pdf 2839 Dec 5, 2005 Each time you pray, I will lead you closer to my Sons Heart
word--web--pdf 2841 Dec 8, 2005 Allow these messages to penetrate your heart
word--web--pdf 2842 Dec 12, 2005 Conversion is still needed today because so many are sleeping
word--web--pdf 2843 Dec 15, 2005 The world needs to come to know the true meaning of Christmas
word--web--pdf 2844 Dec 21, 2005 Please, during this holy season, be prayerful so your focus remains on God
word--web--pdf 2845 Dec 29, 2005 Spend time with Jesus so you become strong in your faith