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"Those who listen and take heed to My Mother’s messages will advance quicker so they can be led closer to Me,
for My Mother will shower them with many graces so they will stay strong." ~ 1249

2007 Internet Archive Messages from the Virgin Mary

"Please believe in the power of prayer and come to Mass and pray the Rosary"
Single File Format Messages From Our Blessed Mother through Little Mary
word--web--pdf 2951 Jan 2, 2007 The world must atone for its sins
word--web--pdf 2952 Jan 4, 2007 Hearts must open to Gods love and mercy before my children can imitate My Sons ways
word--web--pdf 2953 Jan 8, 2007 This is the time to move forward, so please be loving, joy-filled children
word--web--pdf 2954 Jan 10, 2007 Each of you must be merciful, loving and forgiving of one another
word--web--pdf 2955 Jan 11, 2007 I am here to prepare the way for My Son, Jesus
word--web--pdf 2957 Jan 18, 2007 As parents, you are the greatest educators on this earth
word--web--pdf 2958 Jan 22, 2007 Time is moving quickly, so please tell my children to look to God for strength
word--web--pdf 2959 Jan 24, 2007 The wrath of God is coming to those who are disobeying His laws
word--web--pdf 2960 Jan 26, 2007 Prayer, fasting and daily sacrifices are truly needed to wake mankind
word--web--pdf 2961 Jan 29, 2007 Come back to My Son, Jesus, and join me, Your Mother, in prayer
word--web--pdf 2962 Jan 31, 2007 My Immaculate Heart is truly a refuge for all my children
word--web--pdf 2963 Feb 5, 2007 Without your yes to God, many will fall deeper into the pit
word--web--pdf 2964 Feb 7, 2007 Use your time wisely so you grow in holiness
word--web--pdf 2965 Feb 12, 2007 Continue to pray and do your part for the salvation of souls
word--web--pdf 2966 Feb 14, 2007 All must pray and turn to God and ask for His assistance
word--web--pdf 2967 Feb 26, 2007 In time, more hearts will open if you do your part for the salvation of souls
word--web--pdf 2968 Feb 28, 2007 Penance and prayer are truly needed in this time of Gods mercy and grace
word--web--pdf 2970 Mar 7, 2007 Through prayer, you will be led in the right direction and your love for Jesus will grow
word--web--pdf 2971 Mar 12, 2007 Please, dear children, never give up on prayer
word--web--pdf 2972 Mar 14, 2007 Come to Jesus so you are led in the right direction
word--web--pdf 2973 Mar 16, 2007 God could call you at any time and you must ask yourself, am I prepared?
word--web--pdf 2974 Mar 19, 2007 Call upon Saint Joseph, for he was truly obedient in fulfilling Gods Will
word--web--pdf 2975 Mar 22, 2007 Pick up your cross and follow Jesus each new day
word--web--pdf 2976 Mar 26, 2007 I truly want to help all my children, but they must listen and respond to my heavenly pleas
word--web--pdf 2977 Mar 28, 2007 Families must join hands and pray together
word--web--pdf 2978 Apr 2, 2007 Please take part in healing Jesus wounds
word--web--pdf 2979 Apr 4, 2007 Please be strong in your Faith, for My Sons mercy will be followed by Justice
word--web--pdf 2980 Apr 9, 2007 Turn to God and embrace your cross with love and joy in your hearts
word--web--pdf 2981 Apr 11, 2007 Without more prayer, my children will fall deeper into the pit
word--web--pdf 2982 Apr 16, 2007 This is a time of mercy, so please respond to Gods loving call
word--web--pdf 2983 Apr 18, 2007 Great catastrophes are coming, so please do your part for the salvation of souls
word--web--pdf 2984 Apr 23, 2007 The new dawn is approaching, so please turn to My Son and place all your trust in Him
word--web--pdf 2985 Apr 25, 2007 If you believe, then you must be willing to change
word--web--pdf 2986 Apr 30, 2007 Please believe in the power of prayer and come to Mass and pray the Rosary
word--web--pdf 2987 May 2, 2007 In time, all will change and each of you will need to be strong in your faith
word--web--pdf 2988 May 7, 2007 I say to my children, remain prayerful, for this is your armor to keep evil away
word--web--pdf 2989 May 9, 2007 You will be persecuted for living these messages, but in the end, you will have eternal joy
word--web--pdf 2990 May 14, 2007 Time is short, extremely short, so pray each new day
word--web--pdf 2991 May 18, 2007 I come to remind my children to be faithful to daily Mass, Confession, Holy Communion, prayer and fasting
word--web--pdf 2992 May 21, 2007 Each of you take part in healing Jesus wounds when you gather and pray
word--web--pdf 2993 May 24, 2007 This is the time to pray, hope and move forward with joy in your heart
word--web--pdf 2994 May 29, 2007 Each of you must take that first step so that I can move you closer to Jesus
word--web--pdf 2995 Jun 1, 2007 Dear children, are you prepared for days to come?
word--web--pdf 2996 Jun 4, 2007 Much prayer is needed in order to wake those who are choosing darkness
word--web--pdf 2997 Jun 8, 2007 It is time now to trust and believe in Gods love for you
word--web--pdf 2998 Jun 11, 2007 Turn to God and He will truly give you the strength to move forward
word--web--pdf 2999 Jun 22, 2007 Time is moving quickly, so please let go of your selfish desires and come to know Jesus now
word--web--pdf 3000 Jun 25, 2007 Gods Justice will prevail and my children must let go of pride and amend their ways
word--web--pdf 3001 Jun 28, 2007 I am here to wake mankind because so many are on the wrong road
word--web--pdf 3002 Jul 9, 2007 Those who are refusing to live the Gospel will not know which way to turn in days to come
word--web--pdf 3003 Jul 11, 2007 Difficult times are coming, so please turn to God and pray
word--web--pdf 3004 Jul 16, 2007 Please pick up your cross and be willing to be persecuted for making the truth known
word--web--pdf 3005 Jul 20, 2007 Keep your focus on Jesus so you stay on the path that will lead you to Heaven
word--web--pdf 3006 Jul 23, 2007 There is not much time before the trumpets will blow
word--web--pdf 3007 Jul 30, 2007 Much is coming your way, so please become strong prayer warriors for Christ
word--web--pdf 3008 Aug 2, 2007 Prayer is the answer
word--web--pdf 3010 Aug 8, 2007 Take quiet time so that you can hear Our Lord
word--web--pdf 3011 Aug 13, 2007 Each day is another opportunity to imitate Christs love
word--web--pdf 3012 Aug 15, 2007 I plead with my children today to increase their prayers
word--web--pdf 3013 Aug 20, 2007 Many more storms will arise and my children are not prepared
word--web--pdf 3014 Aug 23, 2007 Today I am asking for more prayer and penance and obedience to Almighty God
word--web--pdf 3015 Aug 27, 2007 Trust in Gods plan for you
word--web--pdf 3016 Aug 29, 2007 Please, dear children, be humble servants
word--web--pdf 3017 Sep 4, 2007 Wake up and return to God --The day of judgment is coming and you have each been warned.
word--web--pdf 3018 Sep 6, 2007 Obedience is the key in fulfilling Gods Will
word--web--pdf 3019 Sep 17, 2007 Please, please stop offending God
word--web--pdf 3020 Sep 20, 2007 Please pick up your cross and take a stand for life
word--web--pdf 3021 Sep 25, 2007 Convert your heart now, for the time of Justice is near
word--web--pdf 3022 Sep 28, 2007 When you choose to live in sin, it separates you from God
word--web--pdf 3024 Oct 5, 2007 God will open new doors if you remain prayerful, loving and obedient
word--web--pdf 3025 Oct 9, 2007 So many souls are in danger and they truly need prayer
word--web--pdf 3026 Oct 11, 2007 Love, prayer and fasting is how my children will make a difference in the world
word--web--pdf 3027 Oct 16, 2007 A true servant is humble and loving and does not seek control
word--web--pdf 3028 Oct 22, 2007 Without a strong faith, you will not be prepared for what is to come - you will need to trust in God in order to survive
word--web--pdf 3029 Oct 25, 2007 The world is in need of a wake up call
word--web--pdf 3030 Oct 30, 2007 Armor yourselves and use the protection God has given you
word--web--pdf 3031 Nov 5, 2007 Prayer is truly needed around the world
word--web--pdf 3032 Nov 8, 2007 Work together and truly live each message that has been given to you
word--web--pdf 3033 Nov 12, 2007 It takes love and willingness to truly imitate Christ
word--web--pdf 3034 Nov 15, 2007 Time moves quickly, so please turn to God and ask for His assistance
word--web--pdf 3035 Nov 19, 2007 God knows the most perfect timing, so be at peace
word--web--pdf 3036 Nov 26, 2007 Prayer, suffering and sacrifice will truly save souls
word--web--pdf 3037 Nov 30, 2007 Shaking events will happen, so please turn to My Son and build your relationship with Him now
word--web--pdf 3038 Dec 3, 2007 God loves all His children, but do His children truly love Him?
word--web--pdf 3040 Dec 10, 2007 All who seek refuge in My Immaculate Heart will be protected and led closer to My Son, Jesus
word--web--pdf 3041 Dec 13, 2007 I want all my children to believe that God hears your prayers
word--web--pdf 3042 Dec 17, 2007 I am asking all my children to be more grateful for the many blessings you have received
word--web--pdf 3043 Dec 19, 2007 Many are choosing darkness instead of cleansing their soul
word--web--pdf 3044 Dec 27, 2007 I am asking that each of you spend more time praying before My Son in the Most Blessed Sacrament